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As we welcome the holiday season, it is best we take a look at the best homemade crafts and arts that could adorn your home and give it a different color. Hence the reason we compiled of DIY homemade crafts and arts ideas that you could hang on your walls, sell or simply use to redecorate your home for the coming season. With that being said, here is a comprehensive and carefully selected list of the best homemade arts that could transform your home.

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10. Pallet Plaques

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For a perfect combo of rustic and elegance try these DIY pallet plaques. The frame comes from reused or upcycled wood and can be complemented with a color of your choice as well as embellishments like a lower and upper bar, as your taste may dictate.

9. Bath Bombs

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Why rush to stores like Lush to by bath bombs when you can make equally fabulous ones within the confines of your home? Whilst making bath bombs may be tricky, it is not quite as hard as it looks. You can also shape them to taste as well and add a bit of color to the packaging.

8. Leather Cup for Stationery

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Did you know that with a tin can, some faux leather, glue and a bit of decorative paper, you can make tastefully designed leather cups to hold all your stationery? You could even sell as many of this homemade crafts as you make, if it pleases you.

7. Sunglasses Bag

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This do-it-yourself sunglasses bag is one of the few homemade crafts and arts we honestly believe you must try. Our primary reason is how easy it is to make and how elegant it looks. With a bit of muslin fabric, freezer paper, string, fabric paint, scissors, brush, paper plate and a sewing machine, you can make one of the best homemade crafts and arts on this list.

6. Rope Bowls


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This is one of the best homemade crafts and arts we could provide you with. Despite looking – at first glance – pretty difficult to make, these DIY rope bowls are not only easy to make, they look quite sophisticated as well. To make these classic homemade arts you simply need a glue gun and some rope.

5. Coasters

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Nothing defines homemade arts like coasters made from upcycled colored pencils. These homemade arts also make very affordable gifts as well and won’t take any more than a pinch of your time.

4. Wood Pallet Coasters

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These are not just your everyday wood pallet coasters. These are made from washi tapes, glue and craft sticks. They are the perfect homemade arts because of the infinite ways in which these beautiful coasters could be customized. Should you also wish to sell these, it is pleasing to note that there is a viable market on Etsy and Ebay.

3. Yarn Ball Bookmarks

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The perfect pom-pom homemade arts can be made from yarn and scissors. To make these bookmarks, simply cut out 8 to 10 inches of yarn and another 15 inches piece of yarn. Hold the end of the yarn in your hand and begin wrapping the yarn around your fingers for a recommended 90 times. Cut the yarn after ninety wraps before carefully sliding it off your fingers and tying a knot at the 45th loop or thereabout. Use the 15-inch yarn piece to make the tail of the bookmark and your ball will appear.

2. Wooden Utensil Box

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It is amazing how expensive kitchen utensils are these days. For those in the market for wooden utensil boxes, the simplest DIY homemade crafts-and-arts skills would give you this beautiful wooden utensil box pictured above. To create this beautiful kitchen table piece, cut fence wood into four equal pieces and a bottom for the box. Then use a drill to screw the pieces of wood together. You can then sand the box up until the box becomes smooth. You can then stain the wood and have it glossed to protect the wood while giving it a bit of shine. For a bit of embellishment, wrap some burlap around the wood and use a staple gun to keep it there.

1. Mason Jar Prisms

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This is the one of the most popular homemade arts on Pinterest for a reason. Otherwise known as a scatter candle, this jewel encrusted jar is capable of casting light in amazing patterns and shapes. Then here comes the best part. Simply purchase colored glass stones from amazon or your local store and a bit of glue to make the most beautiful homemade arts.

So these are the ten best homemade arts ideas for the coming season. We still lust for even better ideas so do not fail to let us know what you think. We are reading .

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