Top 10 Islands With Active Volcanoes in the World

Volcanoes have been around for millions of years. Some erupt frequently while others take a longer time to show the slightest volcanic activity. A number of them erupt very rarely but once they do, mass destruction is inevitable. From the corners of the globe to the equator, we have listed the top ten islands with the most active volcanoes in the world.

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10. Volcano Island, Philippines

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Philippines has a vast number of active volcanoes compared to other nations of the world. Taal Volcano, located in the middle of the Taal Lake, Philippines has erupted 33 times since it was created. Fortunately, all these eruptions are concentrated in the Volcano Island minimizing the damage to people, animals, roads and property. Around 6,000 deaths have been reported as a result of eruptions from this Volcano.

9. Hawaiian Island

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Hawaiian island is an active volcanoes island. It has a total of five active volcanoes that make up the Island. Mauna Loa is considered to be among the most active volcanoes in the world owing to its surface area and volume. For the last 700,000 years, this volcano has been erupting regularly. 1984 was the last time it erupted causing landslides, earthquakes and many other natural disasters. Large chunks of land and villages have come down as a result of the lava flowing from this volcano.

8. New Britainit, New Guinea

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New Britainit, New Guinea is also home to the worst active volcanoes island. Ulawun, a Volcano in New Guinea is considered to be among the most active volcanoes in the world with 22 historical eruptions since the 18th century. The volcano is situated on New Brittainit which happens to be the tallest mountain (2,334 mt) in the Bismarck Archipelago. The Island is located in the Papua town of New Guinea with several thousand inhabitants near the volcano.

7. Kyushu Island

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Sikurajima volcanic mountain was originally located on a separate island known as Kyushu in Japan. In the year 1914, this active volcano erupted causing its lava to flow to the mainland and making the Island disappear altogether. Although this active Volcanoes Island no longer exists, Sikurajima is still one of the volcanoes with a lot of activity in the entire planet. Over 700,000 inhabitants live near the mountain which is always feared to erupt at any point in time. Since the beginning of the last century, nearly 7300 eruptions have occurred on this mountain with the recent one happening in 2009.

6. Solomon Islands

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The Solomon Islands are part of the Bougainvilla chain of islands that belong to Papua, New Guinea. These active volcanoes are as a result of the volcanic arc, which is caused by the resilient oceanic crust of this small island just below the pacific plate. This is a tectonically complex area and this makes it home to the most active volcanoes in the world.

5. Sicily Island

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Located in Italy is Sicily Islands which is the home to Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. This happens to be the tallest active volcanoes in the entire Europe and has claimed thousands of lives over the years. The volcanic soil is great for growing grapes and olives so people keep settling there, irrespective of the looming danger.

4. Reunion Island

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The reunion island in the Indian Ocean is another active volcanoes island. On this island, you will find mountain Piton de la Fournaise (“Peak of the Furnace”) which has lived to its name with a total of 150 eruptions recorded since the 17th century. The mountain has actually been active for over 500,000 years and it is a major tourist attraction.

3. Stromboli Island

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The Stromboli Island is part of the greater Aeolian Islands which are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea. According to Greek mythology, these Islands were the home of the god of winds, also known as Aeolus. Geologists believe the Island formed from the bed of the sea millions of years ago through volcanic activity. The most recent eruption was in 2008, which caused all the residents to flee. Unlike most active volcanoes in the world, this mountain also has mid-eruptions phenomena in which red lava flows from the tip of the mountain down into the sea without any eruption being sighted.

2. Tanna Islands

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The Tanna Islands is home to Mount Yasur, another of the world’s deadliest active volcanoes. The island is located in the South Pacific Ocean and it is part of the archipelago of Vanuatu. This volcano has been actively erupting for the last 800 years and it is not uncommon to record several eruptions within a single hour.

1. White Island

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The white island of New Zealand is another active volcanoes island. This volcano is tucked away some 48 km from the east coast of New Zealand. This is one of the most unique active volcanoes in the world since it is actually possible to trek right into the inside of the main crater without too much effort.

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