Top 10 Largest Predators Ever

The primitive times surely got some of the largest predators ever and the most terrifying ones who have ever walked the earth. Some of the greatest animal predators during the prehistoric period depended on their innate strength and speed while others employed the essence of surprising their preys. This kind of action is to satisfy their hunger.

Despite their different styles and methods of hunting, each of these massive predators shared the same characteristics. They ruled as one of the top hunters and greatest animal predators of the primitive period. So, who is the largest predator of all time? Well, that is something that you will be able to find out as this article will list down the top 10 largest predators ever. Be reminded that they are not arranged in chronological order.

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10. Megalania

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This is probably the largest predator of all times as it is currently listed as the largest recognized terrestrial lizard that has ever existed and walked on earth. One thing that this enormous predator is known of is its toxin-secreting glands that are situated in its mouth. This specific characteristic of Megalania makes this predator a little bit venomous.

9. Titanoboa


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The name of this predator is a combination of two names. Titanoboa means a titanic boa. This inhabitant currently is immensely the biggest snake that has ever existed on earth. It is known to have a length of up to fifty feet. Hence, it is no doubt that it is considered as one of the largest predators ever. This titanic snake will clasp and fix down its target. It enfolds its body throughout the prey and tightens its grip that ends the life of its victim.

8. Smilodon

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Have you heard about saber-toothed? Perhaps you did in a fictional film. The truth is this creature exists. It is Smilodon, the tiger. It is considered as one of the greatest animal predators of all time with extremely long canines. These saber-toothed predators depend greatly on ambushing their targets. They can overpower huge herbivores and submerge its massively long canines into its targets to strike or hit the essential organs.

7. Thylacoleo

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Thylacoleo is known to be a carnivorous marsupial despite its name which means pouch lion. It is known to be one of the greatest animal predators. It was believed to attack and kill its prey and hauls the dead body into the trees utilizing its strong jaws, strength, and sharp claws.

6. Sarcosuchus


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One of the largest predators ever that existed on earth is the Sarcosuchus. It looks like a crocodile that spends most of its time just lying, waiting, and completely sank in water. It was known not to be choosy with the kind of prey it feeds. They will surprise its target usually and thus, it successfully feeds and satisfies its hunger.

5. Giganotosaurus

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Almost everyone knows that one of the greatest animal predators during the prehistoric time is the Giganotosaurus. It was relevantly lacking the biting power, but that still did not avoid it from being a top predator of the primitive period.

4. Anomalocaris

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A group of people would say that this creature is the largest predator of all time. This giant predator would utilize its sharp interlinking plates inside its round mouth to take a bite out of its target.

3. Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Dinosaurs had reigned the prehistoric age with its enormous size, massive strength, and strong jaws to take their targets in just one fast bite. One of the largest predators ever comes from this breed. Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the well-known characters in the box office hit the Jurassic park. So, it is certain that you somewhat understand how this predator behaves. It is widely recognized as the most powerful and the most eminent dinosaur of all time. Its main weapons were its enormous mouth and zigzag teeth.

2. Liopleurodon

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One of the most astounding things about the dinosaur’s period was that they are not only the greatest animal predators or the largest predator of all time. The truth is the most enormous and the mightiest predator alive during at that period is not actually a dinosaur, but a Liopleurodon. The latter was a marine reptile and a gigantic predator that measures up to eight two feet in body length.

1. Sperm Whale

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The largest predator of all times is the Sperm Whale per most experts. They are tremendously massive with 57 tons in size and 20.5 meters in length and they are still alive. Their normal target is a medium-sized squid. However, they also hunt for those huge squids.

The above listed greatest animal predators are just a few of the hundreds known by the biologists. Some people have different perceptions on the largest predator of all time, one thing is for sure though is that they are among the largest predators ever.

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