Top 10 Left-Handed World Leaders

There are a lot of left handed interesting facts discovered after all researches and studies. For instance, a study developed by a National University in Australia has shown that lefties are sharper and quicker than right-handed people. After a few tests, the results showed that left-handers are responding much faster to stimuli. Another example is the ability to learn languages. Right-handers use only the left hemisphere of the brain while left-handers use both hemispheres. There are a few famous left handed world leaders.


10. Ramses II

Image credit: National Geographic

This is one of the most famous left handed world leaders that ruled Egypt over 3,000 years ago. During his governance Egypt was powerful and rich, cities and villages were safe from Nile river flooding, farm crops and animals were flourishing.

9. Nelson Horatio

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Nelson Horatio is amongst the most famous left handed world leaders, regarded as a hero in the British history. He is considered the greatest sea warrior as the admiral of the Napoleonic Wars. Nelson got to the sea at only 12 years of age. A lot of left handed interesting facts can also be encountered in Nelsons Horatio’s way to lead. He was extraordinary and loved by all his men.

8. Alexander the Great

The triumphal entry of Alexander the great into BabylonImage credit: Pinterest

This King of Macedon dreamed of uniting the cultures and nations and spread the Greek Ideal into the entire world of the era he lived in. His main characteristics are leading to more left handed interesting facts. Alexander the Great was a cunning and innovative strategic leader, a quality that helped him conquer most of the world alongside vigorous military campaigns. He never lost a battle due to his amazing ability to read the battlefield.

7. Julius Caesar

Julius CaesarImage credit: Biography

Amongst the left handed world leaders of all times, we find the Roman general, Julius Caesar who managed to turn the Roman Republic into a very powerful empire. He expanded the borders of the Roman Empire and implemented the imperial system. His political career was flourishing being a governor of the Roman province in Spain, then making a powerful alliance with Pompey and managing to get elected as a consul in the government.

6. Napoleon Bonaparte

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Amongst the most famous left handed world leaders, we find Napoleon Bonaparte, a military and political leader of France, who influenced the European politics of the 19th century. His military campaigns are still taught at all great military academies all around the globe. His opponents declared him to be a tyrant but he is known in history for his Napoleonian Code that was the foundation of judiciary and administrative laws for most countries in Western Europe.

5. Henry Ford

Henry FordImage credit: Michigan History

At this position,we have Henry Ford, a corporate leader, also pointing some left handed interesting facts. He founded the American automobile industry and started Ford Motor Company. He thought that no job is hard if you divide it into smaller tasks and money doesn’t bring you safety, safety can be given only by lots of experiences, abilities and knowledge. He was driven by the force of starting again after each failure, each time more clever.

4. Queen Victoria

Queen VictoriaImage credit: Primary Homework Help

Queen Victoria was one of the famous left handed world leaders that did not ask to lead but was forced by the circumstances. Her father, Edward Duke, died when she was 1 year old and her uncle William died when she turned 18 and he did not have any children. She came to the lead of a powerful British Empire that was flourishing and had over 450 million people. Her time was a period of political, scientific, industrial, military and trade progress.

3. Bill Gates

Image result for bill gatesImage credit: Time

Bill Gates is one of the left handed world leaders in the business world. He co-founded Microsoft which became the largest software company in the world. His career was astonishing, being the CEO and chairman of the company, later on transferring his CEO duties to Ray Ozzie and remaining the chief software architect of Microsoft. He donated lots of money to charitable organizations through his foundation.

2. Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is a well-known actress who not only won a lot of Oscars but was also involved in a lot of political and activist projects. She decided to turn her attention to politics and do something more important than cinema. Angelina takes this very seriously and decided to have a mentor: Arminka from the British House of Lords. She fought against sexual violence and war weapons.

1. Barack Obama

Image credit: Forbes

America has a weakness for left-handed presidents, Barack Obama being the 5th one and he is the most famous left handed world leaders. If we can say that he is the first black president of America, he’s not that unusual as a left-handed president. This history started with President Thomas Jefferson.

Only 10-15% of the population of the globe is left-handed. Still, America was led in the past years by left handed presidents like Reagan, Ford, Bush and Clinton. In addition, Senator John McCain is also left-handed.

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