Top 10 Music Legends of All Time

Where does one even begin jotting down if only ten of the great music legends of all time have to be listed? It must be the hardest thing to do. The numbers are in hundreds. Getting down to the ones who deserve the spots means looking at a number of things including song composition, creativity, record sales, choreography and uniqueness. Based on this,here is our list of the top ten names in the music legend history.

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10. Bob Dylan

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Talk about talent, this guy had it all. He could write great masterpieces in music and poetry, lead movements, and even play a number of musical instruments. He sang about racism and other great topics which ended up inspiring The Beatles to compose meaningful and deep songs. Some of the memorable moments of success in Dylan’s music career include performing for the Pope and earning the presidential freedom medal numerous times at the Grammy’s.

9. Mozart

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When you have been in the music industry for decades and your tracks find relevance till now, you know you are one of the all-time music legends. Mozart is still a buzz to date. He composed in-depth sort of weird tracks that came out in a way that fans couldn’t stop talking about. His iconic voice also spoke volumes when he took to the stage to perform. At the age of five, Mozart was already performing his own pieces at Salzburg University. He even went on to surprise his parents and teachers when he picked up and violin and read out an entire piece accurately without ever taking a violin lesson.

8. The Rolling Stones

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The Rolling Stones crew including Keith Richards and Mick Jagger touched the globe thanks to their rock n roll tracks that echoed sexual liberation and youthful rebellion. They made a name for themselves while redefining the British culture concerning social change. Most of the pop-classical hits made today owe their origins to Rolling Stones’ pioneer music. When we mention music legend history, these brothers always have a permanent spot in there.

7. Bob Marley

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Of course, our Rastafari icon wouldn’t have missed a spot in the list of all-time music legends now, would he? He technically shook the reggae world like never before. Marley’s music represented the struggles of many people across the planet. He sang about real life everyday issues surrounding humanity. He believed in fighting for great causes. If your memory serves you right, he ever performed a free concert the same day he was shot at for being a freedom fighter. This is why his name is in the music legend history.

6. Whitney Houston

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Finally a woman!

Whitney Houston had her fans sitting at the edge of their seats during her live performances. Her voice was truly one of a kind. Just imagine the prowess in her popular “I look to you” song- nothing beats the vocal talent and skill put in it. Her production, writing and singing abilities landed her a page in the Guinness World Records as the highly awarded female celebrity since the beginning of time. Even after her unfortunate passing, she remains to be among the all-time music legends in the world’s history.

5. The Beatles

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Many people think that Bob Dylan would be at the top of this list had it not been for the Beatles. Well, they could never be further away from the truth. This English Rock Band formed in 1960 was based in the Liverpool City. Their original tracks combined rock and roll, beat and skiffle but later evolved into deep classical elements, hard rock and pop ballads. Just to get a clear picture of why these music legends are nothing short of amazing, they sold over 178 million units, collected ten Grammy awards, 15 Ivor Novello Awards, one Academy Award and entered into the Hall of Fame’s Rock and Roll section in 1988.

4. Madonna

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Oh Madonna! She is the real definition of confidence, aggressiveness, fierceness, talent and success. When she was a young gal, she always wanted to rule the world. Well, she did just that, through music of course. She is known to be the mother of reinvention because she constantly evolves in her style and image. Madonna is one among all-time music legends thanks to her 11 blockbuster albums which led her to be the number one selling female artist in the world. No wonder other music legends such as Miley Cyrus idolize her.

3. Mariah Carey

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We know Angels exist in the heavenly realms but man! This Holywood beauty almost makes us believe that some of them were dropped to wow us here on earth. Her talent cannot be disputed by anyone. Her name is found in the music legend history because she is the voice of the 90s. Her album sales reached over 250 million with 18 songs topping the charts for long periods of time. Of all solo music legends, Mariah deserves respect as she doesn’t allow fame to get to her. She is still your home girl no matter her famous status quo.

2. Elvis Presley

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We know better than to skip mentioning the “king of rock n roll” in the top 10 list of all-time music legends. Although he despised being referred to as a hero, Elvis certainly was one. His childhood days of being teased by his friends led him to learn how to play the guitar and find his way in black gospel and blues music. Elvis is attributed as one among other music legends to invent rock. He sold millions of copies of his rock tracks and managed to be the best selling solo artist ever.

1. Michael Jackson

Music Legends

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Simply put Michael is the king of all kings in the world of music. From his killer moves to being the first ever black musician to have his music video appear on MTV to his trademark hat, MJ deserves the crown anytime. As the king of pop, this guy gave music his best shot. He wrote music, produced it, helped others in choreography and most importantly gave back more than 300 million dollars to the society. He secures the first spot in the music legend history because of these facts and how he brought down the racial barrier that once existed in the music industry.

Hopefully, some if not all of your music icons made it to the top ten list of the greatest names in music. If not, be sure it is among the top 20 or top 50. We appreciate your time here and before you go, check out some of our hot topics articles on this website. Thanks!

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