Top 10 Humorous Situations in Politics

Mark Twain once said that politicians and diapers must be changed often. Our efforts at making those changes this year resulted on a candidate who claimed to help salvage a bankrupt country because “he has had a bunch of [6] bankruptcies.” Another choose to show the evil hidden underneath her laughs, making us think that the entire campaign was one big script being acted out. These humorous situations in politics always occur when we select the person to take the helm of affairs of our country and steer its future. It is our duty to capture those politics humorous situations and present them to our readers for their entertainment. So here are the top 10 political humorous situations we have ever experienced.

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10. Anthony Weiner Sexted – Again

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Yup after resigning from the House of Representatives in 2011 due to a sexting scandal, Anthony Weiner went underground – presumably to hide from the public eye and change his habits. Well as the saying goes “habits die hard.” Anthony Weiner decided to try his luck at politicking one more time when he campaigned for the post of mayor of New York city under the Democratic platform in 2013. Once more, Carlos Danger was caught at it again.

9. The Obama-Putin Handshake

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Tensions were at an all time high between US and Russia with US requesting the handing over of Edward Snowden, which Russia had refused. This had forced Obama to cancel a one-on-one meeting with Edward Snowden. Also the US had raised allegations that Syria was using chemical weapons on the rebels, a claim that Moscow called absurd. Putin had put his foot down against a unilateral military action making the meeting at the G20 summit all the more awkward. So it was little wonder that Obama gave Putin the ‘death stare,’ creating one of the most humorous situations in politics.

8. Dan Quayle Spells Potatoe

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Nothing could cap off Dan Quayle’s embarrassing four years as the Vice President of the United States than Dan Quayle persuading a school grader that potato was best spelt with an ‘e’ at the end. Such politics humorous situations live forever and still rank high on our list of humorous situations in politics 14 years after its occurrence in 1992. Little wonder Dan Quayle was booted off a second term.

7. Bill Clinton’s Arsenio Hall Sax Performance 1992

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14 years ago, Bill set new standards for cool in presidential aspirants. Remove the Lewinsky scandal and Clinton would have been the coolest president we have ever had. His decent version of Heartbreak Hotel performed despite being a political humorous situation earned him the youth vote.

6. All of Obama and Boehner’s Interactions

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We couldn’t find any of outgoing President Obama’s interactions with John Boehner that couldn’t be a candidate for humorous situations in politics. In fact all could have a top ten list made up for them all together. Thanks to Atlantic Wire we have a timeline to really put things into perspective.

5. Rob Ford Scandal(s)

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Lets take you away from the shores of our country and into our sassy neighbor Canada where Rob Ford’s four year tenure as mayor of Toronto. From what started as with a video of him smoking crack, a can of worms was unearthed. His entire tenure was laden with countless accounts of public intoxication, death threats, sexual harassment, public rebuke, and crack cocaine. Few political humorous scandals could be as numerous as what Rob generated between 2010 and 2014.

4. Rand Paul Plagiarized

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It is painful that plagiarism can get you expelled from school but not out of political office. Politicians should therefore, not blame the public for considering them dumb. They get excused for a lot of politics humorous situations they create. Despite plagiarising Wikipedia passages amongst other sources in all his speeches and articles in congress, he continues to make the news. His face upon being caught for plagiarism is definitely a candidate for political humorous situations.

3. Dry-Mouth Rubio

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Whilst Rubio claimed that his dry mouth experience on prime time was a funny way of being reminded by God that we are all human, he reminded us that he was all humor. He generated one of the most political humorous situations in 2013 when he couldn’t continue talking as a result of his mouth going dry. A sip cured that but the media picked on his gaffe.

2. Bush Attacked by Shoes

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Who would have thought that all that Iraq had were a pair of shoes instead of the weapons of mass destruction they had been alleged to have. In politics humorous situations like this are unlikely to be forgotten and Bush’s attack by shoes thrown by an Iraqi journalist during a press conference in Baghdad will be one of them. Now Bush has done a lot more ducking through countless memes.

1. Dick Cheney Shoots a Guy in the Face

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Who better to wrap off our list of humorous situations in politics than the deputy to the man who was attacked by a pair of hurling size 9 footwear. Dick Cheney by shortsightedness or a covert attempt at murder shot a 78-year-old lawyer. He claims he saw a quail.

There you have it. Top ten humorous situations in politics. Like, share and comment, we love reading from you.

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