Top 10 Hilarious Moments in WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.(WWE) is an entertainment sport. It is an American sport, exchanged on an open business sector, covertly controlled fervor association that deals essentially in master wrestling, with genuine wage sources in like manner beginning from films, music and direct product sales. Professional wrestling can summon various emotions from its fans. Humor is one of them. Whether it’s a wrestler missing a spot or butchering a line, hilarious moments in WWE can happen spontaneously.

Deliberate or not, here are the main 10 most hilarious moments in professional wrestling history:

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10. Booker T Singing Shawn Michael’s Theme Song

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Booker T is a multi-time world champion and is one of the well-rounded performers. It’s no secret for the fans of Booker T that as much as he is loved in the ring, he is loved even more out of the ring for his impeccable sense of humor. During one period of incident behind the scenes, Booker shared his intentions of singing a song imitating “Sexy Boy” which is HBK’s Theme song with Kevin Nash, and X-Pac.

9. Bob Barker Makes Fun of Chris Jericho

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Every WWE fanatic is familiar with the concept of Monday Night Raw and the guest host. In one such episode of RAW, the TV host Bob Barker was invited. He has always been against Chris Jericho, which has been the fans’ greatest interest. When the former host of ‘Price is Right’ stood against one of the class performers of the WWE, the audience went absolutely crazy laughing. Wow! One more hilarious moment in WWE. When Y2J tried to take his stand and asked Bob to give him respect, the smart old man caught him off guard. Even Chris had to control his laughter at some points.

8. The Rock Singing for Vickie Guerrero

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The complete WWE universe is very familiar and attracted to the magnetic charisma The Rock holds. In 2013, he showed his talent by singing for Vickie Guerrero at ‘The Rock Concert’. She had been a topic of jokes for her weight and appearance, but the Rock added the best ones to it. His songs cracked up the complete audience that sang with him too. Though he was not as good as his favorite singer Eric Clapton, the lyrics of his song were undoubtedly one of the most hilarious moments in history.

7. Beer Bath by Stone Cold Steve Austin: another hilarious moment in WWE

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In 1999 (in the Attitude Era), one of the important selling points of WCW’s Monday Nitro and WWF’s ‘Raw Is War’, was that fans were not aware what will they see as they tune-in. No one could have ever imagined that the wrestling show will be doused in alcohol. But that’s the thing that happened to a group of people during a Raw Show. Before a wrestling match against “The Rock at Wrestle Mania XV”, Stone Cold tried to determine the mental edge over his opponent, who was supported by the Mr. McMahons Corporation. Stone Cold came into the arena, exited the vehicle, went to the top of the truck and cheered the crowd. Mr. McMahan, The Rock and Shane McMahan were angry that Stone Cold had hindered and confused them as what he was doing. From there, Stone Cold drenched his rivals in beer bath and McMahon started to swim in the beer to stay away from further dousing.

6. Goldust – the Crocodile Hunter

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Same like The Undertaker and Kane, Goldust is an old character in WWE and today also it is a very strong character. The Goldlust is depicted more as a wrestler and his nuances don’t matter at all, as fans love watching him wrestle. In 2002, Goldust teamed up with Booker T (another off couple tag-team). For several months, Goldust indulged himself in a strange behavior and pretended to be a very different person. Indeed this is the most hilarious moments in WWE. Talking in a false Australian accent, Goldust outshined as a “Crocodile Hunter”, by entering the locker room of nWo.

5. Booker T and Goldust are Lumberjacks

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The backstage segments of Goldust and Booker T were very funny and no one can forget it. It showed great personalities of both the men. Both, Goldust and Booker T, used to poke fun at one another. Booker T would be irritated with the foolish acts of Goldust and insisted on concentrating more on winning matches to grab the title of WWE Tag Team Champions. On the other hand, Goldust always tried to make his partner happy. After seeing a number of wrestlers acting like a “Lumberjacks” around the ring at the main event of Raw, Goldust hooked up Booker T with a new outfit for the occasion. When the camera panned, it showed an annoyed Booker T standing like a Chump. And it’s not hard to determine why fans lost their minds. This was amongst one of the most hilarious moments you could imagine.

4. The Rock Mimicking his ‘Hell in Cell’ Opponents

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Have a look at another hilarious moment in WWE. The Rock, as we all know, has this great magnetic charm to attract people by his simplest statements. He can make a simple line sound funniest to his fans and make them ROFL. In the Armageddon 2000 Pay-Per-View, the Rock won a million hearts through his speech. In an encounter of the 6-man “Hell in Cell” match, the Rock mimicked his opponents hilariously and you can call it one of the most hilarious moments. He imitated Kurt Anger, Rikishi, Undertaker, Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. No doubt his acting skills got so much attention in Hollywood!

3. The Nation of Domination Impersonated by DX

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The audience was left gasping for breaths when the D-Generation X impersonated The Nation of Domination on RAW. X-Pac was The Godfather while Billy Gunn was Mark Henry, Triple-H impersonated The Rock and Road Dogg went on to become D-Lo, all with slightly twisted names of the personalities, though. Their performance was a bit childish, yet sensational. Jason Sensation’s portrayal can’t be missed and calls for watching the same video again and again.

2. Steve Austin and Kurt Angle Play Guitar to Cheer Up Vince McMahon

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You must not miss this hilarious moment in WWE. Epic was the scene where Steve Austin was playing guitar in order to ease up his tensed friend Vince McMahon and Debby was the silent audience, sharing the pain of McMahon. The view got funnier when Kurt Angle decided to join Austin and play the guitar for McMahon, needless to mention, he was as bad as Austin, maybe worse. Ultimately, Vince McMahon had to get up and leave, with the two fuming over who was a better musician.

1. Rock’s Birthday Celebration on ‘This is Your Life’

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This is Your Life’ has been one of the most loved segments of the WWE wherein The Rock, Mankind and a number of bizarre characters completely steal the show. This segment needs a lot of preparation and it needs to be made sure The Rock handles every aspect well of whatever comes his way. This particular episode of the show involved Mankind coming up with the Rock N’ Sock connection, which eventually went on to become very famous. The icing on the cake was that when he celebrated Rock’s birthday on the 27th of September while his original birthday was on the 2nd of May.

WWE is the wrestling stage that is full of action and fun. There are many more funny incidences associated with WWE that have a great potential to make anyone ROFL.

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