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It´s one of the most famous Japanese export articles, anime movies are popular all around the world. Younger generations in both Europe and North America love them. Animes cover the whole spectrum of genres, from action series to dramas, from erotic movies to crime stories. What is significant is the fact that the majority of animes focus on adult viewers. This can be a little bit surprising for westerners unfamiliar with anime movies. But as this is the case, the fact that there are also a lot of horror animes doesn´t sound so much strange. In the following list, some of the best horror animes movies are introduced.


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10. Another (2012)

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This twelve episode series will definitely chain you to your sofa. There is a middle school class which is like no other. There is a curse upon it after one of its students died years ago. When a new student joins the class, he realizes soon that something is wrong, very wrong… He is the only one who is able to see the strange girl and the curse wakes up once again.

9. When They Cry (2009)

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There is a family gathering in a very strange place – an uninhabited island where they want to put the family matters in order. So far, so good until strange, violent things start to occur. This series is based on a game and it is the typical example of horror animes plot. Another thing which should be mentioned is the great soundtrack.

8. Hell Girl (2005)

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Truly one of the best horror animes movies. Enma Ai looks like an ordinary girl but in fact, she is a middleman – someone who creates and fulfills contracts between hell and those who want to use its services to destroy someone. However, there is a price for letting somebody to be burned in hell: to follow him when the time comes.

7. Yami Shibai (2013)

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Yami Shibai is one of the most original anime series ever. Each episode of this series is based on some Japanese urban legend. Every day in the same place, the man with a yellow mask presents a play with his paper theater. But the more you are fascinated with supernatural beings in the play, the more they will become interested in you and ghosts and demons are waiting for their victims.

6. Higanjima X (2016)

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In one of the most expected of horror animes 2016, we watch the final battle between humans and vampires for the rule over Japan. Will the Japanese homeland become the island of vampires? Our hero Akira has only 47 days to save his land. A very interesting mix of the horror and fantasy anime movies.

5. Ghost Stories (2000)

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When her mother dies, a girl named Satsuki Miyanoshita and the rest of her family moves to her mother´s town. Very early, she and few friends including Satsuki´s little brother entered the old school building. But the school is haunted. The group must face the ghosts but they have an unexpected ally – Satsuki´s dead mother. If you don´t mind children, heroes, this is one of the best horror animes movies.

4. Corpse Party – Tortured Souls (2013)

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Another horror animes set in the school. This series has only four episodes but its exceptional quality makes it a must-see. Once there was a school. As a lot of students and teachers disappeared without any clue, the school was destroyed. But years later, another school was built on the same site and when an earthquake rocks the land, a group of students finds themselves in a parallel reality where the original school is still there – full of ghosts of former students.

3. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

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A boy name Ken Kaneki had really bad luck – he met a cute girl Rize. The problem is that Rize is a ghoul. She looks like a human but she has a very special diet: she eats only humans. When she tries to eat Ken, he is able to survive and Rize dies. However, when her organs are transplanted into Ken´s body, a half-breed is born. With the needs of a ghoul and morals of a human, Ken lives a life full of terror and horror. One of the perfect horror animes!

2. Parasyte (2014)

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Is there a horror list without a movie with aliens? When a quiet neighborhood is invaded by aliens, things seem bad for Shinichi, a teenager living there. However, “his” alien is not able to turn him into a monster and rather than that, they end up as a hybrid entity with both personalities. If you like blood and cannibalism in movies, this is for you.

1. When They Cry (2006)

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Here we are with the best horror animes movies! In an adaptation of the game series of the same name, we will meet Keiichi who moves to small, sleepy town. For a while, everything looks great. But soon, a murder followed by a series of mysterious events take place in this little paradise. Keiichi realizes that his new friends are not so friendly…

So, what do you say? Does any anime from our list sound interesting enough for you? But if you want to wait for a while before watching some horror animes, why not read about Top 10 True Horror Stories? It´s even scarier than any movie…

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