Top 10 Hairdos That Came and Went

A hairdo can certainly turn heads. Planning to get a new hairdo? Here is a list of top 10 hairdos that came and went. If you are facing difficulties in choosing hairdos for short hair or hairdos for thin hair, then here is a list that you can check to draw some inspiration. Spend some time in getting to know the style that would be ideal for your face kind and hair texture. Short hairstyles are favored by many celebs. Sharon stone and Cameron Diaz prefer flaunting short hair. As per many Hollywood stylists, short hairstyles convey a sense of independence and youth. These are preferred by women that are strong-willed and rebellious. A medium hairstyle is ideal for women who wish to flaunt “the girl next door” image. Women who wish to reflect pure sensuality prefer long-layered hairstyles. Whether you opt for a long hair style or hairdos that are apt for short hair, make sure to get the right one for you. Do take tips from professionals before making any move when it comes to hairstyles.

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10. Glossy Subtle Waves

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Grace Kelly perfected the glossy and demure subtle waves which were quite popular amongst women during her time. Her expensive, high-shine blonde look was highlighted by all popular magazines.

9. Daisy Chain Hair Accessories

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Women struggle when it comes to finding hairdos for short hair. However, this is one brilliant hairdo short-haired beauties were once fond of. Short haired women used to cover deck up their mane with strings of tiny daisies which still are not hard to find in any accessory store. This hairdo was quite popular and made women with short hair quite attractive.

8. Long Bob

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Women with thin, fine hair need to be wise in picking hairdos for thin hair that can help them look elegant as well as simple. Incorporating loops, accessories and braids can make women with fine hair appear dazzling. A long bob was one of the most preferred hairdos for thin hair once. Although, this style has not faded completely, having a bob with wispy, thick piece can help a woman flaunt a thick look. One can try pairing with side bangs or subtle layers for giving the illusion of thickness or for extra fullness.

7. Pixie Crop


Pixie cuts were popularized by Mia Farrow during 1968. This extreme haircut had thousands of women running to the salon for shedding inches of hair. This short and chick style may appear intimidating to women who love growing their locks long. Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence have popularized pixie hairdos in the recent years.

6. Blonde Curls

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Millions of women all over the world have emulated Marilyn Monroe’s style. She was particular about coloring and styling her hair. Her retro waves turned legendary and it became a part of her appeal as well as her image. There is no other woman who made blonde hairdos as famous as Marilyn Monroe did. She owned the look if not invent it.

5. Blonde Curls

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Blake Lively’s blonde, long tresses have become one of the most popular and requested hairstyles across salons in America. There was even a New York Times articles highlighting the craze.

4. The Feathered Flip

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If there are any hairdos for thin hair that can make women impart the illusion of having thick hair, then the feathered flip is certainly the best of all. This cut gained immense popularity during the 1970s. Women grew their hair long covering their ears. The hair would be brushed back for resembling feathers of a bird. Many celebrities flaunted this style including Farrah Fawcett. This vintage style is still preferred by many women.

3. The Royal Do

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Princess Diana was considered to be an epitome of elegance during her tragic, short life. She flaunted the most popular and coveted hairstyle during her time which is still popular among women of all age groups. The Royal Do is ideal for women looking for hairdos for short hair.

2. The Shag Haircut


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The square layered, bouncy hairstyle was introduced by Jennifer Aniston during season one of hit American TV series Friends. The hair cut was named after the character Rachel Green. Aniston was not really fond of the style but the cut was quite popular. This cut has been one of the most popular hairdos of all time. It is said that this cut was quite popular amongst hairdos for thin hair during 1999. This also became one of the trendy hairdos for short hair.

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