Top 10 Hilarious Moments of 2016 USA Election

From the humble beginnings of the US presidential campaigns to the announcements of results, the 2016 USA election was action packed and filled with enough hilarious moments to make Mr. Bean seem a bit too serious. We have taken on the liberty of compiling some of the hilarious moments of 2016 USA election for our audience’s reading pleasure. Thank us later.

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10. Obama Responds to Trump’s Tweet

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It might not be so funny now, but it certainly at some point stood as one of the most hysterical 2016 USA election moments experienced. After Trump called Obama “the worst president in the History of the United States,” Obama reacted with a comment that made for the most hilarious moments of 2016 USA election.

9. Trump is a Hindu Fan

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Amazing how far politicians would go to lick the spoils of electoral victory. Cheers to Trump for generating one of the most hilarious moments of 2016 USA election when he claimed to be a huge fan of the Hindu. This was amusing because, the same Trump had only earlier declared that the Indian parliament was in Mumbai.

8. The Hillary Clinton Shimmy

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In perfect response to Trumps criticisms about her temperament, Hillary decided to show just how much Trumps comments mattered to her with the perfect reaction – a shimmy. The shimmy spurred The Hillary Shimmy Song which became one of the more hilarious 2016 USA election moments.

7. The Hillary Laughter Mix

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Whoever did this was just plain evil? While it may be easy to claim that the creator of one of the funniest 2016 USA election moments was a Trump supporter, the person may have been undecided. Equally possible, is the fact that the person may have just found Hillary’s laughter hilarious enough. Whatever the story maybe, it made one of the most hilarious moments of 2016 USA election campaign.

6. Ted Cruz and the Machine Gun

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While most were glad that Cruz eventually suspended his campaign after losing out to Trump, we would not be forgetting any of his antics anytime soon. Most notably was his horrific remake of a Rambo movie. Cruz’s attempt at showing Americans how to cook a bacon with a rifle can never be described as inspiring.

5. Bernie Sander’s Dance Moves

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Of course, who else has the ability to put an easy smile on your face than Bernie Sanders. Good natured Bernie did everything humanely possible to get our vote, including showcasing his robotic dance moves during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. There was nowhere else that Feel the Bern could be truly felt.

4. “I am well endowed America.”

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Trump really hit home on the campaign trail, and virtually no one – of relevance – was spared. One spectacular victim of one of the hilarious moments of 2016 USA elections was Marco Rubio who had earlier thrown a cheap shot at Trump saying that Trump had small hands. If that was a reason to show Trump incapable of handling the rigorous demands of being POTUS, Trump was not having it. Trump lashed back at Rubio and concluded by letting America know – as they rightfully deserved to know – that he was well endowed.

3. The Lee Harvey Oswald Connection

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Trump spared no one when it came to his cheap shots. True or not, nothing was more exhilarating than watching Trump point fingers at Ted Cruz’s father accusing him of knowing the killer of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), Lee Harvey Oswald. In what could be described as one of the more humorous 2016 USA election moments, Trump made Ted Cruz into America’s greatest villain.

2. Bankruptcy Qualified

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If Trumps comments are anything to go by then he is the most qualified American to run the US economy. Otherwise, what else could spur a contestant to state that the major reason he is best qualified to run a bankrupt country, is the person who has had a bunch of bankruptcies to his name. Trump certainly made a lot of outrageous comments during the 2016 US election moments, yet some certainly stand out as being clearly given without due consideration as to the true meaning of his words. Or maybe he did, and just didn’t care.

1. Ben Carson and Same-Sex

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Ben threw in a laughable jab at gays, getting struck back as quickly as it came. According to Ben, most inmates who went into prison straight came out as gays. That for Ben was a big deal. It was too for the same-sex supporters who promptly pushed Ben Carson to retract his statements. So though one of the hilarious moments of 2016 USA election is over, it reminded many of the world’s prejudicial feelings towards same-sex couples.

These are the hilarious moments of 2016 USA election. We have had a great time compiling this list for you and we truly hope it was worth your time. Drop a line below as we love hearing from you.

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