Top 10 Longevous Video Games

It has been a sad time for the 60’s and early 70’s babies, settled down to a life of work and raising a family. The memory of a time in which they sat down to bouts of Donkey Kong buried in heaps of mundane routines and chores. But if you ever want to travel back in time to the days of 8-bit sounds and 16-colour graphics, we have prepared a special list for you. This is a compilation of some of the longevous video games that you can still find and enjoy online today. You are welcome.

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10. King’s Quest

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For many, King’s Quest was the first video game they ever played, making an appearance during a period in which games could still fit into floppy disks. King’s Quest is one of the few long time video games that followed the evolution of computing and gaming, culminating in the 1998 King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity. Nonetheless, the original King’s Quest remains a legend for the ages.

9. Donkey Kong

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This gorilla who also makes an appearance in one of the most successful longevous video games, Mario, was followed by some of the most die-hard fans in video gaming history. This game was pretty intense during its heyday.

8. Asteroids

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Asteroids first emerged in 1979 as an arcade game and slowly found its way into the hearts of video game lovers across the globe. This game by Atari is one of the few long time video games online today. If you want to pass the time with a bit of the oldies, try the asteroids game from free asteroids.

7. Missile Command

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Atari was certainly a game changer in the gaming industry and Missile Command and Asteroids were two longevous video games that cemented its mark in gaming history. Missile Command was one the few long time video games online today that retained its popularity well into the 90s morphing into high-definition and 3D spin-offs.

6. The Legend of Zelda

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One of the most longevous video games and most successful in gaming history is the Legend of Zelda. Approximately 60 million copies of this game have been sold worldwide. Though it originally surfaced on an NES cartridge in 1987, the Legend of Zelda has gone on to remain one of the few free video games online today.

5. Duck Hunt

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Anyone who ever held a plastic gun in front of a television in the 1970s and 80s would probably relate to one of the long time video games online today. Duck Hunt was a fun pastime for all kids at the time and should you want to reminisce on the days past, you can always do so.

4. Super Mario Bros.

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Even the 90s babies could relate to these. Since the 1983 emergence of Mario Bros, the Mario series of games is one of the few long time video games to have more than one generation captive. In case you were one of the unfortunate ones that had no clue, it became Super Mario in 1985 because it was the 1985 Mario bros came packaged alongside Duck Hunt thereby making it super. Mario is today one the few video games online still thriving since the early ages. This Nintendo product also remains amongst the longevous video games still evolving and maintaining a steady following.

3. Pong

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Do we have to explain why? Pong is well into its forties now and it is still one of the few video games online today that still charms us for the same reason it did four decades ago – simplicity. During the early periods since its first release in 1972, it became highest-earningning product for game maker Atari. Pong is certainly the granddaddy of all the long time video games on this list.

2. Centipede

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Atari had a string of successes in the 70s and 80s irrespective of what todays opinion may be. As a matter of fact, Atari’s 2600 games are today fetching incredible prices on eBay. Centipede was however unique for many reasons. First, it was one of the first games to develop a large female following. This could be largely thanks to the influence of one of Dona Bailey, one of Centipede’s two designers.

1. Pac-Man

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We love leaving the best for last. Without doubt, Pac-Man is the signature product for all vintage video games. Pac-Man gave birth to a host of successful sequels, spin-offs and clones. However, the most popular version of the game is not the original, but the 1981 Ms. Pac Man, the preferred choice of most diehard fans.

Well, for us, this is these video games epitomize our days of yore. Thanks to the Internet we can always rejuvenate the feeling we once shared with the game through one of the many online versions available. Did we miss a game you thought we should have included? Do let us know. We are reading.

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