Top 10 Movie Gadgets That Became Real

Many times, movies depict a life that seems unattainable and too far-fetched for the current world. You must have found yourself, at least once, sitting in front of a big screen following the action and wishing some of the movie gadgets there would be brought to real life. Well, here is the good news; they are here already. From self-driving cars to iPads, here are the ten movie gadgets that became real.

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10. Shark Repellent

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Lovers of Batman the classic movie of 1996 can relate to the use of shark repellents as a way to protect people from shark attacks. You will be happy to know that scientists ran with this idea and created terrific real movie gadgets that employ magnetism to counteract the effectiveness of the shark’s sensors. The operation of the device resembles that of a high-pitched sound or a strobe light to humans so the sharks have no option but to swim away with maximum speed and minimal delay. Real amazing movie gadgets!

9. iPad

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Steve Job’s inspiration was busted when the world realized the idea of iPads came from the 1968 movie, A Space Odyssey written by Stanley Kubrick. These table-like movie gadgets were not called iPads in the movie but sure resembled the iPad tablets. Astronauts used the devices to surf and since we know iPads were launched in 2010, we categorize the tablets as movie gadgets that became real.

8. Language Translator

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One of the things we used to love and wish could become real movie gadgets is the language translator in Star Trek. Other classics including the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Battlestar Galactica also went on to showcase more of language translator gadgets that work across all the languages on the planet. The devices are no longer fictitious; they are available to us now. This is truly amazing!

7. Global Positioning System (GPS)

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James Bond is the king of sci-fi movies; no doubt about that. We especially enjoyed his skill in using futuristic movie gadgets like the New ‘Q’ Ben Wishaw in the 1964 film Goldfinger. At the time the movie was released, we had no clue how his car could track Auric Goldfinger’s work but as we now look back, we discover the car had a device resembling the present GPS. Need I tell you the importance of satellite navigation in our times?

6. The Electric Car

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Remember Tom Cruise rocking an electric car in Mission Impossible 4? We seem to think someone was sitting down and figuring how to make the car one of the movie gadgets that became real as the rest of us were being thoroughly entertained. That someone was none other than the German Brand, BMW. Hybrid electric models came first followed by complete electric ones with no requirement for petrol at all.

5. An Underwater Camera

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An underwater camera became one of the real movie gadgets after making an appearance in the 1965 James Bond movie, Thunderball. The prototype camera was known by the name Calypso-Nikkor and was invented by both Nikon and Jean De Wouters, a Belgian engineer. The real gadget was designed by Jacques Costeau and termed as Nikonos line and it actually became the first mass-produced underwater camera.

4. Voxtec Phraselator P2

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It is safe to say that ho-hum translators have found their way to the real world but nothing beats the superior Voxtec Phraselator P2 with the ability to spit phrases of over forty different languages. Scientists manufactured the phraselators after buying the idea on the silver screen and are now widely used by the U.S military and the general law enforcement firms. With an LCD touchscreen, an SD card slot and a noise-cancelling microphone, this is definitely among the real movie gadgets that have taken the world by storm.

3. Robotaxis

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Total Recall, acted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990 contained enviable robot taxis that were so efficient and very convenient. The United Arab Emirates embraced the movie gadgets and made them a reality naming them as 2GetThere taxis. They are electric powered and self-driving cars that allow for cost cutting and efficiency.

2. Face Scanner

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Can you believe that face scanners are movie gadgets that became real just recently? Minority reports, a 2002 movie depicted this technology a great deal and it was only after watching the movie, that tech gurus copied the idea and made it an everyday device available on smartphones, laptops and airports globally.

1. Self-tying Shoes

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Back to the Future is solely responsible for helping Nike create real movie gadgets in form of self-tying shoes for the lazy people of the world to indulge in. Marty McFly could not seem to get enough of these useful inventions and thanks to him, the gadgets are not only in movies anymore; they have now become a reality. All you need to do is slip the pair on and watch them tie themselves perfectly.

Which of these movie gadgets that became real is close to your heart and which ones do you think should have remained in sci-fi movies? Let us know in the comment section below. Be sure to read some of our interesting reads and share them with your social circles.

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