Top 10 Brilliant Ideas Inventions the World Cannot Live Without

Although technological inventions only make our lives easier, doing away with them in these present times can spell doom for the human race. Some of the world’s top inventions have no reverse button on them. We either have them or suffer miserably. As we just discovered, these gadgets for a healthier life can never be ignored. They form an integral part of our lives. So which brilliant ideas make it to the top ten list of the useful inventions?

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10. Air Conditioning

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We cannot possibly imagine how the people of old world survived without installing air conditioning units in their residential and commercial spaces. These world’s top inventions make life habitable especially in the arctic areas and those with extremely high temperatures. Right now, even when the room temperature outside is a bit too high or too low for you, the house is comfortable, thanks to the invention of such inventions and gadgets for a healthier life.

9. Toothbrush

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It may sound silly but the toothbrush invention changed the whole world for the better. The older generation used tree branches to wipe away dirt from the teeth. Often times, most of the food particles remained stuck allowing bacteria to thrive in the mouth environment. The toothbrush, however, reaches most if not all parts of the inside of our mouths to cleanse it and keep it fresh and healthy all day long.

8. Refrigeration

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Of all brilliant ideas invented by man, refrigeration is certainly one of the useful ones. Without it, food would perish quickly, businesses would come down, overseas perishable food markets would not be in operation and life would be a total mess. This is among the world’s top inventions made us discover new ways of cooking food and preserving it for long periods of time.

7. Toilet Flush

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The old idea of “toilet in the bush” just sounds ridiculous, unhealthy and disgusting. Unfortunately, our ancestors found this as a way of life. Some later discovered the art of drilling pit latrines for the purposes of answering the call of nature. Without the flush, one of the gadgets for a healthier life, germs would spread quickly, our environment would be messy and smelly and some diseases would be inevitable. The flush’s invention made a way possible to have a toilet inside the house and not worry about stinks and germs.

6. Manufacturing Machines

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The manufacturing sector plays a major role in shaping the human life. Raw materials are converted into useful products in the manufacturing industries. Machines have industrialized the way we process materials into these finished products. They spell convenience, speed, safety and reliability. These world’s top inventions made the impossible to be possible. Where humans could not reach, machines stepped in and saved the day.

5. The Internet

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It is amazing just how many people rely on the internet as a source of information, communication, entertainment, business and much more. It has revitalized the history of communications in the history of the world. Without the internet, people would go crazy, so many businesses will be lost, relationships will be broken and life would suddenly crumble.

4. Fire

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Although a number of food options including fruits and vegetables do not require fire, eating a balanced diet means cooking food. Fire is among the brilliant ideas because it promotes health. We can experiment on a wide range of food options without being afraid of catching a disease. Fire also keeps us warm in the cold season, enables some industrial processes that use heat, is useful during hunting, used by farmers to revitalize their lands, helpful in bee keeping and many more uses.

3. Electricity

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Among the world’s top inventions, electricity definitely scores a place on the list. It is useful in almost every area of our lives. Homes require it for lighting, cooking, cleaning, baking, entertainment, communication, just to mention a few. The commercial world uses it to power engines, steam turbines, boilers, recharge gadgets, calibrate measuring tools and power their computers.

2. The Telephone

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You saw it coming, didn’t you?

Phones are as close to us as a baby is close to its mother. These gadgets for a healthier life allow people to communicate regardless of the distance between them. The telephone invention ranks second among brilliant ideas because communication touches the core of the human life. We have to pass information from one point to another all day long. We need to speak to our friends, family members, exchange business ideas, call for emergency services, trade, shop and gossip. All these are enabled by the telephone.

1. The Wheel

Brilliant Ideas

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Think about all equipment that use the wheel to perform their functions; planes, wheelbarrows, cars, handcarts, horse carriages, suitcases, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, farming machines, bicycle, salon dryers, baby walkers, motor bikes, furniture and many more. The wheel invention makes it at the top of the list of brilliant ideas because it is opened the door to many other powerful inventions. We cannot have a perfect transport industry without these gadgets for a healthier life.

Hats off to some of the brilliant minds whose sacrifice and effort brought a revolution to our world. We live healthier, fun-filled and convenient lives because of them. Check out this website for more interesting articles about our world. Thank you for reading.

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