Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Anime Shows

Apart from being really entertaining, anime shows have exposed the entire world to Japan’s culture. With the passing of time, more and more people are embracing the idea of indulging in anime shows with the larger percentage being Americans and Britons. Anime facts 2016 reveal that these shows are taking over the entertainment industry, one anime at a time. Let’s dig a little deeper and understand a few facts about anime shows so here goes:

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10. Anime Shows are not Cartoons

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Cartoons and anime shows may share a few things in common but they are two different arts altogether. Many uneducated people often confuse these two thinking they are one at the same thing. Anime is a type of art that focuses on deep complicated and emotional plots whereas cartoons are more basic and simple. This simple truth secures a permanent (or not) place in the top interesting anime show facts.

9. Anime Began in 1917

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We found this to be one of the facts about anime shows because the buzz picked up not more than 50 years ago. Apparently, three Japanese artists namely Jun’ichi Kouchi, Shimokawa Oten and Seitaro Kitayama founded anime in 1917. Anime is actually an abbreviation of the Japanese pronunciation of animation. So the next time you sit in front of a screen full of anime characters, take some time to appreciate anime history.

8. Code Geass Was Sponsored by Pizza Hut

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This makes total sense now. We have always wondered why Code Geass focused on ordering Pizza Hut several times in the show. As we just learned, the Japanese branch of Pizza Hut happens to be the big shot company that sponsors this show. When you watch the series, the plot has nothing to do with Pizza Hut but among the facts about anime shows is that it got its sponsorship from Pizza Hut.

7. Naruto was Not Meant to Have a Rival

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When the author of Naruto first developed the anime, he did not intend on creating Sasuke. It was only after a few shows that he discovered that a rival of Naruto would be great for the series which resulted in the creation of the character. This is truly one of the interesting facts about anime shows because it is now hard to imagine the show without Sasuke.

6. Akira Had Already Predicted that Japan Would Host the 2020 Olympics

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Anime facts 2016 reveal that Akira had already made the big announcement that the 2020 Olympics would be held in Japan. This was 27 years ago and as it is, this prophecy has come to pass. No one knows where this revelation originated from but it makes it home to the list of the top ten interesting anime shows facts.

5. “School Days” Replaced Violent Episodes

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Facts about anime shows never cease to amaze us. In 2007 “School Days” an anime which featured the lives of a few teenage students had some of its scenes removed because they were deemed too violent. The original scene involved the teenage characters killing each other with knives. As if this is not among the interesting anime shows facts, the movie went ahead and replaced the scene with another friendly one instead of doing away with the whole episode.

4. Hayao Miyazaki is One of the Leading Anime Writers

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Before “Spirited Away” became the highest grossing Japanese film, “Princess Mononoke” had steadfastly secured the spot. The “Howl’s Moving Castle” also shook the anime world. The 1997 Academy Award winner Hayao Mizaki is the writer behind the three anime shows. The guy was talented; he could draw even in his sleep. Talk about interesting anime shows facts.

3. Pokemon is 18 Years Old

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Anime facts 2016 reveal that Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) recently celebrated its eighteenth year since it was first released. The series is based on the video game, Pokemon and borrows and acquires most of its inspiration from the Diamond $ Pearl series, the Advanced Generation series, the XY series and the Best Wishes! The Fans of the anime look forward to a great future with Pokemon series.

2. China Banned the Anime Death Note

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Among the facts about anime shows is the ban on Death Note put out by the Chinese government. This was triggered by the behavior of kids who began buying death notebooks and using them to write down the names of people they wished would die. The behavior was brought about by the plot of the anime which centered around a supernatural notebook which gave its user the freedom to kill whoever he could recognize from the book.

1. Japan is Full of “Manga” Cafes

Anime Shows

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Manga is the synonym of anime in Japan. If you have read some of the anime facts 2016, you will notice that manga cafes are in abundance in Japan. In these cafes, guests can eat while watching their favorite anime shows. This is solid proof that mangas truly have their origins in this Asian country of Japan.

More can be said about anime shows including its myths, behind the scenes shows, drawing of the characters etc. One thing is for sure, anime facts 2016 predict that manga is gaining popularity at such a high rate. If not checked, it could take over the cartoon industry.

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