Top 10 Myths About Dieting

There is a lot of controversy surrounding dieting as one of the techniques used to lose weight. Some people are 100% confident that it works while others are skeptical about it. A further group of people thinks dieting ensures weight gain rather than weight loss. These argue that when you diet, the body is reluctant to consumed stored fat hence burning it down doesn’t happen. Today, we set the record straight on myths about dieting so read on to know where the truth really lies.

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10. Eating After 8 PM Makes you Fat

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You have heard over and over that when you eat after 8 pm, all the calories you have consumed sit tight in your system right? The truth, however, is that this is one of the myths about dieting. Mary Flynn, a dietician at Miriam Hospital in Providence found out that the body digests and use calories any time of day. Time is not a factor when it comes to calorie burning. Granted, they may stay in your system through the night as you lie down in bed but once you wake up and begin your duties the following day, your body will eat away from its stores. Of course, snacking on unhealthy foods at night is always a bad idea.

9. Some Sugars Have More Calories Than Other

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Sugars have calories no matter the type. Table sugar, corn syrup with high fructose, agave and honey contain 48-64 calories per tablespoon therefore when ingested, the body absorbs them similarly. Nutritionists say that one of the healthy diet facts is limiting all the sugars entering into your body altogether rather than avoiding one type only.

8. Consuming Low-Fat or No-Fat Diets is Good for your Body

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Lyndel Constain, one of the leading dieticians says that people do harm to their bodies when they consume diets with low fats or no fats at all. One-third of the calories required by the body come from fats so eating a good amount of healthy fats is among the healthy diet facts. Women require 70g of fats daily while men require 95g.

7. Fasting or Crash Dieting is a Great Method for Weight Loss

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Crash dieting is definitely a subject that always comes up when discussing diet myths and facts. We are naturally wired to be attracted to easy and short-term weight loss strategies. Fasting and crash dieting helps people lose weight fast but unfortunately the results are never permanent. This is because fasting and crash dieting burn fat as well as lean muscle tissues. When these tissues are absent, the body is under the impression that it requires fewer calories than before so when you eat, more calories are stored making you fat.

6. Pasta is the Worst Food you Can Eat

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It is true; a lot of pasta in your system is detrimental to your health. This is however among the myths about dieting because what really contributes to weight gain is the extra calories. This means that if you avoided pizza and over indulge in other carbs such as white rice thinking all is well, you are in for the shock of your life. Eating a balanced diet including fruits, veggies, proteins and carbohydrates is among the healthy eating facts.

5. Milk Helps During Weight Loss

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Whoever told you drinking lots of milk helps you cut down weight should be sued because apparently, this is among the myths about dieting. The theory behind milk being an aid in weight loss is that the calcium present in milk helps increase metabolism. Research has actually shown that this is a lie and drinking a lot of milk could actually lead to weight gain owing to the calories present in milk.

4. Sea Salt has Less Sodium

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Consuming sea salt rather than table salt is one of the diet myths and facts. Both types of salts have the same amounts of sodium. You can use pepper, herbs and other alternatives to add taste to your food because these are healthy diet facts.

3. Drinking More Water Burns Calories

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Among the healthy facts is that water is good for your body. Almost all organs require it to function normally. What makes water one of the myths about dieting is drinking a lot of it and hoping it peels off the pounds surrounding your bones when all other drinking and eating habits remain the same.

2. All Processed Grains are Unhealthy

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Consuming processed foods falls among the category of diet myths and facts. While it is true that processed grains are devoid of mineral and fibers, some fortified grains contain some important elements such as folic acid which is good for your body. Make some room for these grains once in a while not forgetting to maintain the right portions.

1. Caffeine is not a Good Option for your Body


Whenever the topic of diet myths and facts comes up, coffee is always a subject of debate. Caffeine mythology states that caffeine is unhealthy but the truth is that it can have some positive impacts in your body such as fighting Parkinson’s disease and gout. Of course, when you consume it in excess, your body suffers a great deal.

We sure hope we have managed to shed some light on the diet myths and facts. When all is said and done, doing everything in moderation is always they key to weight loss. You cannot expect to rely on one strategy while ignoring the rest because you may not make it to your destination. Think about that. Otherwise, we are grateful for your time here. Find some more time to read the rest of the interesting articles on this website.

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