Top 10 Most Hilarious Aliens Jokes

Nowadays, people have to deal with a lot of stress from work and the have only small periods of time during office hours to relax. Because of this, most of them prefer to relax while surfing the net, watching funny videos or reading funny jokes. You can find different sites that are meant to entertain you, with a variety of jokes, from animal jokes, blonde jokes, police jokes, to aliens jokes. You can delight yourself with people jokes, ethnic jokes, holiday jokes, yo mamma jokes and funny pick up lines during a 10 minutes break at the office. In order to make your day easier and happier, I’m going to gather here the top ten most hilarious alien jokes. There are a lot of studies that have discovered the benefits of jokes for stress relief and why people burst into unstoppable laughter at some jokes and not even smile at others. As a result of the studies, it became obvious that easy and direct jokes are easier to follow and make people laugh. For instance, jokes that involve two characters the funniest.

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10. Their Looks

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Amongst the most hilarious about aliens, we find the ones that refer to their appearance. “How do aliens hold their pants? With asteroid belts.” This type of aliens jokes involve subtle intentions and people need to think for a moment in order to understand them.

9. Jokes About Humans

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This type of jokes is found amongst some of the most hilarious alien jokes due to the fact that they are built on a set of expectations that come with unexpected results. Intentions or thoughts of people make a good subject for a successful joke. Considering that we can handle only a limited amount of mind-states, the studies have shown that the complexity of the joke matters in order to still be funny.

8. Human Nature

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This kind of hilarious jokes about aliens are actually on us. Let’s take the joke from the above photo, some creatures that are not known to people come to Earth to have a conversation with us and moreover, they said they have the cure for cancer and a solution to the global warming problem. Only the curiosity about observing those creatures closely should have kept the reporters talking to them. In addition they brought solutions for two of our biggest problems. Still, the press is more concerned about a celebrity giving birth.

7. Their Behavior

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Assuming that everything is different about aliens, we make aliens jokes based on how we think they would react in different situations. For example, a human baby is put to sleep with rocking the crib while you rocket a baby alien in order for him to fall asleep.

6. Misunderstandings

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Other successful and hilarious alien jokes have to do with them not speaking the same language as us, which, of course, is another assumption. Aliens send a message to our planet and we just believe it sounds good so we start dancing on it and find a name for the new musical gender and ignore the fact that it came out of space or from unexplainable source.

5. Aliens and Movies

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All movies and documentaries talk about the high technological equipment that aliens have. There is the UFO that can travel a lot faster than our rockets from a planet to another, their communication system is more sophisticated and their weapons and far more developed than what we know or can imagine. With these implemented guidelines, now have occurred hilarious jokes about aliens watching us on a TV screen just like they are watching a reality show.

4. Dinosaur Extinction

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As long as there are still more theories about any aspects of aliens interaction with our planet, there will be many more hilarious alien jokes to come. For example, if we start thinking about why dinosaurs have disappeared, the most powerful and strong species on Earth. How can you explain that there was something else that managed to destroy this entire species? No, it was the aliens.

3. Pokemon Aliens

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New aliens jokes appear on the side of different popular games, such as Pokemon. Such hilarious jokes about aliens can sound like this: “It was easy abducting this human, he thought I was a Pokemon!”. The release of this game made people escape reality for real while looking for Pokemons.

2. Alien Pets

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The alien comes down to Earth and finds a cat. He tells her: “take me to your leader!” – “Cats don’t have leaders!”. Cats are proud and predator felines and they don’t take anything from anyone alien or not. Jokes like this one are on the second place in top funniest aliens jokes.

1. Aliens and Religion

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The first place in our top most hilarious jokes about aliens is taken by religious alien jokes. The idea that aliens have something to do with the world that we live in today is seriously shaking our belief in God. But what if God is an alien?

Maybe these hilarious alien jokes are not as funny for everyone. That is why most entertainment and jokes websites have their jokes categorized on different themes, cat jokes, religious joke, war jokes, bar jokes or even trick or treat jokes. Depending on your mood of the day, you should definitely find a few minutes per day to amuse yourself and put a smile on your face so that you can go on working until the end of the day.

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