Top 10 Misconceptions that Cannot be Refuted

All of us are victims of at least one misconception that dictated the way of life until the truth found us. No one can be blamed for this actually; some of these most common myths and misconceptions are very believable and seem to work well with us. From science to health to religion, here are ten of our favorite misconceptions that cannot be refuted.


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10. The scale is the perfect tool to track weight loss

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You know you have come across this rather untrue statement during your fitness research. They say one of the best ways to track the progress of weight loss is to keep a scale near you and step on it weekly or something of that sort. Turns out, this is one of the misconceptions that cannot be refuted because body weight is more than just body fat. It has a lot to do with muscles as well.

9. The earth was once at the centre of the universe

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Before the year 1543, the man was wrongfully informed that the earth was once positioned at the center of the universe. It was the Greek philosophers who pointed us to the fact that the sun, moon and other planet orbited around the earth. For a long time, we had no idea this was one of the most common myths and misconceptions. Using science, one man was able to discard this invention and for this reason, he became a hero in refuting misconceptions.

8. A standard cup of coffee has more caffeine than one shot of espresso.


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The reason for this conclusion is the thought that since one cup of coffee has a larger volume than one shot of espresso, the caffeine concentration is more in the former than in the latter. However, this statement is among the misconceptions that cannot be refuted because espresso has a much higher caffeine concentration than brewed coffee.

7. You MUST wait for 24 hours before filing a missing person’s report.


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This law is common in many countries but there are exceptions to it. In cases where there is violence or unusual absence, law enforcement agencies in the US and UK and many other countries allow for an early report on the missing person. The next time you are forced to make the choice to help your friend or family member, remember this law is among the most common myths and misconceptions.

6. You can burn fat in specific areas


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While it is true you can build muscle on certain parts of your body, burning fat in one area is just impossible. Burning occurs in every part of the body no matter the kind of exercise you concentrate on. Many people still hold on to this belief and are left wondering why they are not getting the results they desire because they don’t realize it is one of the misconceptions that cannot be refuted.

5. The Christian doctrine of trinity is not based on the Bible



Refuting misconceptions requires concrete proof from the respective source. Some people say that in the 4th and 5th centuries, some church fathers invented the doctrine of trinity but the Bible has no evidence of this. There’s no way of proving this because as much as the 3 in 1 Godhead is portrayed in the Bible, the doctrine itself is not very clear.

4. The forbidden fruit in the Bible wasn’t an apple


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Efforts of refuting misconceptions sometimes bear fruit but the opposite is also true. This is an example of misconceptions that cannot be refuted because no one knows for sure which kind of fruit the Garden of Eden bore in the tree located at its centre.

3. The Buddha in history was not obese


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As we know it, Buddha is depicted as a chubby god by Chinese literature. The original one was not obese at all and it is believed that the chubby god is an incarnation of Maitreya who is expected to be the next Buddha to bring back the true knowledge of Buddhism. Until someone is done refuting misconceptions, we will be patient for the truth on this one.

2. Black belt doesn’t indicate expertise


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Well now it does but as it turns out, the original intention of Judo who invented it back in 1880 was to mark the competency of the basic techniques in martial arts. We must have thoroughly failed at the job of refuting misconceptions because the truth is cast away now; people believe black belt is a sign of expert level.

1. The true meaning of golf


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You might have come across the silly idea that Golf is short for “Gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”. Don’t take this lightly because quite a good number of people believe the name originated from this notion. No one knows where Golf came from but it existed in the Middle Scots era. This too falls in the category of most common myths and misconceptions yet to be refuted.

The list of the most common myths and misconceptions comes to an end here. Keep in touch with this website to learn of the ones that will have been refuted sometime in the future. Otherwise thanks for the read; find more interesting reads on this website.

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