Top 10 Movies With Actors Dying at the Shooting Spot

We cannot entirely ignore the glamorous aspect of Hollywood, but not all of it is as dazzling as it looks. One of the most exciting gifts an actor could get is being able to see his finished product. Unfortunately, these actors we are about to show you, died before they were able to finish production. As is the case with death, some died naturally, and some departed us in a gore manner. So here’s a look at movie actors died in shooting spot of a movie.

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10. Steve Irwin

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Steve Irwin, one of the few wildlife movie actors died in shooting the documentary, “Ocean’s deadliest.” The movie star famously known as the Crocodile Hunter was stung in the chest multiple times by a Stingray, 8-foot long. Despite attempts to save him, his crew was unable to revive him and he passed on. He remains a perfect example of movie stars dying in the shooting spot. His daughter Bindi Irwin is, however, continuing in her father’s footsteps.

9. Vic Morrow

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Vic Morrow remains one of the most tragic cases of movie stars dying in shooting spot. As lead character in the movie Twilight Zone: The Movie, he was trying to escape from a US helicopter with two children (who were also killed) when the helicopter crashed on top of Morrow and the two children. Such painful part of child movie stars die in shooting led to the implementation of new safety measures in the movie industry.

8. John-Erik Hexum

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Due to delays to the filming of his series Cover Up and upon learning that there would be further delays, Hexum picked up a .44 magnum pistol which had been loaded with blank bullets and then pulled the trigger. The impact of the blast fractured his skull triggering massive bleeding. Six days later he was pronounced dead – an unfortunate case of movie stars dying in shooting spot.

7. Leonard Nimoy

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He may not be on the list of movie actors died in shooting, but he is one of the most revered movie stars died in 2015. One of the most influential characters in the Star Trek empire, he inspired the phrase “live long and prosper,” a phrase that has been passed on from one generation to the next.

6. John Ritter

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On set for ABC’s 8 Simple Rules, Ritter collapsed without warning. The cause was a tear in his aorta. Despite being rushed to the hospital immediately, he collapsed later that night. One of the saddest cases of movie stars dying in shooting spot we have ever known.

5. Brandon Lee

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Brandon preceded his father Bruce Lee (another movie actors died in shooting), dying from an unintentional gunshot wound from a gun containing a dummy bullet. The gun was fired 15 meters from Lee and hit Lee in the abdomen. He was pronounced dead early the next morning.

4. Richard Glatzer

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A considerable number of movie stars died in 2015. Some of those movie stars died in 2015 includes Melissa Mathison, producer Robert Chartoff, movie composer James Horner, Rod Taylor and Roger Rees. Richard Glatzer was, of the movie stars died in 2015 one of the most fascinating. He died right after his film Still Alice won an Oscar. This was a film he wrote and co-directed whilst battling ALS which eventually led to his death.

3. Art Scholl

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Irrespective of whether or not one would consider him an actor, the tale of movie stars dying in shooting spot is always hard to bear. The death of the aerobic pilot and cameraman Art Scholl is a morbid reminder of the hazardous nature of film production.

2. Paul Walker

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Though it was 2013 one of the most famous actors died 2015 saw the eventual release of Fast and Furious 7 whose filming was halted out of respect to Paul Walker’s family. The horrid ironic fact is how the car-racing movie actor died in a car crash majorly caused by over speeding.

1. Heath Ledger

Shooting Spot

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Heath was a teenage heartthrob best remembered for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight. He had just concluded filming for The Dark Knight and was halfway through with The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus when Heath died from a prescription overdose. His death ranks as number one on this list of the movie actors died in shooting.

There you have it, a comprehensive list containing movie stars dying in shooting spot as well as some of the most worthy of remembrance movie stars died in 2015.

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