Top 10 Horror Movies for Dull Weekends

Horror movies are not the type of movies that common people like to watch on a romantic evening or to go to the cinema to see. However, there are a lot of people that like to watch horrors to get out of the ordinary or to escape routine or to make a normal Saturday night interesting. Most people that like this movie genre like the feelings they get, the adrenaline pumping and the blood rushing through their veins. 2015 was the year of variety in this category of movies due to the fact that the Top horror movies 2015 contain everything from horror westerns to vampire satire.

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10. Unfriended

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This is one of the weekend horror movies with high technical achievement, but this isn’t the only reason for which it made it to top horror movies in 2015. The story is wrapped around teenage bullying turning into a surprising and effective horror. Unfriended is like a reality show since it is played on the laptop screen of a character during a video call. The implementation of the camera made it possible for this to work and the visual effects as well as the great editing. The cursor movements on Blaire’s laptop screen are very natural when she jumps from window to window or when she types a message. Seeing how she types, deletes re-types and stops might get you thinking about how to send a message in real life. The effects are so vivid and natural that after you see this movie, your heart will bounce at every notification sound on your laptop.

9. The Visit

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Horror movies like “The Visit” make you feel in the middle of the action giving you the perspective, feelings, and experiences of the main characters. This movie is the first quality production of M. Night Shyamalan from the last years, being shot from the perspective of the videographer, Rebecca, and her little brother, Tyler, from the beginning of the story. They are sent to spend a while with their grandparents, whom they’ve never seen before and Rebecca decides to make a documentary about their time spent there. In the beginning, their grandparents, Nana and Pop Pop, seem like common old people, but as time passes by the children begin to think that there is something strange and not so normal about them. The producer gives an increasing scary scenario to the viewers from simple bumps-in-the-night to really scary scenes like their grandmother chasing them till the basement. Of course, Shyamalan also includes a twist in his movie plots, and weekend horror movies make no exception but the strength of this film lies in the perfect balance of pure horror and playful scenes.

8. Creep

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Amongst the top horror movies 2015 saw, we can find “Creep”, where Brice plays the role of a videographer responding to a Craigslist advertisement and gets the job to film the terminally ill Josef. He and his family want a video to show to his unborn son after he’s gone. This is a shaky cam-style movie scenario as while Brice starts to film quirky Josef things start to get very weird. In order to understand what it is really going on, you have to pay attention to Josef’s behavior.

7. Krampus

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Close to Halloween a lot of horror movies are released, most of them having their main subject this celebration. “Krampus” is one of the best Trick or Treat movies, as Michael Dougherty confirmed his talent in holiday horror stories. Krampus is a mesmerizing freaky Christmas creature that, alongside other creatures of this type, that the producer uses in a very good way, but maybe not enough times. On the other hand, the film also includes calm and slow movement very well. There can be found any kind of characters, from twin brats Jordan and Stevie and unpleasant uncle Howard and likable Engel members. If at the beginning of the film you would like those repulsive members to be taken first, the producer makes you realize their powerful family boundaries and you will end up fearing for the lives of all member of Engel family.

6. Spring

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“Spring” is one of the weekend horror movies that have a lot of romance around the story. The romantic story of Evan and Louise is a quite ordinary drama, but it is filled with a hint about something going very wrong in their lives. Despite the fact that Evan creates some problems at the beginning, Pucci continues to sell him as a stand-up comedian helping him meet, fall in love with Louise and win her over. Moorhead and Benson are starting to tell Evan about her condition but slowly, until the big reveal, so that you can see how their relationship is affected.

5. Bone Tomahawk

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This horror western is not for everyone, it does not fit into weekend horror movies of those who don’t like western movies. The combination still deserves our attention since it is well-made and with an incredible cast such as Richard Jenkins, Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox, and Patrick Wilson. This film delivers a really messed-up massacre while a group of men searches for one man’s wife into the desert. They have to face a town deputy from a cannibals’ group.

4. The Final Girls

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“The Final Girls” is more than a surprisingly good slather nostalgia celebration due to the main story about a mother – daughter relationship. It contains a lot of weekend horror movies stereotypes, a masked character slashing his victims with a machete and an unforgettable dance made by Angela. Moreover, this film has a powerful impact despite the intelligent slasher satire due to the experience of Max and her mother.

3. What We Do in the Shadows

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Not another vampire movie? Well, this is a different vampire horror movies approach due to Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement that bring freshness and fun. The main characters, Deacon, Vlad, and Viago are unusual, bizarre and clever antics from the beginning till the end. The production makes you feel part of a reality show and the characters will grow on you while making you smile.

2. Backcountry

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Even though the name does not inspire much horror, this movie made it to the second place in the top horror movies in 2015 due to the suspense it builds on the whole duration. Jenn and Alex love each other very much, despite their great differences, trying to make their relationship work. Going for a hike and trying to build themselves as individuals they come over horrifying situations.

1. It Follows

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The first place in top horror movies 2015 we find “It Follows”, a movie which is terrifying due to the main idea of an STD taking human looks and killing everyone that can catch it. What would you do if you could only survive by passing it on? Would you be able to live with yourself knowing that you have sacrificed someone else so that you can live?

To sum up, 2015 was an interesting year in terms of weekend horror movies due to their variety. We can find horror movies based on true stories, romantic horror, vampire satire and western horrors. No matter what type of horror make your heart beat faster, make you scream louder or just keeps your attention until the end, these top horror movies 2015 list has it all.

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