Top 10 Hair Styles Worn by Musicians

Music and style go hand in hand as far as we are concerned no wonder most iconic hair styles for musicians is a big thing. Talent is definitely very important but so is fashion. As soon as popularity checks in, celebrities often enlist the help of stylists and fashion consultants to help them look their best because image speaks volumes. We have sampled ten of the best hair styles worn by musicians across the globe- check it out.

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10. Katy Perry Waves

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You already know what we are talking about here if you have any clue who Katy Perry is. She often wears long weaves with fabulous waves that drop to the side and back of the body. Katy is no doubt an icon in the music industry which is why her hair is among the greatest musicians’ hair styles.

9. The Afro

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The Afro is one of the timeless hair styles worn by musicians everywhere. Just check out some old music videos and you will believe in an instant how true this statement is. It symbolizes style and a total fashion embrace. Way back when music was deep in meaning and creativity, both men and women in music adorned The Afro and we agree they looked stunningly beautiful.

8. The Mop Top

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Remember The Beatles? Now try to recall the kind of hairstyles they used to wear off and on camera. If you are lucky to recall this, you have landed on one of the most iconic hair styles for musicians. The style almost resembles Justin Bieber’s albeit with some originality and uniqueness. Since the 1960s, people have been known to wear The Mop Top which is why it is one of the loveliest musicians’ hair styles ever.

7. The Big Wig

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We know only one musician with a hairstyle that fits this description- Dolly Parton. This lady is not one to follow the crowds; she lets them follow her. She has definitely worn the race because many people agree that this is indeed one of the most amazing hair styles worn by musicians. She sometimes refers to it as “Mother Goose” or Cinderella. Whatever you want to call it, The Big Wig scores many points in the most iconic hair styles for musicians.

6. The Pompadour

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The Pompadour was Elvis Presley’s iconic hairstyle and he wore it with such elegance and beauty that it went on to become one of the great musicians’ hair styles invented by man. There is nothing extra ordinary about the style; just a nicely trimmed and combed back ton of hair that ends up looking sleek and sophisticated. We often see many film celebrities wearing this style on TV.

5. The Flat Top


Back in World War II one of the most iconic hair styles for musicians was invented. The motive was to look like an aircraft carrier. No one spoke about it then until a few musicians including Grace Jones and Christopher Reid took it upon themselves to bring it back to the world. After these instances, many people have adopted it as a great day-to-day hairstyle.

4. Red Firecracker

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The moment Rihanna wore red hair when she did collaboration with Eminem, the world of fashion recognized this as one of the craziest hairstyles worn by musicians. It is best describes as engine red strands covering part of the face with a medium length. Girls all over the world have been spotted with the Red Firecracker as a result of Rihanna’s decision to make it an official hairstyle.

3. Adam Lambert’s Rocker Style

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Adam Lambert is a big name in music especially rock music. This is the major reason his spiky and jet black hair passes the test to become one of the most iconic hair styles for musicians. Many other reasons including the uniqueness and craze of the hair definitely contribute to this as well but it is no doubt a one-of-a-kind style.

2. The Pixie


The Pixie is a short and neat hairstyle that was brought to the attention of everyone by the 1950s songstress Sean Seberg. She wore this style during the debut of her album Saint Joan which was released in 1957. To be fully convinced it is among the most amazing musicians’ hair styles, you need not to look far before you spot many women wearing it.

1. Bold Bald Head

Hair Styles

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The mother f all hairstyles worn by musicians is a Sinead O’ Connor’s bold bald hairstyle that involves shaving all the hair off. Although many ladies are opposed to shaving their hair off and walking around with a bald head, many other consider it one of the most fabulous musicians’ hair styles of all time.

Iconic hairstyles are numerous-this is a very small list. There are thousands of them if not millions. Stay connected to this website; we might just decide to educate further on this topic. We appreciate your time here and hope you shall find more of it to browse through the website for more interesting and informative reads.

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