Top 10 Mysterious Ocean Animals

A few ocean animals are well known to man. A number of them still spell mystery for the most educated and elite human being. We have read about them but wonder how they came to existence, how they feed, mate, play and basically enjoy life in the deep waters. In light of this, today we want to expose some of these mysterious ocean animals to you so here is the list of the top ten strange ocean animals.

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10. Squat Lobster

Image source: MontereyBayAquarium

The deepest, unexplored part of the sea is where bizarre-looking ocean animals are found. The squat lobster is a perfect example of such a creature since it was discovered at nearly 4,600 feet below sea level. These lobsters almost that look like the head crabs mainly reside in habitats as deep as 5,000 feet. Scientists are aware of the existence of squat lobsters but until they were discovered through a dive not long ago, no man had laid eyes on any of them.

9. Gigatocrypis

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When you come across a sea creature with a mouthful name, you are almost guaranteed it is one of the mysterious sea animals. The Gigatocrypis is one of those round and transparent creatures that fall under the Cyprinidae family. As you look at its orange-colored body closely, you notice some pods. It also has thin antennae which assist the animal in swimming in the deep seas at approximately1300m deep.

8. The Vampire Squid

Image source: Ocean

The vampire squid is terrifying and mysterious in equal measure. It has large red eyes (we mean ridiculously large eyes) and lives in the deepest parts of the oceans where sunlight doesn’t penetrate through. Thankfully, this creature doesn’t suck blood; it got its name from the size of its eyes as well as its wells that look like cloaks. Scientists have actually named it as the animal with the largest eyes in the world but it still remains to be among the most mysterious ocean animals.

7. Tonguefish

Image source: Mexican Fish

Not all mysterious sea animals look weird; some are a little handsome actually. The tonguefish, for instance, looks attractive to the human eye. Just recently, this member of the tonguefish species was discovered at the bottom of the western part of the Pacific Ocean. What makes this fellow fall in the category of the mysterious ocean animals is its unknown ability to survive in the deep sea as opposed to shallow waters like his relatives.

6. Predatory Tunicate

Image source: Moneterey Bay Aquarium

Ocean animals of the tunicate family like to inhabit the deep waters of over 1100 m. Among the species of this family is the transparent-looking predatory tunicate which mainly lives in canyon walls of the sea. Its body allows it to hide from predators and also find food easily. It also has a relatively large mouth perfect for filtering food and dividing waters easily while swimming. We are yet to discover more about it but this information is all we know for now.

5. The Goblin Shark

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The Eastern Australia’s waters led to the discovery of the goblin shark in 1985. After an earthquake in Taiwan in 2003, more than one hundred of these mysterious sea animals were also reported to have been captured in its eastern region. Although these goblin shark sightings have taken place, very little is known concerning this lovely creature. Well, at least we are aware that it can grow to a length of over 3.8 m and has rows of teeth which help it crush shells and catch prey.

4. Blob Fish

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Blob fish make us wonder how a fleshy creature can make it in a habitat full of carnivorous beasts. The animal is found at depths of 1200 meters or more, mainly in Tasmania and Australia. With a body full of lightweight flesh and no muscles, the blob fish is less dense than water, a quality useful when floating on the ocean floor. Apart from being one of the mysterious ocean animals, blob fish is also one of the ugliest creatures ever.

3. Dumbo Octopus

Image source:  Oceana

The dumbo octopus was originally seen in 1999 then caught on camera in 2009. As the name suggests, it looks something close to an octopus especially its side flaps and its head that is shaped like a bell. Because it resides in depths of over 7000m, the dumbo octopus cannot afford to be missing in the list of the mysterious and strange ocean animals. It has a jet propulsion which helps it feed on bivalves, snails and copepods usually found in the deep sea.

2. Bigfin Squid

Image source: Our Wild World

Bigfin is definitely one among the mysterious sea animals. 90% of its body length is covered with strange fins which enable it to support 90% of its body weight from any part of the body. Its weirdly-looking arms are also helpful when the creature is looking for food at heights of 4500m below sea level where it lives.

1. Colossal Squid

Image source: Ocean

You cannot write about the most mysterious ocean animals without mentioning the colossal squid. It truly deserves the first position on the list because of a number of reasons including its ability to grow to 14m and the weird fact that its tentacles alone were discovered in 1925 inside a sperm whale’s belly. A complete specimen of the colossal squid only found its way to the human hands in 2003 and many scientists observe that this creature was a deadly predator which attracted its prey with bioluminescence.

Although some of these mysterious sea animals scare the hell out of us, we sincerely hope to meet some of them in the near future just to understand more about them. Stay tuned to this site for more about weird animals of our planet.

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