Top 10 Most Horrible Fight Scenes of Hollywood

Hollywood has given us great action movies that kept us in a state of euphoria for days. We have felt the impact of blows delivered during the fight scene. Hollywood has been the epitome of excellence for other film industries in the world. Hollywood has it good, as much as it has had it bad. We have watched some of the most horrible fight scenes of Hollywood that turned the audience to directors. We have seen fights so fake that they sent us blinking our eyes in bewilderment. In the light of this, we will be counting down the top ten most horrible fight scenes of Hollywood.

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10. The Avengers (2012)

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Marvel comics heroes assembled in the ‘The Avengers’. You probably have watched it –and liked it. However, we won’t spare it for giving us a Hollywood fight scene gone wrong. If you missed it, we will remind you. It was one of the opening scenes where the sexy Natasha Romanova was being interrogated. She did the head whip thing, headbutted one of her captors and fought the rest off. Well, her head never actually hit the guy. It was only her hair that softly caressed the man’s face. Yet, the dude had a broken nose. Ok, no one told us that human hair could break a nose.

9. Fantastic Four (2015)

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During the battle between Doctor Doom and the fantastic four, this fantasy movie used CGI to make the fight scenes more unbearable to watch. The fights were choreographed in such a weird way that we sadly were left with no other choice but to place it amongst our top ten most horrible Hollywood fight scenes.

8. The Leviathan (1989)

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All we wonder is how these fight scenes made the final cut into a full movie. The fight scenes are so hard to miss. The ending of Leviathan gave us one of those ‘What?’ moments. It is the scene where Peter Weller throws a punch to the corrupt executive. Peter’s fist is at least five inches away from her face yet she gets hit. How is that even possible? If you have to fake it, then fake it real good.

7. Stars Wars – The Return of Jedi (1983)

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This is Star Wars. It is one of the biggest film franchises today. This should not be on the list of top ten most horrible fight scenes in Hollywood. We have the blazing swords (light sabers) battling; the viewers should be fascinated. We are not. Not with fight scenes where people fall without getting hit. Luke Skywalker is standing at the edge of a skiff, fighting off one of Jabba’s guards. He throws a kick at one of Jabba’s henchmen and the guard throws his hand up and falls. The kick was about 5 inches away from the henchman. The tip of his toe wouldn’t have even scratched the face of the henchman. The man died and we are just wondering what killed him.

6. Vampire Academy (2014)

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Vampires are well, vampires. They are bloody, raw and hot. If a vampire makes the list of horrible Hollywood fight scenes, then something is wrong. Well, that is what we get in Vampire Academy. A high school filled with vampires. Seriously, what were we expecting? The fight scenes were so cheesy. They looked too choreographed. It was like a well-practiced dance. A Hollywood fight scene should be convincing. Rather, this will leave you baffled and not in a good way.

5. The Godfather (1972)

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The Godfather is such a great movie. That doesn’t stop it from giving us one of the horrible Hollywood fight scenes. It should have stuck to mafia and gun business because when it came down to hand-to-hand battle, it wasn’t great. The fight scene where Sonny was beating up his brother-in-law Carlo was so horrible that it is quite possible to dance along. The sound of the punches was so loud you could hear it from across the street. The sound was mismatched with blows: we didn’t know which came first.

4. Samurai Cop (1999)

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Samurai cop was named one of the worst action films ever made. So, It is very likely it makes the list of most horrible fight scenes of Hollywood. It is majorly filled with awkward gang fights that were so badly choreographed it becomes ridiculous.

3. The Last Airbender (2010)

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If you have watched the animation ‘Avatar-The last Airbender,’ you would hardly sit through the movie. After watching the film, there is only one question to ask –Why? Why would you take such a good fantasy story and turn it into a big ball of horrible fight scenes? We can’t pick out just one scene that went bad. The entire fight scenes were horribly shot. The lightening looked terrible. It made the little that could have been good bad. The action scenes were so awkward that if it wasn’t on the list of most horrible fight scenes of Hollywood, we would not forgive ourselves. It was that horrible.

2. Dark Night Rises (2012)

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This should rather be called Dark Night Falls. For a movie this huge, it was a massive failure. The fight scenes were so badly choreographed that it became laughable. There is the fight scene on the rooftop where batman and Cat Woman are fighting bane’s men. Batman knocks off Cat Woman’s gun and one of the bane’s men in the background visibly waves his hands and falls over like he had been hit. Batman didn’t punch him, there was no gunshot. His antics are so hard to miss. Is there some supernatural force knocking people out? It was a tough contest between our top three for the topmost spot on our list of most horrible fight scenes in Hollywood.

1. Undefeatable (1994)

Horrible Fight Scenes

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This movie gives us terrible acting and horrible fight scenes of Hollywood. The fight scenes will bleed your eyes out in tears. We don’t know what is worse, the excessive amounts of grunting, the screaming, or the slow motion punches. They would simultaneously rip their shirts off and go ‘grrrr…grrrrr…grrrr.’ Next, they are licking knives. Was that supposed to be menacing or sexy? It was irritating. Somebody should have offered a dictionary to help them with fight words. Then there’s the scene where a man’s eye gets cut off when he hit the floor. How did that happen? This is one Hollywood fight scene that still bumps us out till date. It is only fair we return the favor by naming it the winner of the top ten horrible Hollywood fight scenes.

There you have it – the top ten most horrible fight scenes of Hollywood. These horrible fight scenes invoke such negative passions in us that we felt we could pick up the camera and do better. Fight scenes should be satisfying to watch. If the little details are overlooked, in the end, it could result in disastrous fight scenes.

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