Top 10 Incidences that did not Happen Accidentally

It is not very common but once in a while, a non-accidental incidence takes place somewhere on the face of the earth. Take for instance the planned incidence of 9/11 tourist attack that took place in American soil in 2001; there was nothing accidental about it. Dozens of evil people sat down and planned this to the letter. Read on and discover ten of the greatest intended incidences of all time.


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10. Heligoland, 1947

Heligoland, 1947

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During the war between the Nazis and the British army, an intended incidence went down when some British engineers tried destroying the North Sea Heligoland Island. Their motive was to destroy the Nazi fortification base at Heligoland using 4K tons of ammunition. This was one of the biggest blasts in the non-nuclear technology which released about 3.2KT energy.

9. Castle Bravo, 1954


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On the first day of March 1954, the greatest non-accidental incidence involving a nuclear hydrogen bomb took place at Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands in the United States of America. It was one of the super powerful devices detonated by US with a total yield of 15 megatons of TNT. This planned incidence by the US government was meant to be a secret but its effects affected the nearby residents and spread all over the world.

8. Ripple Rock, 1958


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Ripple Rock feature was a dangerous underwater mountain with twin peaks found in the waters of British Columbia. It would often destroy ships passing the Seymour Narrows along the Discovery Pathway of British Columbia in Canada. Through an intended incidence, the mountain was destroyed using Nitramex explosives (1,270 metric tons).

7. Tsar Bomba, 1961


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The Tsar Bomba was the name given to the Soviet’s AN602 which was a 3-stage Teller with Ulam design bomb. IT was detonated in a non-accidental incidence on October 30, 1961 with a yield of 57 megatons which makes it the top powerful nuclear weapon to be detonated.

6. Sailor Hat, 1965


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This is yet another planned incidence carried out by the US during the nuclear devices test period of 1965. The US Navy was used to perform a series of tests on 500-ton mass of powerful explosives (TNT). This specific intended incidence took place on the Hawaiian Island of Kahoʻolawe as a way to stimulate the effects of blasts on vessels used by the navy.

5. Sea Launch Rocket Failure, 2007


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This was a non-accidental incidence involving an unmanned rocket- the Zenit 3SL rocket complete with kerosene and oxygen. It was required to carry a certain satellite into space from the Sea Launch platform Ocean Odyssey. Your guessed right; that never took place, instead, the rocket exploded causing deaths and damage to property.

4. Minor Scale, 1985


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This planned incidence happened on 27th June 1985 as a result of a failed test done by the Defense Nuclear Agency in the United States. They embarked on this project which was meant to simulate nuclear weapons blast. They detonated 4.8 KT of ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) in New Mexico’s Missile Range called White Sands. This remains to be the largest non-accidental incidence in the non-nuclear category ever.

3. The Last BLU-82, 2008


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These were 15,000 pound conventional bombs used by USAF to turn any hostile terrain into a smooth and helicopter friendly landing zone. Examples of such terrains include Afghanistan and Vietnam. This planned incidence of the Last BLU-82 was among the last of this weapons as the MOAB took over its operations in 2008.

2. Moab Test, 2003


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Commonly referred to as, “Mother of all bombs”, the Massive Ordnance Air Burst was a 22,600 pound GBU-43 large-yield thermobaric bomb designed by Albert L. Weimorts, Jr. for the US military. It was meant to be a test nuclear device for the military operations in the United States. It was first tested on March 11, 2003 in an intended incidence somewhere in Florida and went down history books as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon made for the United States.

1. FOAB Test, 2007



After the MOAB, Russia went ahead and designed an even more powerful thermobaric bomb with the nickname “Father of all Bombs”. The official name was The Aviation Thermobaric of Increased Power (ATBIP) and it belonged to Russia. It was known to have been four times powerful than MOAB with the power to evaporate every living creature within its range of blast according to its first intended incidence in September 11, 2007.

So there you have it; ten of the greatest man-made intended incidences in the history of time. Are there some that we have left out from the list which you strongly feel should have made it here? Catch us up on the comments section below. Otherwise, we appreciate you reading the article and hope you have learnt a thing or two here. Browse the website for more insightful and entertaining reads at your free time.

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