Top 10 Ideas to Reuse Paper at Home

Paper despite the wide use of computer and other info- tech tools still remain a large part of our daily lives. From newspapers to bills, notepads, toilet paper and so on. The problem is that while some of this paper gets recycled, not all does and this (recycling or not) has an adverse effect on the environment in many ways. Also important is the cost we incur in having to use paper. In order to save cost and the environment some strain, it is advisable to learn ways to reuse paper at home. Learning how to reuse paper waste domestically can go a long way in saving you costs you didn’t know about. We have compiled a list of 10 amazing ways to reuse paper to its full potential. Very important in this article are our reuse newspaper ideas because after all, old newspapers form some of the highest piled up paper junk in the average home.

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10. Reprint on Printed Paper

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So you have sheaves of paper that have been typed or printed on? Then in order to save and reuse paper all you have to do is print on the other side of it. This is one of the easiest and cost-friendly ways to reuse paper at home. Remember, though, when reprinting on used paper, that it is important not to use paper containing sensitive or confidential information. Also, to avoid confusion you might want to make a large ‘X’ on the used side of the paper for easy identification of what side is relevant.

9. Stationery

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Thinking of how to reuse paper waste from prints, bills, magazines and so on? It is simple – just turn them into paper-made stationery items that you use daily. This is one of the best ways to reuse paper at home or even in your business. For example, you can cut paper with one blank side into equal-sized rectangles or squares (depending on your taste), pin them together at the top or left side using binder clip or simple staple pins. You can also make colorful envelops, pen-holder etc. using magazines of thicker paper.

8. Gift Wrappers

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You can gift-wrap items using more colorful old newspapers, magazines pages and so on. This is often a great way to use old paper and the more creative you are, the more beautiful the outcome of your gifts.

7. Paper-made Shopping Bags

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This is one of those reuse newspaper ideas that can come in handy anytime. All you need do is double or triple layer your newspaper and make it into a shopping bag or a bag of any suitable size for that matter. You can use gums or staple pins to bind the edges and it’s as simple as ABC.

6. Origami

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Origami are artistic items made from paper folding. This is one of the beautiful ways to reuse paper at home. This is because origami can be used to make items for decorative purpose as well as utility ones. You can take colorful papers like gold-foils used in wrapping chocolate, magazines and so on and make them into beautiful origami forms.

5. Paper Baskets

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This is perhaps one of the more complex of reuse newspaper ideas on this list. This is because making paper baskets is like making real baskets, it requires weaving! If you can wave properly, you take think thick strips of newspaper and make fruit baskets, waste-paper bins or any basket you like that does not come in contact with water.

4. Cable and Junk Organizers

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You can also learn how to reuse paper waste from thick paper like toilet paper rolls, cartons of stuff you bought and so on. This kind of paper can be used without much or any modification for different things like electrical cable organizers or storage for stuff not in current use. Learning how to reuse paper waste this way is not only useful for saving cost, it is also a great deal of fun.

3. Paper Jewelry

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Did you know that by applying simple reuse newspaper ideas you can actually make beautiful jewelry. You can roll up paper expertly into ring and attach hooks for earrings, or weave them in circles for bracelets and so on. The ideas are only limited by your imagination

2. Compost and Garden Mulch

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Here is another basic but excellent one of those reuse newspaper ideas. You can simply use newsprint that are non-toxic for making compost (organic fertilizer) and even garden mulch. All you have to do in the case of garden mulch is to tear pieces of newspaper and place around you plants to prevent weeds and control water drying-up. Don’t worry, the paper disintegrates and gives nutrients to the soil as time goes on. As for compost, paper can be piled in a bin or pit and left to decay and become fertilizer.

1. Paper-Mache

Reuse Paper

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Paper-Mache provide the most useful, long-lasting ways to reuse paper at home. The concept behind Mache is turning paper into pulp and making it possible to mold it like clay. Just think of the possibilities.

Having discussed how to reuse paper waste domestically, it can be expected that you will take to these methods and start saving the planet and your money.

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