Top 10 Haunted Pizza Restaurants

The truth is that people like to be scared, that´s why the horror movies are so popular and why Transylvania´s undead tyrant Dracula made such a huge impact fo the popular culture as well as Hannibal Lecter or Norman Bates. But there is a passion more favored than fearing in the darkness of the theater – the food. If you are a fan of both, why not to combine them? Here is the list of the most interesting haunted pizza restaurants in the United States.

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10. Brodie´s Seaport, Salem, Ma

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OK, where to begin our quest for the haunted pizza restaurants? From February 1692 to May 1693, a small city of Salem witnessed the most famous witch trials on the American continent. As a result, twenty innocent people were executed (fourteen women), five other died in the prison. Is it possible that something like it didn’t make a mark in the air of Salem? You will probably feel the echo of those cruel times when eating your BBQ chicken pizza at Brodie´s Seaport.

9. The Brass Rail, Hoboken, NJ

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When a young lady broke her neck on the steps of the building just before her wedding day back in 1904, something prevented her soul from finding a final rest. At least, it is a version of the story told by the locals who are sure that they have seen a lady in white hovering near the restaurant´s steps.

8. Basement Bar, Santa Monica, CA

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In this nice Californian bar, things like flicking the lights on and off, making strange noises or slamming doors are more than usual. A lot of Victorian-era houses have own ghost and this one is no exception. The local one is named Dalia. It´s not among dedicated pizza restaurants, but you will find it on the menu.

7. Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings, NV

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The outer look of the building is not the only thing reminding the old time of the early 20th century. In Nevada, it was still the wild-west atmosphere in those days with saloons and gunfights after the poker game. In such an occasion, a miner was killed because of cheating and his ghost is still haunting The Pioneer Saloon 35 miles north of Las Vegas. If you are looking for interesting haunted pizza restaurants after the gambling in Vegas, this is the choice,

6. Restaurant 1833, Monterey, CA

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It is a long time since an Englishmen lived there. But he was no ordinary citizen of Monterey… He pretended that he is a doctor and used this cover to torture and killing people. His ghost, as well as ghosts of his victims, are said to be still present in this house which turned to the Restaurant 1833.

5. Jekyll&Hyde Club, New York City, NY

Jekyll and Hyde Club, Manhattan, New York

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The Jekyll & Hyde Club in New York is more an example of haunted themed pizza restaurants, there is no „real“ ghost connected to this restaurant. But it doesn´t mean that you will not enjoy a pizza there. Among pizzas served there, you will find those named Dr. Jekyll or The Cannibals’. Sounds good, right?

4. Pizza Hut, Centereach NY

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Ghost and other displays of paranormal activity are not limited to old Victorian houses. We can find new buildings of global chains among haunted pizza restaurants as well. In this Pizza Hut, a couple was murdered some time ago and now, there are cold spots and whispering. Is there any connection? Who knows…

3. Jail House Pizza, Brandenburg, KY


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This pizzeria is placed in the building of an old jail built in 1906. You can imagine that its walls witnessed too much of cruelty, violence, and despair. Echo o fit is still in those walls and you will feel it in this No.1 of all haunted pizza restaurants in Kentucky.

2. Stone’s Public House, Ashland, MA

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In 1863, a small, 10 years old girl named Mary was hit by the train just a few meters from the place which is now known as a Stone’s Public House. It is said that Mary is still there, walking through the halls, disappearing in the walls… Stone’s Public House is one of the most famous haunted pizza restaurants, it has made it even to the Ghost Lab. Will you dare to visit it?

1. Old Town Pizza, Portland, OR

Old Town Pizza pub

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The building of Portland´s Old Town Pizza was once a hotel in the 1880s. In that time, ladies were offering “special services” as well. After all, it was common at those times. One of these women was Nina. After meeting some missionaries, she has decided to quit with prostitution. A day later, she was found dead in the hotel. Her ghost is still there, for more than 100 years. So, will you try to meet her in the Old Town Pizza?

As you can see, there are many interesting haunted pizza restaurants. Which one will you visit? Before you will reserve your seat in one of them, what about reading about Top 10 Mysterious Ghost Stories?

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