Top 10 Misconceptions People Have about Themselves – II

Assumptions are a basic part of the human mind. As individuals, we have built our daily lives around beliefs, assumptions and ideas of different things, and it is these things that govern how we live, how we interact with our fellow human beings and so on. While many of these assumptions are correct, some of these assumptions are actually misconceptions people have about themselves and things around them in general based on incorrect information they have received in the past.

Often, people do not even know that they have formed an opinion or have based a belief on something that is not right and it now becomes important to inform people about common misconceptions so as to correct wrong assumptions and beliefs. This article takes a look at common misconceptions people have about themselves and things around them in general with the aim of highlighting the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves and things around them in general.

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10. More Sleep is better and Healthier

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This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions common misconceptions people have about themselves. Generally, a great many people belief that the more sleep they get within a 24- hour period, the healthier and more relaxed they will be when they get up. This is not true because why we need enough sleep to be healthy, too much sleep can actually cause more harm than good.

9. Morning People Are More Productive than Night crawlers

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The first misconception lies in the idea that there are only two kinds of people, those who are morning “larks” and those who are night crawlers. The second and more common misconceptions people have about themselves is that morning people are more productive that people who start their day late. This like the first idea is quite untrue, first there are quite a number of sleep cycle variations (as opposed to only morning and night) and people of one sleep variation are not necessarily more productive in any, individual effort and determination determines that.

8. I need to be relevant on Social Media to have an interesting and fulfilled life

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Social media is the in-thing these days and many people, youths and young people especially, believe that a life without social media and constant internet interactions is boring, uncivilized and empty. This perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves and life in general today. Social media is definitely not everything and it might even be easier to have a great life outside it.

7. Success is based on the level of Education you have attained

7-success-is-based-on-the-level-of-education-you-have-attainedImage Source: Way to Learn Easy

This is one big misconceptions people have about themselves and life in general. Truth is going to school is no guarantee for success in life, just check the billionaires list and see how many of them are really educated formally.

6. Detoxification is as a result of dietary measures

6-detoxification-is-as-a-result-of-dietary-measuresImage Source: Inside Out Wellness

This assumption is erroneous and untrue. In fact one’s diet has little effect on detoxifying one’s body. That important role (the one of detoxifying) exclusively belongs to the liver and kidney.

5. Girls do not go for the “Nice Guys”

5-girls-do-not-go-for-the-nice-guysImage Source: top tenz

Definitely one of the most common misconceptions people have about themselves and others around them. The idea that you have to be a ‘bad boy’ or ‘rude guy’ to get the girl is not only untrue it is downright silly. Girls do like good and ‘nice guys’. It’s all about personal preferences and taste

4. Five senses

4-five-sensesImage Source: Freepik

Definitely up there with one of the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves. We as humans actually have much more than just five functioning senses. In fact studies have shown that an individual can have up to 20 senses and the number of senses actually vary from individual to individual.

3. Love doesn’t exist, it’s all a myth

3-love-doesnt-exist-its-all-a-mythImage Source: We Know Your Dreams

Well, this is as untrue a notion as any I have heard out there. Love is real and people do fall in love every day. What is sad is that such misconceptions people have about themselves is harmful to living a healthy live and finding true peace.

2. People Are Having Way More Sex Than You

2-people-are-having-way-more-sex-than-youImage Source: Hillary Sorenson

This one is on TV media. These misconceptions people have about themselves is a product of movies and TV shows that constantly depict that everyone is having healthy sex constantly and everyone is in a relationship. But this is not true, many people, far more people than you think in fact are neither having sex or even planning to in the first place.

1. Humans use only 10% of their brains

1-humans-use-only-10-of-their-brainsImage Source: Huffington Post

This should definitely rank as the biggest misconceptions people have about themselves. It is a common misconception that is completely untrue. While it is a fact that human only use a small neural portion of the brain actively (10% or less), we also use other passive areas that function just as importantly.

And that wraps up this particular list. One more thing that needs to be added is that it is also a wrong notion that sharing articles is a waste of time and not beneficial, this is also not true, so remember to please click the share button and let others benefit. Many thanks!

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