Top 10 Incidences of Disappearance in Bermuda Triangle

Some people believe that spirits live in Bermuda triangle while some speculate it is a hub for alien activity. Scientists have also tried in vain to explain the incidents of Bermuda triangle so we are left with mysteries only. Also known as the “Devil’s Triangle”, Bermuda triangle is an area of open waters in the North Atlantic ocean between Puerto Rico, Bermuda and the tip of Florida.

Since it is a very busy ship route, many reports of missing ships and even planes flying above the space continue to pile up with the passing of time. These Bermuda triangle missing stories are quite terrifying because although extensive searches of over thousands of square miles are conducted, the ships and planes are never located. Just take a look at the top ten incidents of Bermuda triangle and see how serious this situation really is.

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10. The Spray

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The Spray is the name of a fishing boat that was rebuilt by a man to ever travel around the world alone in 1895. His name was Joshua Slocum and his story of circumnavigation is referred to in literature as “Sailing Alone around the World”. Unfortunately, during his trips around the world sailing on his boat, something went terribly wrong when no one heard from him after he headed to the East Coast of the US. This has been termed as a disappearance in Bermuda triangle.

9. Ellen Austin

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During its Voyage in 1881, Ellen Austin met with another ship with no one on board. So some of its crew members were transferred to that ship and they both set sail towards New York City. Suddenly, the new ship disappeared then re-appeared without a single person on board. Before long, it disappeared once more, forever this time. Until today, this ship has never been found and it just remains to be among the Bermuda triangle missing stories.

8. The Grumman Cougar Jet


This is one of the incidents of Bermuda triangle which took place in the 90s. It involved the disappearance of the Grumman Cougar jet which vanished without a single trace. The last time the pilot communicated was about him making a radio call request to increase altitude. The moment the aircraft flew higher in the atmosphere, it faded from the radar and went missing to this day.

7. Flight 19

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Flight 19 refers to the title of the TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers, yet another disappearance in Bermuda triangle which occurred on December 5, 1945. This happened during a training flight and all the 14 men on board have never been found. A Martin Mariner Flying Boat was sent in search for the aircraft and it also ended up being one of the Bermuda triangle missing stories. All 13 men on board disappeared with the ship.

6. The USS Cyclops

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Talk about the largest loss of human life and property as a result of the disappearance in Bermuda triangle. The USS Cyclops was a huge carrier ship used to supply fuel to the American fleet during World War 2. It set sail in 1918 towards Baltimore with 309 passengers and heavy cargo but never made it there. The last time anyone heard about the ship was when it made a stop-over at Barbados to load more cargo. Initially, the ship was thought to have been a victim of the German submarines but no debris of the incident was ever found. In 1941, two other Cyclop’s sister ships also fell victims of the incidents of Bermuda triangle along the same route.

5. Tudor Star Tiger

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The British Airliner, Tudor Star Tiger, left Santa Maria on January 30, 1948, with 25 passengers. After receiving the required coordinates, the pilot estimated that he will fly above the open waters of the Bermuda triangle at 5am. The operator on the ground did not hear from the pilot and his attempt to regain contact failed. A state of emergency was declared when the plane failed to arrive at its destination five hours after the supposed arrival time. A fleet of 26 aircraft went in search of the Tudor Star Tiger but came up with nothing.

4. Flight 441

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The US Military Flight 441 also makes it to the top ten list of Bermuda triangle missing stories. It was a very successful model in the 1950s and on the ill-fated day, it was carrying 42 naval officers plus their families. It disappeared when it was 400 miles from the Bermuda triangle and up to date, no one knows exactly how the plane vanished.

3. The Piper Jets

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On June 20, 2005, the first Piper-PA plane went missing in the Bermuda Triangle. This happened between the Fort Pierce in Florida and the Cay Island in the Bahamas where three people were on board. Another disappearance in Bermuda triangle involving the second piper jet took place on April 10, 2007, with the pilot only in the aircraft.

2. Witchcraft

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Witchcraft is not what you already know about. It is the name of a 23-foot luxury cabin cruiser which belonged to a famous businessman called Burrack. On Christmas 1967, he invited his dad to the boat to have a look at the beautiful Christmas light on the shore of Miami. Before reaching one mile off shore, Burrack called one of the coast guards to report a little incident where his boat had hit something. In a period of 20 minutes, the coast guard had reached the location and he couldn’t locate the cruiser. Even after a 1200-mile search was conducted, not a single trace of the ship was found.

1. Trislander

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The Trislander is the most recent disappearance in Bermuda triangle which took place on December 15, 2008. It is the name of the British-Norman Islander which went missing after taking off from Santiago towards New York with 12 passengers. It flew for only 35 minutes before ascending and going off the radar. All US Coast Guard efforts to locate it yielded nothing. It was reported to be one of the latest Bermuda triangle missing stories around the West Caicos Island.

These incidents of Bermuda triangle are just a tip of the iceberg. Tens of other scary stories exist which leaves us to wonder in disbelief. Something definitely needs to be done; all is not well. As we hope this happens, we appreciate you sharing this article with your social media buddies and educating as many people as you possibly can.

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