Top 10 Misconceptions About Weight Loss

It would be interesting to know what percentage of overall internet content is connected to the topic of weight loss. With the obsession for the perfect physical condition and beauty, our society is still hungry for new a ways to look good. Diets, workout, cosmetics… this business worth billions of dollars. So, what does it take to look like a movie star? There are a lot of misconceptions about weight loss. In the following list, we have tried to name some of the most common. It´s our contribution (although almost negligible) to that huge universe of a business with a good look.

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10. Linear Losing Weight?

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It´s one of the most common weight loss myths that you will be loosing weight all the time during your campaign. The fact is that this process is not linear. The trend is what is going on, not the day-by-day fluctuations. It can happen that your weight will be a little bit higher than a previous day even if you were exercising hard. There are many factors that can influence this, for women a menstrual cycle can play a significant role among other influences.

9. Miraculous Supplements?


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How many are weight loss supplement commercials being broadcasted during one advertisement block? Business with food supplements is huge. The problem is that vast majority of them are useless. There are no clinical studies, no peer-reviewed research connected to them. But people are still buying them. Why? Their function is mostly based on a placebo effect. People who invest money in some of these pills are paying more attention to the overall approach to the weight loss, they eat less and more healthy food, they exercise… That´s the whole “miracle”…

8. It´s All About Your Will!

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If you believe this, I have news for you – this is far more difficult and complex. Have you ever seen a college textbook of biochemistry? There are thousands of hormones in your body as well as thousands of biochemical pathways. Medical conditions like depression can also play a huge role. Strongest willpower will not help you if you have some specific hormone resistances or certain biological pathway blocked. Don´t be so surprised, our world is much more complex than most people can imagine…

7. You can´t Make a Mistake with “Eat Less, Move More” advice

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It seems logical that if your energy output will exceed the input, you will loose weight. More calories going out than in should lead to a weight loss, right? In most cases, it will work but be aware, as it is written above, the metabolism is an extremely complex process and sometimes, under specific conditions, it requires specific solutions. Common weight loss myths can be even dangerous (yes, it is very rare but medical advice is always recommended).

6. Carbs are to be Blamed!

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Again, this is a shortcut. It is true that a low-carb diet is good for weight loss but it doesn´t automatically mean that you can´t eat any carb food. There are foods high in carbs that are healthy. In general, refined carbs like sugar are problematic. Another  misconception about weight loss.

5. Is Fat Your Deadly Enemy?


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Body fat is stored fat. So, if you eat a lot of fat, you will be obese, right? No, this is one of the biggest weight loss mistakes! Fats are usually present in foods dense in calories but as those educated in natural science know very well – correlation is not the same as a dependency. In fact, a diet high in fats and low in carbs can help with the weight loss according to many studies. The metabolism is a pretty complex thing, do you remember?

4. Fast Food is a Devil!


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It´s still the same issue – things are not as simple as it seems. Fast food is not the synonym for fattening diet. There are many fast food chains which offer healthy fast food or at least some portion of their menu can be considered healthy. Therefore, choose wisely!

3. Obese People are Ill, Thin People are Healthy

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Yes, the obesity is connected with many health risks and chronic diseases like cancer or heart attack. Once again, this is definitely not valid general. Even you probably know many obese people who are healthy and many thin people who are ill all the time. It is very important where the fat is stocked. If it is just under the skin, there should be no severe health issue while fat stocked around organs can be pretty dangerous. Simple explanations don´t work, remember?

2. Eat Breakfast!

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It was often stated that proper breakfast is necessary for losing weight. It seems that it was another of misconceptions about weight loss. Recent studies show that weight gain among the people who don´t have proper breakfast is given more by another of their bad diet habits. Once again, correlation is not dependency.

1. Calories are Calories

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It is true that all the calories were created equal as the calory is just a unit of energy. But it doesn´t mean that all sources of calories are the same! Do you remember what we have written above about complexity of metabolic pathways? Do we need to say more? Don´t believe any of common weight loss myths like this one.

So, these are some of the most common misconceptions about weight loss. Want to read more about losing weight? Try Top 10 Most Important Reasons Why You Do Not Lose Weight!

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