Top 10 Isolated Isles

How does the term isolated isles make you feel? Have you ever had the urge to explore isolated islands that are uninhabited? Here is a list of top 10 isolated isles that would activate wanderlust in you.

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10. Bear Island [Norway]

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The Bear Island is the southernmost island in the archipelago of Svalbard. This island was discovered by Dutch explorers during 1596. Despite the barren nature and remote location, the island experiences commercial activities such as fishing and coal mining. None of the settlements in the island have lasted for long. This island is uninhabited except for personnel working at the meteorological station. This was  declared a national reserve during 2002. Would you wish to include this isle in your isolated islands to visit list?

9. St Kilda [United Kingdom]

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This is the most secluded part of British Isles. It is located to the west of Harris and from the mainland of Scotland. It was abandoned during 1930 by 36 islanders after struggling with food shortages and illness leaving behind eerie streets and empty cottages.

8. Tristan da Cunha [United Kingdom]

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Tristan da Cunha is one of the most isolated communities in the world. It lies 2,770 km from Cape of Good Hope. The souls inhabiting this island battle the extreme conditions of the island all-round the year. The seas surrounding the island are rich in fish. This is the main source of revenue. The crawfish is shipped to Japan and United States via South Africa. Another source of income is the sale of postage stamps. This island is referred to as the remotest island in the world.

7. South Keeling [Australia]

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This island is located 2000 kilometers from Australia. The population of this island does not cross 600. This island was visited by Charles Darwin who stated that he was glad to visit the island as it is rich in wonderful formations of nature. This is one of the isolated isles that is witnessing a growth in the tourist industry. The main focus is on the water based activities. Fishing and small local gardens contribute to the good supply. However, most of the supplies are imported from Australia.

6. Tromelin [France]

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This is a small island that is located to the east of Madagascar. This lies 7 meters above the sea levels. It was discovered during 1722 by a French navigator. A French ship wrecked near the island that was carrying slaves to Mauritius. A raft was built by utilizing the wood of shipwreck. The slaves were abandoned on the island by the French officers with a promise to return and rescue them. No ship was spared as France was involved in a war. The slaves built shed with coral stones and started inhabiting the island. Most of them died in a couple of months. The survivors were rescued fifteen years later. An eight month child and seven women had managed to survive despite the harsh conditions. A meteorological station was constructed in the island during 1954. If you are looking isolated islands to visit, then you can add Tromelin to your list.

5. Easter Island [Chile]

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This is one of the most isolated isles in the world. This island is located 3600 km from the mainland of Chile. This island is famous for its 887 mysterious statues. Each statue weighs about 14 tons. It is believed that the island was inhabited by 20,000 islanders who died due to deforestation, diseases and war. The number has reduced to 3,000.

4. Pitcairn Islands [United Kingdom]

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This island has 50 permanent inhabitants. Each one of them has their own website and domain. The inhabitants are the descendants of the mutineers who arrived to this island on a merchant ship during 1790. If you love exploring isolated islands, then you need to add Pitcairn to your list.

3. Raoul Island [New Zealand]

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The Raoul Island has been a source of massive volcanic activities for thousands of years. This island does support a large group of settlement. However, the place lacks a harbor that is safe. Volunteers visit this island for assisting the conservationists working on this island. Earthquakes and volcanic activities are quite frequent on this island. The terrain is rugged and steep. This is one of the isolated islands that offer you a plenty of chance to see birds that are not found anywhere else on this Earth.

2. Macquarie Island [Australia]

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This is one of the isolated islands to visit if you are fond of penguins. However, you will have to travel 1070km from New Zealand for reaching the place. This island is controlled by Tasmanian government and was awarded the status of World Heritage Site during 1997. This island is inhabited by more than 40 people. If you are looking isolated islands to visit, then you can add Macquarie Island to your list.

1. Takuu [Papua New Guinea]

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This beautiful necklace of islets is slowly sinking. The rising sea levels can drive the inhabitants out of the island soon and also end the unique culture that flourishes on this island. The population of this island is 400.

You can draw some inspiration from the list if you have plans to explore isolated islands to visit. These Isolated Isles are worthy or exploring and each have a story to tell. If you are fond of the beauties of nature, then these islands are worth visiting at least once in your lifetime.

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