Top 10 highest paid jobs in the field of IT

Long ago, information technology was unheard of. Over time, it was discovered and before anyone knew, it had picked up pace. Today, it is one of the careers with a great future, thanks to the evolution expected to take place with the passage of time. If you have watched the “Star Wars” movie series, you have an idea of the kind of future that awaits us; very technological. In light of this, what are the top 10 highest paid jobs in IT industry? Here we go….


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10. Senior Software Engineer (Annual median salary: $100,989)


After designing, testing and evaluating software, senior software engineers can smile their ways to their favorite banks. This is one of those IT highest paid jobs that sound easy but are actually quite complex in nature. These IT professionals must make use of programming languages such as JAVA, dot NET and SQL to create the software. A bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer engineering or computer science can land you in one of these highest paid jobs.

9. Business Intelligence Analyst (Annual median salary: $101,250)

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As a business intelligence analyst, your job description includes collection, analysis and report generation of both external and internal data to allow for efficient decision-making. You are at the center of assisting all other departments cut costs, gain a competitive advantage and increase productivity. Analysts are important in every firm and that’s why they are among the IT highest paid jobs.

8. Data modeler (Annual median salary: $103,000)

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According to TBS, data modelers take home a hefty salary owing to their expertise in the creation of data designs and definition of the relationship between data fields. These IT professionals perfectly model complex company data files as the world drifts towards the computers as time goes by. Data modeling is among the highest paid jobs which require a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, IT and computer science with a little It job experience as well.

7. Product manager (Annual median salary: $107,000)

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At the eighth position of the highest paid jobs in IT industry is product managers. Basically, a product manager is responsible for guiding a team whose sole job is manufacturing a product for the firm. What makes this among the IT highest paid jobs is the importance of these persons in the translation of new tech products to engineered instructions.

6. Database Manager (Annual median salary: $107,750)

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The database is simply the heart of any organization which makes database management among the highest paid jobs in IT industry. Database administrators as they are popularly known, organize and manage data. They have to ensure it is accurate, readily accessible and safe at all times. It is not amongst the IT highest paid jobs for nothing –these IT professionals must be conversant with database management systems including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.

5. Cloud Architect (Annual median salary: $112,000)

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Six-figure salaries dictate the criteria of selecting the highest paid jobs in the tech world. Cloud architects deal with cloud computing. They do everything from organizing the existing storage space to giving it a good architecture. After a bachelor’s degree from a good university, cloud architects can launch their careers on a good platform.

4. Data Scientist (Annual median salary: $115,000)

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We had no idea find a place in information technology. Data scientists, as they are referred to, do the job of specialized data storage. Since more and more companies look to store more data so as to use it to provide more insights, data scientists are inevitable among the highest paid jobs in IT industry.

3. Chief Security Officer (Annual median salary: $126,750)

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When it comes to the physical and digital security of an organization, the highest paid jobs include those of chief security officers (CSOs). Cyber attacks have been happening and will continue to happen therefore a CSO is charged with the development of a security policy, coordinating IT efforts and updating his strategies to prevent future attacks.

2. IT manager (Annual median salary: $120,000)

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Finally, a title that makes sense to the general population! IT managers earn a cool $120,000 making them the second highest paid jobs in the information technology industry. Their job descriptions include making decisions regarding the tech gadgets used by companies like servers, PCs and software.

1. Software Development Manager (Annual median salary: $132,000)

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There is no doubt about the software development managers being the top IT highest paid jobs. These tech guys have a huge task of developing software and managing it from start to finish. This requires unusual design skills which can be acquired by undertaking a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or software development.

IT careers are clearly where the big bucks lie. With a little perseverance in school and a ton of passion for information technology, you will land on one of the highest paid jobs in IT industry. Any comment or questions are welcome in the comment box below. Also, make a point to read some of our interesting reads on this website.

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