Top 10 Must-Know Facts About Pokemon Go

It is almost the end of 2016 and this only means one thing-Pokemon Go is out! Gamers have been waiting for this news since we can remember. This media franchise has been thoroughly enjoyed far and wide. The App is now available and if you want it on your device, you can get it. Before you do so, here are ten Pokemon Go facts you might want to know beforehand.

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10. It is only available in the United States, New Zealand and Australia

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Americans are always lucky when it comes to tech developments. Fortunately, game lovers in Australia and New Zealand can also shout for joy because they can join in on the action. One of the facts about Pokemon Go is that Niantic intended to have it reach the international market but it turns out, there are some server issues that need to be fixed to ensure this. A little patience and time and the rest of the world will enjoy Pokemon Go too!

9. The Pokemon APP is more downloaded than Tinder

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It is simply hard to believe that over 5% of Android users in the United States already have the Pokemon Go app on their devices. This number surpasses that of people who have downloaded Tinder. As if this is not enough, 60% of these people use the app every single day for an average of 43 minutes every day. Among the Pokemon facts and secrets is that it is taking over the social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Snapchat.

8. Pokemon Go is Educative

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One of the Pokemon Go facts is that more and more Americans increase their metric system knowledge every time they play the game. It is no secret that sometimes we underestimate the importance of learning how to use the right units of measurement. Google actually reported that the most frequent search terms when the game had just been released were “how to convert kilometer to mile”. Even eggs which make up a huge part of the game because they hatch into more Pokemon come in kilometer conversions.

7. Playing Pokemon Go ensures fitness

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Physically moving around is definitely among the Pokemon Go facts and it is mostly outside the house in search of poke balls. When you move to an open area, the game appears on the GPS map which causes it to switch to a real-world view where your target becomes animated onto real terrain and you can use poke balls to capture and contain them. Many gamers have complained of sore feet during the first week of playing Pokemon Go with many others saying they had to cancel their gym memberships.

6. More Side Businesses have Sprung Up as a Result of Pokemon App

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One of the aforementioned Pokemon facts and secrets is that it is very intensive in terms of walking around. Business-minded people have already come up with side businesses where they can chauffeur gamers while they chase the Pokemon from one point to another. Surprisingly, these guys are bringing home some serious dollars at the end of the day. The internet is full of Ads about reliable service providers who can help you get to Pokestops and Gym Trainers.

5. Pokemon Began like a Joke

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Many stories surround the origin of Pokemon but among the Pokemon Go facts is the fact that the idea began on April 1, 2014, when three parties, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo and Google Maps joked about having a “Pokemon challenge” which opened a door to other facts about Pokemon Go. During April Fool’s day, Google decided to position 150 Pokemon spanning locations far and wide on its map app. Google map users were required to tap the location on their screens where the Pokemon had been pinned. It was still a game of hide and seek by then but it didn’t take long before the idea came into being.

4. Ingress is Helpful when Playing Pokemon Go

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By now you know that locating landmarks is among the facts about Pokemon Go. As long as your device is internet enabled and you have a good network connection, all you need to do is install Ingress which is yet another creation of Niantic Labs. Using Ingress to spot landmarks, monuments and other important geographical points is among the best kept Pokemon facts and secrets.

3. It is Available for iOS and Android

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If you want to enjoy this game, having an Android or iOs phone is one of the Pokemon Go facts. This means you can buy a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. A number of other Smartphones use the android software so worry not; you will not be left behind. Stay away from Nokia windows phone for now until the creators add this software on their servers.

2. Some Counterfeit Versions Exist

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One of the facts about Pokemon GO is that it is absolutely free. During the first few days of its release, however, the heavy demand resulted to downloading challenges. This traffic paved way for malicious people who looked to jumped the gun and have ease of downloading. Be on the lookout for a malware known as DroidJack which installs a backdoor opening the way for the installer to control the infected device. One of the Pokemon facts and secrets is that the game is pretty easy to download and install so when the opposite happens, realize you are in the wrong place.

1. It Collects a Great Deal of Data

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By installing Pokemon Go on your phone, tablet or computer, you are giving away your privacy to Niantic. Storing huge amounts of data including GPS location data is among the facts about Pokemon Go. Therefore the app can access your network connections, contacts and other stored items. When you log in using Google Docs, Gmail or a number of available Google applications, realize you are at a disadvantaged position. Hopefully, Niantics will come up with a way to deal with this issue.

Pokemon is without a doubt a sensation that will soon sweep the entire planet. As you sit and ponder whether you want to install the app or not, consider these ten Pokemon facts and secrets. Otherwise, we wish you all the best as you play the game.

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