Top 10 Images That Prove Life On Mars

Space travel used to be a science fiction but not anymore as Neil Armstrong has managed to walk on the moon followed by many such amazing breakthroughs one after another in the space that lead to new achievements. It’s been years and scientist are trying to find alien life on mars and with lots of effort and patience we have succeeded in proving it

There had been many life on mars images sent back by NASA’s Image Rover which had put doubts and hope about existence of alien life

Here we bring to you top 10 life on mars images that actually prove that there is life on Mars which are amazing to watch so let us see and discuss it here

Image Credit: BBC

10. Pyramid

Image Credit: thesun

A sand structure was found on the Mars as images were taken and sent down which is similar to the Pyramids of Egypt. This somehow reveals that there is or was life on Mars as this solid structures convince us that there are chance of survival of alien life on Mars

9. Martian Mummy

Image Credit: thesun

Is there a connection between the Aliens and Egyptians in some way? This life on mars images reveal a mummy which actually make us wonder as this is similar to the mummies we found in Egyptian history and it is still unclear if the Alien life has anything to do with Egyptians as only time will tel

8. Alien Bears

Image Credit: unilad

NASA have claimed to find baby polar bears on Mars and there are images taken which reveals a small sized polar bears moving on this planet. So, is this the proof of life on mars pictures with a visible bear in the image? So, it actually reveals existence of life on mars, don’t you agree?

7. Lizard Life

Image Credit: insideedition

NASA’s Image Rover has sent life on mars images of a Lizard in this red planet which actually raise a debate whether life exists on Mars or not? Many scientist claim that it is a rock whereas the images really confuse us whether it’s just a rock or a real alien lizard waiting for it’s prey. What do we know about this lizard and this maybe a prove of life on Mars, don’t you think

6. Dinosaurs

Image Credit: beforeitsnews

Recent images from Mars have managed to make us believe that there was dinosaur fossils on the Mars. Does that mean that dinosaurs also lived there once and one of the proof of life on mars pictures ? This is actually a incredible research on the part of NASA team which had let out images which resembles the spine of dinosaur leaving no more doubts about their existence on Mars.

5. Worms

Image Credit: thesun

An image of a worm hiding deep in the red soil of Mars make it certain that small creatures do exist on Mars as it is evident that life exists and maybe, it is a food for lizard and bears. They do need something to live on and maybe these worms are their meals for the day. This image do greatly contributes to the proof of life on mars pictures

4. Martian Mermaid

Image Credit: redbookmag

Our search for Mermaids started from the oceans of Earth and ended up in Mars when the images of a girl were sent back to earth. Many scientist claim it to be a structure made by rocks but what do you know? What if there are real mermaids on Mars who remain hidden intentionally and we managed to get a snap of one? All the other proof of life on mars pictures claim that small amount of life do exist on Mars so why not a desert mermaid on this red planet. Give it a though

3. Martian Rats

Image Credit: redbookmag

This image like other proof of life on mars pictures shows a rat in the dusty surface of Mars and what do you know that he maybe hiding and looking for it’s food. It’s possible for rat to exist on Mars as the camouflage with the red soil and proves that life is possible on mars

2. Secret Portals

Image Credit: thesun

Discoveries have been made and one of the shocking discovery which actually prove life on mars is the appearance of strange marks on the surface of mars which makes it clear that something is trying to hide itself intentionally as they appear and disappear leaving us to wonder

Every discovery is claimed to be either a sand or a rock by the scientists whereas this secret portals are left unexplained. Look like this prove the question about existence and life on Mars

1. Alien Fossils

Life On Mars

 Image Credit: Mirror

There has been many videos that we received from Mars and archaeologists claim to see skeletal remains of the aliens as they reveal photos pointing out that these remains prove that life on Mars is possible. There had been many such findings similar to this one as one more of a humanoid made tool also prove that these aliens made tools for their survival and what more do we need to prove

The debate of life on Mars has been going for decades but what we have managed to see in these pictures clearly shows that life did exist on Mars and we cannot brush it away by claiming that they are only rocks, eroded soil etc anymore

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