Top 10 Maize Maze Designs in the UK

Maize maze designs find a special place in many hearts for their beauty and grand eloquence. Many people derive lots of fun from spending long hours with their loved ones running around the confusing paths of the crop fields hoping to catch treasures and have a good time. Maize maze designs in the UK are especially great in the sense of the word. There is always something for everybody. There are expensive and affordable maize maze designs, small and giant mazes etc. Follow through as we highlight ten of the best maize maze designs in the UK.

Maize mazeImage source: North GA Corn Maze

10. Milton Maize Maze

Image source: Cambridgeshire Live

If you are the kind of person who enjoys maize maze designs with a pirate themed adventure, Milton Maize Maze is your ideal place. It is located in Milton , Cambridge and covers an area of seven acres full of maize crops twisting and turning in ways you will be left utterly confused. It offers tons of fun nonetheless.

9. Southwold Maize Maze

Image source: Lowestoft Journal

As the name suggests, this is among affordable maize maze designs located in Southwold in the UK. This maize field stands on an eight acre piece of land and as you might have guessed, real fun awaits you once you set foot there. Your brain will be teased to its maximum limit in the “Mystery of the Maze” game. By the time you are done, you will be considered a victor in your small world.

8. Marsh Farm Maize Maze

marsh-farm-maize-mazeImage source: Tripadvisor

Marsh Farm Maize Maze is located in South Woodham Ferrers in Essex alongside Marsh Farm Road. The maze stretches for four acres and challenges even the most professional maze gamers. This is also among the maize maze designs in the UK which offers tasty treasures once you solve the puzzle and find your way to the centre of the maze.

7. Hirsty’s Family Fun Park

Image source: Hirsty’s

Among massive maize maze designs is Hirsty’s Farm Maize Maze situated at Yarmouth Road in Hemsby, Norfolk. It covers an area of 10 acres with over 700, 000 maize plants. Will you ever find your way out of the maize plantation? Once you solve the giant puzzle, walk down to the nearest beach and stretch it out watching beautiful people walk by.

6. Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard

skylark maizeImage source: Cambs Times

If you ever find yourself in Cambridgeshire with a little desire for crazy fun, you may want to drive down to one of the best and affordable maize maze designs known as Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard. With pathways of up to 3km and endless puzzles, your curious mind will be thoroughly catered for. The exact location of this maze is Manea Road, Wimblington.

5. Tulleys Maze

tulleys-mazeImage source: YouTube

Tullleys Maze is yet another location for fun lovers in the UK situated at Crawley in West Sussex. The mazes never end and the adventure builds up as the game continues. Due to high demand, this maize maze has torch light nights on selected areas giving you a chance to complete the maze even in the dark. Like all other maize maze designs in the UK Tulleys has a wide range of entertainment activities apart from the giant mazes such as Famer’s Golf, giant slides, Straw Mountain, mini mazes, illusions and many more.

4. Stanhill Farm Maize Maze

Maize MazeImage source: Stanhill Farm

Our fourth place in the list of UKs maize maze designs goes to Stanhill Farm Maize Maze. The field covers 7.5 acres of land where you have the chance to pick up a game card and catch all the monsters on the quiz trail adventure. The maze is locates 17 miles from London along the Birchwood Road in Dartford, Kent.

3. National Forest Adventure Farm Maize Maze

national forest adventure farmImage source: Mrsshilts

This is one of the most interesting and affordable maize maze designs found in Britain. We say this because of the nature of the maze. You will need to collect fossil bones of a T-Rex, a dinosaur and a Velociraptor. There are 10 bones spread over the 10 acres of maize maze and you are required to find all of them to finish the puzzle. The maize field is found in Button on Trent, Staffordshire.

2. The Great Worcester Maize Maze at Broadfields

the-great-worcester-maize-maze-at-broadfieldsImage source: Tripadvisor

How about enjoying a day out at one of the best maize maze designs in the UK complete with a backdrop (aka the Malvern Hills)? You can either go for the big maze at the 10 acre crop field or keep it low with the mini maze. Once you are done playing the maze challenges, enjoy the traditional games at the courtyard. The maze is found in Broadfields, Worcestershire.

1. York Maze

Maze designsImage source: York Press

When it comes to maize maze designs, none comes closer to York Maze. It is not only enormous (32acres of land with over 1.5 million maize crops) but is also one of the affordable maze designs in the whole world. Each season, the maze takes on a new theme as tribute to a popular culture. A satellite image of the maze can only reveal its size and intricate uniqueness; it is a great landmark in Yorkshire Town.

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