Top 10 Landscapes Untouched by Humans

Humans are notorious for encroaching into beautiful and serene eco-systems meant to remain untouched as long as the world exists. You cannot compare the beauty of the planet which was a few millenniums ago with the present one. Sometimes we wonder what our future generations will be left with.

How are you supposed to convince your grandkids that in your time, the earth had abundant water supplies and thrived in a forestation? They will probably think you are lying because by then landscapes untouched by humans would be ancient history. The good news is that a few beautiful and undisturbed landscapes still exist in our times and for this reason, we can put smiles on our faces and celebrate. So which landscapes are we talking about? Here is the list of the top ten untouched regions of the world.

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10. Namibia

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This South African country which derives its name from the Namib Desert falls in the category of the most untouched landscapes of the world. The main reason for this is its sparse population probably due to the vast desert. Over 2500 cheetahs find their home in Namibia with other natural features including ancient petroglyphs, giant dunes, waterfalls and craters. Part of the Namibian constitution focuses on ecosystem preservation which also contributes to this great phenomenon.

9. The “Stone Forest”, Madagascar

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Its canyons and rocky ledges are examples of most untouched landscapes formed more than one million years ago. Although they were originally found in the deep and narrow caves, monsoon rains fell on them over the years causing mass erosion. The result is layers upon layers of limestone and other Cretaceous sediments in the form of a beautiful natural bridge, canyons and spires that are 120m deep.

8. Honokohau Falls in Maui

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Waterfalls have always made it home to the list of the most amazing natural landscapes. We derive a lot of pleasure by just staring at falling water for long periods of time. Sadly, humans have not spared falls in their selfishness; they have altered them to suit their needs. This is not the case for Honokahau though as this one of a kind natural feature is among the landscapes untouched by humans.

7. Forest Lake, Russia

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Russia has its fare share of landscapes untouched by humans. To tell the truth, we were very surprised to discover this fact because we know Russia as a hub of human activities. They are big on industrialization, nuclear power plants and manufacture of military weapons. Turns out, the country still has a few untouched features. The Forest Lake is one of them. Many people do not its exact location as it is found in the deepest part of the forest.

6. Atacama Desert, Chile

Image source: National Geographic

Atacama Desert never receives rainfall. It is always full of sand, salt basins and lava occupying its 40, 000 square miles of land. Obviously, no human would want to survive in this adverse weather condition which is a blessing in disguise really because it adds to the list of the most untouched landscapes of the world.

5. Gangkar Puensum, Bhutan

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Translated as “Three Mountain Siblings”, Gangkar Puensum is one of the tallest mountains in the world with no human interference. The mountains which border China, Tibet and Bhutan are as remote as it gets. Proper mapping of these landscapes untouched by humans was absent until recently. Spiritual beliefs about the mountains barred many curious individuals from taking an adventure here but luckily, the ban was lifted and people are free to visit this great place on earth.

4. Tepui, Venezuela

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Among the landscapes untouched by humans are the table-top mountains of Tepui located in the Guayana Highlands of Venezuela. They look so wonderful but apparently, humans have always stayed away from this region because it is believed to be home of the gods.

3. Rock Islands, Palau

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Rock Islands do not exist as far as modern civilization is concerned. Needless to say, a few people set foot on these amazing landscapes more than a thousand years ago as evidenced by proof of “tiny people” who are believed to have lived in the midst of this heaven on earth.

2. Dallol, Ethiopia

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The Dallol Volcano has both human influence and no trace of humanity at all. Part of it is used to mine salt whilst the volcano itself it totally uninhabitable. Some interesting scientists believe that Dallol’s landscape resembles the surface of the Jupiter’s volcanic moon, Lo.

1. The Amazon Forest

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We think we have explored all the Amazon’s landscapes but we are far from it. The forest stretches across seven countries including Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Guyana, Ecuador, Suriname and French Guyana. The most untouched landscapes are in abundance here. Some people actually think that we can never finish exploring the Amazon and they may be right.

As you can see, there are still plenty of landscapes untouched by man. With a little care and concern for our environment, these natural features can remain untouched until time passes away. We sure hope this happens. Well, we appreciate reading this article. Browse through the website for more interesting reads.

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