Top 10 Inexplicable Disparition of People

Mysterious disappearances have been reported in thousands over the last two or so decades. What is of great concern is that victims involved in many of these unexplained disappearances have never been found. The belief is that these cases are all tied around inexplicable crimes that have never been solved after long periods of time. These unexplained disappearances, while being terrible, have persisted. This article tries to highlight ten of the most curious unexplained disappearances that have been recorded over time.

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10. Tara Calico

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Tara Calico got missing in 1988. The 19-year old girl was discovered missing after she left her home in New Mexico for some bike riding and did not return. After a search was conducted for about a year, the Calico case went cold. However, around June the following year, a picture surfaced showing a young girl of about Tara’s age placed under binds and gag alongside another missing young boy of nine (Michael Henley). Both children were never found but Michael’s remains were found around the area where he went missing on a camping trip. Tara was never found and is presumed dead but nothing has been proven till date.

9. Louis Le Prince

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The case of Louis Le Prince is regarded as one of those unexplained disappearances to have been theorized to be as a result of one of those inexplicable crimes that were never solved. Louis Le Prince is widely regarded as the inventor of the Motion Picture. The inventor left his workshop in New York City on a bright day in 1890 to on a visit to his brother in France. Le Prince never disembarked and was found missing never to be found. The mysterious disappearance was a subject of several long and futile investigations.

8. Ambrose Bierce

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In 1913, Ambrose Bierce, a considerably known journalist, writer and content editor was reported missing while riding across the Rio Grande on horseback. The author of The Devil’s Dictionary was never found and is believed to have died. A prevailing theory is that the author either committed suicide or was murdered.

7. The Crew of the MV Joyita

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The crew, all 25 members, of the voyaging ship MV Joyita was reported missing in 1955. The case as to their disappearance has not to be solved till date. The ship was reported to have been traveling through Western Samoa to Fakaofo when it disappeared. The ship was found about five weeks later with none of the crewmembers onboard. This case is one of those mysterious disappearances that left no clues as to the fate of the victims.

6. Maura Murray

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Twelve years ago, Maura Murray, a college student disappeared after crashing her car around New Hampshire. When the police got to the scene of the crash, they found no sign of her body or any other foul play. Maura left the campus claiming to have just received news of the death of a member of her family. Maura was however seen crashing the car, and getting out of it, relatively unscathed. The neighbor who saw her asked her whether she should call the police, but Maura refused the offer. The neighbor called anyway, however, by the time the police got to the site of the accident no trace of Maura was found and she is still missing till date.

5. April Fabb

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In 1969, 13-year-old April Fabb, vanished without a trace while she was riding her bicycle home in Cromer, United Kingdom. This case was tied to one of those inexplicable crimes that were never solved. April was believed to have been kidnapped and has not been found since.

4. The Three Missing Keepers

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Just off Scotland’s West Coast, on the island of Eilean Mor, lighthouse keepers were reported missing. After an extensive search to no avail, none of the three Eilean Mor keepers were found and have not since been found.

3. The Romers

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Charles R. Romer and Catherine, his wife were a retired couple, both of them in their seventies. The couple was reported missing while traveling to Scarsdale, New York from Miami, Florida. They were last spotted by a highway patrolman and did not check into their motel. This like other mysterious disappearances on the list have never been solved.

2. The Oliver Family

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The Oliver family was reported missing from their Mansion in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1898. The entire family disappeared one night and the case remained one of those mysterious disappearances till date.

1. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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This is one of the more recent cases on this list. It involved the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, who had a total of 239 people onboard 227 of which were passengers and 12 persons forming the crew. The airplane was reported to have disappeared from the radar around the Vietnamese air space. The plane and the passengers on board form one of the most discussed unexplained disappearances in a long time.

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