Top 10 Misconceptions About Self Gratification

Is there anyone who does not pursue happiness or does not wish to accomplish the dreams and ambitions that he had always longed for? Isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world, if not the best, to experience that pleasure and sense of achievement whenever you’ve done something satisfying and you’re proud of it? Regrettably, however, there are certain misconceptions about self gratification lingering in the minds of numerous people, blocking their pathway to real gratification. The following is a list of the top 10 misconceptions about self gratification, explaining the reasoning behind each and the correct way to pursue real joy.


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10. You have to be perfect

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The belief that striving to be perfect will help you attain self gratification is a very common misconception that has been adopted and practiced by numerous individuals but had consequently backfired and resulted in unhappy, lonely individuals. This owes to the fact that perfection is not a goal to be achieved nor is it a destination that can be reached. As a result, people who have attempted to seek perfection believing they will find satisfaction and fulfil their needs, have ended up with an unstable mental state and an even more depressing life.

9. You need to look for happiness and satisfaction

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Many people do not seem to understand that there is no technical path you have to follow in order to reach the happiness that would grant you the gratification you crave for. In fact, therenowhereere you can look for happiness. What you should do is create happiness yourself. As cheesy as it sounds, if you really want gratification in your life, you need to stop wanting to be happy and start actually being happy. Stop trying to adjust your life matters to make them appear satisfactory and start being actually satisfied about the things you have and do in your life. In a nutshell, stop looking for the elements that grant you gratification and start realizing that they’re already present around you, and appreciate them.

8. Quick fixes will lead you to gratification.

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It’s not a question of which quick fixes are wrong and which are right, it’s a question of the kind of self gratification that quick fixes provide. It’s perfectly okay to be in conflict with your emotions and have troubles, but what’s not okay is to resort to quick means that will supposedly cover up your emotions. The reason you never get the problem fixed using quick fixes is because those methods help you temporarily escape away from the problem, rather than face it and deal with it. For instance, resorting to drugs and alcohol when you’re stressed out would only lead to some temporary, fake gratification, which will soon diminish and take you back to the lonely you. Making quick decisions to deal with your dissatisfaction, like going for a haircut or quitting your sports team, might also give you a merely, short-term sense of gratification, but will open the doors to future regrets. Get proper fixes, regardless of how long it would take you, and obtain real gratification, because you deserve it.

7. Self-confidence can be quickly achieved by buying the right product.

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It’s quite true that self-confidence is a stepping stone towards self gratification, but it is worth noting that a huge misconception about self gratification is the belief that you can build your self-confidence through making the right purchase. Your self-confidence revolves around your uniqueness, strengths, and knowing your weaknesses as well. Do not allow any market or advertisement to convince you that you can find your confidence in some product without which you will continue to lack this attribute. Once you’re able to find the confidence in yourself, you’ll be able to accomplish the self gratification you’ve always dreamed of.

6. If you experience self gratification at a moment, something will probably go wrong sometime soon and you’ll lose the joy.

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This misconception is literally destroying joy and formulating a gap in the society. Some people assume that if they experience gratification at some point, something bad is always going to follow, therefore they avoid trying to be happy or pleased in the first place. Those people are happy one second, mad the other; relaxed for a second, then worried for the next. This way, you aren’t only avoiding your gratification, you’re allowing misconceptions within you to steal the self gratification from you. Instead of worrying about what life is going to bring us in the next moments, enjoy the moment you’re living in.

5. You have to strive to be positive


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Although being positive is one of the most crucial ingredients of self gratification, you don’t need to be in a positive mood 24/7; and if you’re not feeling positive at a point of time, it absolutely does not mean that you’re incapable of achieving gratification in your life. Things like crying and letting your heart out to a beloved one are actually essential in the process of healing and will help you experience the gratification that you seek at a later stage.

4. Instant Gratification is your way to enjoyment.

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One of the things we’ve been taught as kids was that we need patience in order to fulfill our goals and desires in life, but many people assume that if they’re not able to be happy now or if they don’t get what they want when they want it, they’ll never get it, or at least they won’t feel the complete satisfaction when they get it at a later point, which is not true. The opposite of instant gratification is delayed gratification or deferred gratification, and it has been proven that the latter grants you an even larger amount of pleasure and happiness since not only have you achieved the thing you wanted, but you have also found within yourself the power to resist immediate temptations and instant rewards and have successfully exhibited the ability of self-restrain.

3. Wealth is the door to self gratification.

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You may think that wealthy people have all the gratification in the world, but you’re wrong. Studies have shown that suicide rates are higher in wealthy families than in poor ones. While it is up to you to use your wealth in a way that can bring you closer to self gratification (such as using money to fulfill your financial needs, buying gifts for your beloved ones, going on a satisfying vacation), wealth most definitely does not guarantee you satisfaction. You should clear this fatal misconception about self gratification as soon as possible and assure yourself that pleasure and joy in life aren’t dependent on money.

2. You need to be young and look young to achieve gratification.

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In a society which idolizes youth, many people often feel the need to hide their real age and adopt whatever means available in order to make themselves look younger, believing that there is no way they can attain self gratification unless they force themselves and convince everyone around them that they’re young. While some may regard the issue of lying about your age a normal and funny subject, there are people who actually have this belief deeply rooted in them, simply complying with the thoughts of society, not realizing that achieving gratification is not restricted to any age group at all, and is not even related to other people’s thoughts about you.

1. Your self gratification is limited to a specific ‘x’.

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This is the main misconception about self gratification from which most of the other misconceptions stem. Having only one ultimate goal, chasing it incessantly, directly relating and restricting all your gratification to this ‘x’, which could be money, a person, an item, a feeling etc, is not only going to limit your gratification in life but is also going to shower you with a daily dose of negativity and will make you lose hope. There is a fine line between being ambitious to achieve your goal and being hypnotized by an item. Setting goals and endeavoring to achieve them to be successful is one thing, but endlessly chasing only one goal believing that unless and until you have that in your life, you can never be happy and will remain incomplete, is another thing, and is a completely toxic misconception.

Satisfaction, pleasure and achievement were never tied to only one item, so if you believe that you will accomplish those senses only when you have that ‘x’ around you, then you’re probably going to have to wait forever. Not because you’re not capable of achieving it, but because once you do, you won’t find that feeling you’ve been seeking and you’ll go after another ‘x’, and the hunt will go on.

The last thing you should do is allow those misconceptions to be prevent you from living your journey and reaching your destination. Why should you let some incorrect, irrational thoughts to be a barrier between you and the gratification you desire and deserve? We hope this article has been beneficial to you and has helped you reflect over some decisions you can make in your life. Click here if you’re interested in reading more about common misconceptions in life that many people believe, and see if you’re one of those people or not.

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