Top 10 Hollywood Movie Stars with a Criminal Record

Behind the glamorous lives and sparkling outfits, there are a lot of Hollywood movie stars with criminal record stories. Behind the scenes, actors are also human, they make mistakes just like us and are more tempted due to their status, money and fame. They are most likely to break the law than a common person. Of course, there are a few examples movie stars in our list that might have taken the wrong side of the road before they became famous while others were overwhelmed by the celebrity status.

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10. Tim Allen

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Some movie stars criminal record is based on drug possession, like the case of jovial Tim Allen. He became famous after the Home Improvement show. Despite the fact that he spent many years entertaining children, he was caught in 1978 possessing 650 grams of cocaine. Due to his testimony against the other dealers he managed to get away with 3-7 years of prison but being released after 2 years and a half for good behavior. Still, in 1997 he was arrested of driving under the influence of alcohol, given another year in jail and then being sent to rehab.

9. Felicia Pearson

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Surprise, surprise, amongst Hollywood movie starts with bad behavior we find Felicia Pearson, Snoop from the HBO Wire series, who is not a man. She is a tomboy-ish woman that was arrested for second-degree murder at the age or 14, she shoot a girl. She was convicted for 6 years and a half and then became famous in the Michael K. Williams’ show. In 2011 she was arrested for drug offences.

8. Hugh Grant

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When you first see Hugh Grant you think that he is just another bumbling, clumsy and foppish British actor, but he is actually one of those Hollywood movie starts criminal record holder. In 1995 he was arrested for receiving oral sex in a car, in Los Angeles, from a high-class prostitute from Hollywood. He was forced to complete an AIDS awareness seminar, received a fine and accepted the consequences.

7. Nick Nolte

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Movie starts criminal record can also be found in the background resume of Nick Nolte. He has quite some experience with police, since in 1965, when he was 24, he was fined with $75.000 for selling counterfeit documents. Nick is known for drug and alcohol addiction, and in 2002 was arrested for driving under the influence.

6. Danny Trejo

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Amongst Hollywood movie stars with bad habits we find Danny Trejo, the well known Machete. He was convicted to 11 years of jail for robbery, murder and drugs. Since 1972 when he was release, at the age of 28, he remained clean, no more drugs, found his way to winning the Oscar and the murder and robbery part remains a mystery.

5. Charles S. Dutton

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Hollywood movie starts criminal record is also a thing for Charles S. Dutton, known for Dillon in Alien 3. At the age of 17 he engaged into a fight and killed a man, who he declared that he attacked him. He spent 7 years incarcerated. After a few months from his release, he was arrested for deadly weapon possession and got another 3 years. Still, the last 3 years in jail got him reading and ended up being nominated on Broadway for a Tony prize.

4. Robert Downey Jr


Other movie stars criminal record is held by Iron Man star, Robert Downey Jr. arrested for drug possession in the ‘90’s. He was arrested several times for heroin, cocaine, marijuana and weapon offences. He declared that he became a drug addict at the age of 8 because of his father. Robert went to rehab and prison for a year, but he didn’t manage to overcome his problems and ended up being fired from Ally McBeal show. However, he found his way back to the top.

3. Rip Torn

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Funny, another movie stars criminal record is held by Agent Zed from the first two Men in Black movies. Rip Torn was arrested several times for driving under the influence and in 2010 hit the bottom of it, breaking into a closed bank, being drunk and waving a gun. He was charged for carrying a firearm without a permit, first-degree burglary, third-degree criminal mischief, carrying a gun while intoxicated and second-degree criminal trespassing. He received 2 and a half years of suspension and 3 years of probation.

2. Robert Blake

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Well, on the second place of our top Hollywood movie stars criminal record holders, we have Robert Blake. He was convicted in 2002 for the death of his wife, the prosecution declaring that he asked several assassins to kill her for him. Still, his alibi checked out and he couldn’t be tied to the murder, so he got away. Later, his wife’s children filed a suit against Blake and the court found him liable in 2005.

1. Mark Wahlberg

Movie Stars

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The first place of criminal Hollywood movie stars comes to Mark Wahlberg that has a past with cops since he was 16. His drug addiction kicked in and he took a wooden stick to attack two Vietnamese men, leaving one of them without sight of one eye. He was convicted for 2 years, but served only 45 days in prison. When he was 21, he fractured the jaw of a neighbor, but this was his last time, deciding to concentrate on acting.

Some of these Hollywood movie stars criminal record might not come as a surprise for you, but what might is the fact that they are still employed by Hollywood. Talent must overcome everything else when it comes to Hollywood movie stars. On the other hand, the movie industry is not known for its moral fiber actually.

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