Top 10 Hair Accessories for a Funky Look

There are some amazing hair accessories that you can try to change your look without having to change your hair. A simple hairstyle can immediately be upgraded for a date or a night out with friends, with some hair accessories for a funky look. The piece could be encrusted with stones or crystals for a blingy look, or lace for a romantic look, or be a statement clip. The choices are endless, and that’s the fun of it isn’t it? You could wear a whole new look every day!

top-10-hair-accessories-for-a-funky-lookImage Source: A Beautiful Little Life

10. The simple tie-front headband

10-the-simple-tie-front-headbandImage Source: Fashion n Style

Katy Perry is a lady who loves headbands and wears them well. Take inspiration from the chic, stylish way she holds her hair back with thick bands no matter what hairstyle she’s wearing. You could go for a simple fabric in a vibrant or complementary color for a casual every day event. You could wear a broad embroidered band like you’ll see Katy Perry wearing in other photos. If you like floral fabrics, a front-tied floral headband on long, loose hair, a bun or ponytail can be instantly glammed up. For special semi-formal events, something shiny like Perry is wearing in the picture here is a great option.

9. Stone-encrusted headband

9-stone-encrusted-headbandImage Source: Daily News Service

The stone-studded headband could be a simple single row of rhinestones, or it could be an elaborate multi-thread affair or even a few colored stones on a chain. If you’re going for a funky look, hair accessories in mineral stone and chain are great options. They are not as bridal as romantic crystals, which you don’t want! In this picture, the turquoise stone and chain design has a feminine look that will only look too-sweet when you wear it with a dress. Wear it with leader pants and a crop top for a night out and you’ll instantly up the funky factor.

8. Butterfly clip

8-butterfly-clipImage Source: Etsy

There are many ways to wear butterfly-shaped hair accessories for a funky look. Hold your fringe back with an oversized butterfly slider. Pin your bun with it – one or many butterflies. You could even go wild and wear a cloud of small butterfly clips all over your open hair for a ‘70s hippie wild child look. You could also combine the butterfly and the headband for another, neater look when you want the hair out of your face.

7. Oversized bead headband

7-oversized-bead-headbandImage Source: Stylecraze

Pearls and beads are romantic. But not when they’re oversized. Then they become fun. There are some amazing hair accessories with large beads that will give you a funky look. Hair accessories like the one in the picture are great for a crazy bachelorette, a party with friends and if you’re a bit rebellious and non-conforming, maybe even your wedding!

6. Bandana headband

6-bandana-headbandImage Source: Pinterest

Bandanas in a variety of patterns and prints will let you play around with colors. Instead of wearing it like a bandana, roll the fabric thinner and tie the ends on the front, above your forehead. It looks great with an up do, for a casual night out. It’s also a great way to beat the heat on summer mornings while looking like it’s a fashion choice!

5. Spiked hair accessory

5-spiked-hair-accessoryImage Source: Honestly WTF

Spikes in your hair are by their very nature, funky. There are some amazing hair accessories featuring spikes, that you could make a style statement with. Wear a spiked comb, like the lady above. Or find yourself a thin headband studded with spikes. If you’re going for a funky look, hair accessories with spikes are the no-brainer way to go. Psst…they’re also great for self-defense.

4. Shiny ponytail band

4-shiny-ponytail-bandImage Source: Ali Express

Update the simple ponytail with a metal band and you won’t need anything else for chic, ultramodern hair. There are many kinds of metal bands. Some are wide and almost conical. These will lift your ponytail high for a punk look. Narrower metal bands will lend understated glamor to your hairstyle.

3. Ribbon on messy braid

3-ribbon-on-messy-braidImage Source: Style

Nicole Kidman takes the humble ribbon and does something funky with it in this picture. She’s got her hair gathered in a messy side-updo and tied it up with satin that matches her dress. It helps of course, that her dress is super plain but well-cut and the ribbon sets off the color of her hair. Do you think you could carry it off like her?

2. Fresh flowers

2-fresh-flowersImage Source: The Right Hairstyles

Fresh flowers are some of the most amazing hair accessories you could wear. There are many ways of wearing flowers in your hair for a special day or night. It’s possible to look too bridal, unless you choose unconventional flowers. The tiny bouquet of wildflowers in a curly up do is a fun and funky look. Hair accessories like a bright passionflower, a red or yellow-throated frangipani, maybe even a crown of leaves are great for a summer day.

1. Accessories for the pixie cut

1-accessories-for-the-pixie-cutImage Source: Pinterest

Everyone’s sporting the popular pixie cut these days. But the cut can get one-note after a while – or can it? Check out the many ways Anne Hathaway has dressed up her pixie with a variety of accessories raging from a hat pin to a headband worn the other way round. On a pixie cut, these regular accessories are instantly taken to funky category.

What do you think of these hair accessories for a funky look? If you like the suggestions here, do share. Better still, do you have more suggestions for fun, modern hair accessories? Share them below so we can try them!

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