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A look at some current global issues and an investigation of their source will quickly lead you to the conclusion that most global issues topics started as misconceptions or lies that were told over and over again until they started seeming like the norm and before we knew it, disaster had been born. The following are the Top 10 Misconceptions which created a number of current global issues:


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10. Weapons of mass destruction

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In a bid to convince the world on the importance of Iraq’s invasion, President Bush claimed that they had indeed found weapons of mass destruction in the country. Even though there were probably many other justifiable reasons, the issue of weapons of mass destruction has ever been substantiated. This misconception led to the death of close to 500,000 Iraqis and up to 5,000 of America’s soldiers, a fact that has paved way for many current global issues like terrorism.

9. Cigarette Smoking

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In 1994, James Johnston, the then CEO of Nabisco asserted that smoking of cigarettes was no worse than drinking coffee. This was the epitome of a concerted effort by America’s leading cigarette manufacturers trying to convince the public that tobacco was in fact not an addictive substance. As a result of this, misconceptions global issues like cancer have skyrocketed claiming millions of lives the world over.

8. US intervention worsened financial crisis

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Some thinkers believe that the global economic downturn would not have been that bad if governments like the US had not tried to intervene. This is one of the misconceptions global issues. Even though the intervention of US government in saving some institutions from collapse was unpopular among some quarters, the alternative would have been worse. Letting Citibank, Bank of America, GE capital, Morgan Stanley and other financial giants to go down the drain would have spelt even more catastrophe for the current global issues in the global economy.

7. Central banks decide interest rates

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This is another instance of the misconceptions where disasters have sprung up from. It comes from the idea we get from media when we hear that the central bank has either raised or lowered the interest rates. What usually happens is, the central bank sets minimum interest rates but the banks are seldom under obligation to operate at the minimum. This was one of the reasons behind the current global issues in the world economy.

6. U-2 Spy planes

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President Dwight Eisenhower of USA openly deceived the world by denying Russia’s allegations that USA was flying U-2 spy planes over their air space. However, Russia shot down one of the planes and on interrogating the pilot, he confessed that he was indeed on a covert operation for the US. This misconceptions global issues led to a stifled relationship between America and Russia which has still not fully recovered.

5. Mexican- American war

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In 1846, President Polk told congress that the Southwest Mexico had invaded the US and they had no choice but to retaliate. This led to the Mexico- American war and it was the intention of America to conquer all of Southwest Mexico but they didn’t succeed. As a result of that misconception, New Mexico and Texas were conquered instead.

4. Hitler wouldn’t start another war

Hitler Told Neville Chamberlai... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Lies and Untruths That Affected Human History

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It probably comes as no surprise that the most infamous man in history cared nothing for the truth. When negotiating for the reapportionment of Czechoslovakia, Hitler assured the leaders present that if they heeded to his demands, there would be no need for another war. Even though he got his way, he went ahead and catapulted world war three, which is one of the saddest global issues topics to date.

3. Chernobyl is under control


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When radiation affected Chernobyl and its environs, Mikhail Gorbachev, the then soviet leader said that the issue was actually already contained. This was in fact not accurate and it is still one of the trending global issues topics till date since people are still affected and no one actually lives there anymore.

2. George Washington and the apple tree

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Of all George Washington’s misconceptions global issues, there is probably none that is as famous as the one in which as a young boy, he openly confessed to having cut down the apple tree because he just couldn’t lie. The story has been repeated over and over again to encourage people to be honest. What makes this story to feature on our global issues topics on misconception is the fact that the story was actually made up long after Washington had died. George Washington never cut down any apple tree.

1. Trojan horse

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This is probably the most interesting of the global issues topics. The story is about the conflict between the Trojans and the Greeks. After they had been fighting for an entire decade, the Greeks sent word that they wanted to send the Trojans a peace offering. They carved a huge wooden horse and presented it to the Greeks who happily wheeled the horse into their city. Unknown to the Trojans, it was actually a trap because the horse was a carrier that was full of armed soldiers who waited for the Greeks to sleep and then jumped out of the trap door and killed all men in the city making it one of the misconceptions global issues that would be staged on for a long time.

Which of the above current global issues resulting from misconceptions took you by surprise? And which ones do you think is the most believable misconception? Why don’t you share with your friends and find out what they think?

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