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When Youtube service was revealed to the world back in 2005, few people were able to predict its phenomenal success. Ten years later, Youtube is the second most popular website on the internet with over a billion users who generate billions of views every day. Youtube users are looking for a wide variety of content: from university lectures to prank videos, from how-to-do videos to live streams of major sports events. But there is one category of videos which is above all – music. Free music Youtube is one of the most popular terms in today´s online world.

It can be said that since the appearance of Napster peer-to-peer service back in the late 1990s, no other service changed the music industry more than Youtube. Of the first forty most popular videos on Youtube, only two of them are not music videos. This number speaks for itself. The service is both hated and praised for its services. Big labels and names within the music industry criticize Youtube for a frequent lax approach towards copyright issues and for creating a business around someone else´s work while letting users listen music online for free. On the other hand, many artists (mainly independent but also some big names) love Youtube because it allows them to present their work to an incredibly wide audience and to establish a worldwide fanbase.

Regardless of what your opinion on this issue is, let´s take a look at some of the most popular music videos on Youtube which are loved by the whole world. What are the most popular songs for those who are making their playlist Youtube videos?

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10. Katy Perry – Roar

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Katy Perry was born in 1984 and was engaged in the gospel music during her teenage years. She scored a major success with her third album names “Teenage Dreams” released in 2010. It became the second album in history (after Michael Jackson´s “Bad”) to contain five US number one songs. The song “Roar” was made for Katy Perry´s third studio album in 2013. Since it was published on her VEVO Youtube channel, it collected almost 1,6 billion views. There is also a song “Dark Horse”, which has also more than 1.6 billion Youtube views, made Katy Perry the first artist with two different 1+ billion views songs. Do you want really great free music Youtube video? Try this one!

9. Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

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Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish-born singer, son to Julio Iglesias, who made a big success with his first album immediately. More than 6 million pieces of “Enrique Iglesias”was sold. But this number pales in front of more than 1,6 billion of views collected by the Spanish version of his “Bailando” song in which Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona are also appearing. It should be mentioned that English version of Bailando, also available on his VEVO channel, added another 205 million views. Don´t forget Enrique when you will want to playlist Youtube videos!

8. Major Lazer – Lean On

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Lean On” by an American electronic music group Major Lazer and featuring vocals of Danish singer MØ was published in 2015 when it appeared on the album “Peace is the Mission”. Within another web service, Spotify, “Lean On” was named to be the most streamed song of all time with 870 million views. On Youtube, the song, available on Major Lazer official channel, collected almost 1.7 billion views as of October 2016.

7. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

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The song “Shake it Off” appeared on Taylor Swift´s fifth album “1989” released in 2014. It was introduced to the world via the internet during Yahoo! live stream and became Swift´s second number one song in the United States. On Youtube VEVO channel of Taylor Swift, “Shake it Off” is quickly approaching 1.7 billion views. Take this song into account when you will listen music online.

6. Adele – Hello

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Hello” by an English star singer Adele was released in October 2015, the music video was published one day earlier. It was well accepted by fans and music critics. The video broke several records. For example, it was the first single to sell over a million digital copies in one week. On Adele´s VEVO channel on Youtube, it has more than 1.7 billion views.

5. Taylor Swift – Blank Space

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It´s Taylor Swift once again! American superstar has made it twice into the Top Ten Youtube music videos. She is the only artist to have two songs in this chart. As “Shake it Off” currently occupies seventh place, “Blank Space” is No. 5. The song was released in 2014 on the “1989” album (same album as “Shake it Off”). Go and make your playlist Youtube videos and do not forget to include this one.

4. Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk

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Uptown Funk” is a song published by British producer Mark Ronson altogether with an American musician Bruno Mars. It has appeared on Ronson´s fourth album called “Uptown Special” which was published in 2015. The song itself was released in November 2014, the same as the music video. On Mark Ronson´s VEVO Youtube channel, the clip is close to 2 billion views (1.91 billion as of October 2016). When you want to listen music online, don´t forget this video.

3. Justin Bieber – Sorry

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Another music video which is getting closer to 2 billion views on Youtube is Justin Bieber´s “Sorry” which reached 1 billion views in the second shortest time in history. The music video was released in October 2015 in two versions, one as a dance video and one as a lyrics video. The music video can be found on Bieber´s VEVO Youtube channel. Lyrics version of the song available on the same channel add another 237 million views so far. Of all free music Youtube videos, this is the most popular for teenage girls for sure!

2. Wiz Khalifa – See You Again

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Uploaded to Youtube on April 6, 2015, Wiz Khalifa´s “See You Again” is one of two Youtube videos which achieved to attract more than 2 billion views (2,1 billion as of October 2016). American singer Charlie Puth also features in the song which was used in a soundtrack for the movie “Furious 7”.

1. PSY – Gangnam Style


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Gangnam Style” by South Korean musician PSY made history in 2012 when it became the first music video to have 1 billion views on Youtube. It reached 2 billion views in June 2014 and is still number one on the chart with more than 2,6 billion views! “Gangnam Style” can be found on the official PSY Youtube channel and it will probably hold its exceptional status for a good time from now.

As can be seen from numbers of views, not only that Youtube can´t be ignored, it is defining the trends and now it is definitely the major driving force in the music industry. Voices against Youtube are still out there but it is clear that Youtube is a must for all musicians to promote their work. So, what are you waiting for? Let´s playlist Youtube videos of those wonderful free music Youtube videos!

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