Top 10 Jokes About Romanian Communism

Romanians had reached the peak of their frustration and poverty during the 70s and 80s as a result of communism. Since there was no freedom of speech, the citizens decided to tell jokes to each other as a way to oppose the present government. Jokes about Romanian communism were then birthed and ever since, people tell these jokes and laugh out loud at them. Follow through as we highlight ten jokes about Romanian communism  we liked the best.

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10. The Petrol Station


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Joke: “Have you discovered that at in every petrol station, there is now a policeman and doctor on duty? The doctor delivers first aid to those who lose consciousness when they see the price of fuel while the policeman interrogates those who fill up on where they got the money from.”

By the time someone sits down and comes up with this joke, life must have been extremely hard-first because of the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-1989) and secondly because of hard economic times in the entire country. This is one among the many jokes about Romanian communism that made people feel better about their difficult circumstances.

9. Ceausescu’s Portrait

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Joke: A man visits his psychiatrist and says, “You have to help me doctor. I am so scared, please I need your help.”
The doctor asks, “What is the problem?”

“Well, you see doctor, when I open the TV I see Ceausescu! I turn on the radio and his voice comes through! I open the newspaper…… there he is. And of course there is this tin of beans in front of me, can I open it?” The man replies.

As much as these jokes about Romanian communism  were spread secretly, the government would eventually learn about them. This specific one sought to send the message that people were tired of their leader; they couldn’t bear watching him, listening to him or even just looking at his portrait.

8. The Militia (Aka the police)

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Joke: What is the difference between the wind and militia? Militia beats you stronger!

Militia, or the police, had no mercy on the people. They were instructed to do anything to protect the party and the government so they ended up beating, torturing and even killing many. This is one of those jokes about Romanian communism that is both sad and funny.

7. Truth About Sentencing

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Joke: a citizen called the chief of the Communist Party an idiot. For this, he was sentenced to 25 years and 3 months in prison. Everybody did not understand the reason for the period of the sentence. Eventually, their eyes were opened and they discovered that the citizen went to jail 3 months for insulting the Socialist Republic of Romania and 25 years for revealing a state secret.

To tell Romanian communist jokes of this kind, people must have had the worst system of sentencing ever seen. The message was clear; the Communist Party would do all they could to protect their interests. What better way to insult them that invent one of the meanest jokes about Romanian communism?

6. Bula, the Mysterious Character

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Joke: Bula comes back home from work earlier than usual only to find his wife in bed with another guy. Bula says, “Are you crazy? You are fooling around when butter is being sold at the food shop?”

Bula is a character found in most Romanian communism jokes. No one knows exactly how he was birthed but people celebrated him because he spoke for them. Here, Bula cannot believe his wife would be busy sleeping around when something amazing and rare is taking place at the food shop-they are selling butter!

5. The Oppressing System

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Joke: “Is communism a science? No, if it were, they would have tested it on animals first.”

This is among the Romanian communist jokes that come close to explaining the kind of oppression the citizens of Romania were under at the time. They were being used as guinea pigs to perform experiments for the government not caring about their well being and safety.

4. Cold Season

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Joke: A man is walking down the streets of Bucharest in winter. He shouts at a flat, “Excuse me, could you shut your windows, it is freezing out here!”

Romanian communism jokes gave details of the entire evil of the party. During winter when air conditioning was needed the most, the party even controlled the heating system. People’s houses were so cold; some people would die of the extreme weather conditions.

3. Hunger

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Joke: “Why are Romanian shops built five kilometers apart? Otherwise, the lines would merge.”

The food situation is better described in this one of a kind line of the Romanian communist jokes category. People would queue for hours just to buy something to eat. Many a times, this meal was nothing extra ordinary but at least it was able to keep one from dying. Although communism ended a long time ago, this is among the jokes about Romanian communism that will remain as a constant reminder of what people went through between 1918 and 1989.

2. Stupid Policemen Jokes

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Joke: “A policeman is shaving his hair when the telephone rings. Before picking it up, he cuts himself. Why does he do so? To know where to resume from!”

If you are not laughing by now, we have no idea what tickles you. Like the Romanian communist jokes about militia, this one shows the level of anger and hatred citizens of Romania had towards the police. They found them to be extremely stupid and ignorant and told jokes to insult their intelligence.

1. Political Joke

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Joke: In Ceausescu’s regime, a line begins to form at the corner of the street. A man passes by, sees the line and inquires about it. He asks the last man on the line, “What is sold here?” The man replies, “I have no idea, ask ahead.” The man moves to the middle of the line and asks someone, “What is sold here?” The man replies, “I have no idea, go ask ahead. “ The man finally reaches to the first person and asks the question he asked the last two. To his surprise the man replies, “Nothing, I was quite sick and took support on this wall.” The other asks, “And why then, are you still here?” The man says, “Because I have never been first on such a long line before.”

Of all jokes about Romanian communism, this is the funniest and sickest and craziest. It is a political joke that explains the desperation of the communist regime. People waited in line to receive everything and this was the norm for decades upon decades.

Perhaps some of these Romanian communism jokes took a toll on the once solid party. In 1989, the regime fell like a house of cards. Romanian citizens began rebuilding their nation once again and now they say they will see the end of the world because they are fifty years behind everybody.

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