Top 10 Meaningless Promises of Politicians in Election Campaign

We do recognize that politicians lie. It is an integral part of politics. Yet there are some meaningless promises of politicians that are baffling. We have gone through various politicians’ election campaign promises to analyze some of the worst political promises in election campaign. Sometimes, we wonder if these meaningless promises of politicians are ever considered before they are vomited on the electorate. With that being said, these are the top ten worst political promises on election campaign.


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10. We will stop rewarding companies for taking jobs overseas


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Politicians election campaign promises can honestly be filled with a lot of garbage and this promise, blabbered by Barack Obama and other democrats is no exception. Lets be honest with ourselves, in a capitalist country like America, how do these politicians hope to make true these nonsensical promises. Do they intend to bribe these politicians to stop taking jobs with subsidies and incentives? This may be a solution, but it oversimplifies it more than it really is and the electorate deserve to know the truth as it is.

9. They will raise taxes on corporations


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This brilliant rhetoric is unfortunately one of the most meaningless promises of politicians. For over two decades, republicans have been calling the rich the hardworking Americans. Now they refer to them as job creators. Now corporations are not just rich people calculating how many jobs to create and a marginal increase in taxes is not a major influence on whether or not these corporations or conglomerates of “hardworking Americans,” will create more jobs.

8. Why is the Federal Reserve still printing money?


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Some political promises in election campaign emanate from one of the most ignorant questions of all time. Of course, sometimes we may all disagree with some of the highhanded ways of the Feds but let us be sincere with ourselves. Despite the fluctuations in value of all other investments out there – gold for example –the most stable investment throughout American history has been treasury bills.

7. Regulations are one of the factors crushing the economy


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Let us get one of the most dumbfounding politicians election campaign promises straight; where would the US economy be without regulations. Factually speaking, nowhere. Yet our ignorant politicians would like to make us believe that a lawless economy would save us all.

6. Uncertainty about future taxes is what is stifling the economy


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Amongst the meaningless promises of politicians during election time, this is most untrue. According to a survey conducted of almost every business in America today, it is clear that uncertain taxes are certainly not what is capable of stifling economic growth or recovery.

5. We will bring down gas prices by giving oil companies tax breaks


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Well, well. Political promises in election campaign are supposed to show the electorate that you actually know what you are doing and not in reverse. Indeed some of these corporate subsidies are wanton, but cutting off tax breaks is certainly not in any way going to bring down the price of gas.

4. Immigrants are the lawbreakers and must be deported


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The immediate past campaign was one of the politicians election campaign promises that stood out. For a nation built upon immigration and the promise of freedom and equal opportunity for all, after years of failing to gather votes, it eventually brought the one of nations most bankrupt businessmen to the oval office. It is hardly plausible and yet to be seen whether the mass deportation of immigrants would be the cure to lawlessness.

3. The Senate has for over … days failed to pass a budget


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Most political promises in election campaign always have something to do with the senate. The most common: they are yet to pass a budget. Most of these politicians – especially those who have never run for office – rarely have a clue about the entire budget process, yet they claim to be gods of the entire budget process.

2. Obamacare is a means of government taking over our health care system


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Well, of the politicians election campaign promises that took place last year, this was the most baffling. What explains it all is the plan to replace the Obamacare with a Trumpcare. Politicians rarely have a clue what goes on in the walls of power till they actually step into the shoes. Yet they are self-professed know-it-alls.

1. Stop building firehouses in Iraq. Lets build them in America


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This is a clear cut case of when politicians election campaign promises go wrong. Indeed it will take weeks or ages to peel away the stupidity of John Kerry and other liberals when they uttered these words during campaign season. Well, what do we know?

These are the top 10 meaningless promises of politicians. Most political promises in election campaign are rightfully aimed at garnering votes. However, politicians should be careful before exposing their clear stupidity in front of a befuddled electorate.

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