Top 10 Gifts for Your Valentine

On February 14, Feast of Saint Valentine commonly known as Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries all around the world. Although it was originally a liturgical feast day, it became a major commercial celebration generating billions for various businesses. The Valentine´s Day is widely recognized as a day connected with the confession of love via the Valentine greeting cards known as “Valentines” and with giving presents to objects of someone´s romantic interest. Few people are still recognizing the true origin of this holiday – martyrdom of various saints with the name Valentine, most famous of which was Saint Valentine of Rome. Rather than that, we are enjoying the feeling of being in love and expressing our love to those who are especially important to us. Choosing the gifts for your Valentine can be a tough challenge. So, in the following list, you will find few ideas of what to give to your love.

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10. Cute Couple Love Keychain Ring

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With this keychain couple, you two will be forever connected… OK, maybe you will not be forever connected by a mystic power of love but it can remind you your second half from time to time. Nicely designed heart and arrow, the symbols of Valentine´s legend, can be a cute gift.

9. “Love You More” Pocket Knife

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Ladies, if you are looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriends or husbands, you will never miss a target with a pocket knife. It is a necessity for every male since he is six and you can be sure that he will keep it with him all the time – and remember you every time he touches it in his pocket.

8. Valentine’s Day Lunch Bag

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What about going for a picnic with your sweetheart? Sounds good and romantic, right? Be prepared and buy this Valentine´s Day version of a lunch bag. With this one, you will be really perfect couple and your picnic will be simply… perfect.

7. Romantic Glass Block

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“All of me loves all of you” Romantic, isn’t it? This shiny glass block can be the right gift for your sweetheart if he, or more likely she, is a romantic soul. Who doesn’t like to hear how important he or she is for someone else… Perfect Valentine’s Gift…

6. I Love You Pillow

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A pillow with “I Love You” on it? It is an eternal classics of the Valentine´s Day. With this gift, you will not win a price for originality but you will score points for the level of romanticism.

5. Valentine’s Day Wine

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You will meet on a Valentine´s Day, you will give each other a gift – she will be given a bottle of wine with some romantic label – you will drink it and have a beautiful evening. It sounds like a good plan for a Valentine´s Day evening, don´t you think? Perfect Valentine’s Gift to make it a reality!

4. Photo Cube

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You can customize this five side photo cube with pictures of you and your lover. It makes it a perfect Valentine’s gift. Photos from your common vacation or trip are especially suitable for a photo cube.

3. A Mug

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Among Valentine’s Day Gifts, a mug with “I Love You” or something similar is probably one of the most common gifts. But it can make a job, if your partner is not very demanding.

2. Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

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Of all possibilities of gifts for your Valentine, you want to choose a teddy bear with “I Love You” on its shirt? Are you serious? OK, hold on. We all know that it also is not the most original gift ever but on the other hand, it works. It is the concept tested by generations. If it is your first Valentine´s Day together and if you are not more than 16, this gift is for you.

1. “Love You” Necklace


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To give your sweetheart a diamond is definitely a good idea. But not everyone is able to spend thousands for Valentine’s Day gifts. However, it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to give a piece of nice jewellery. If it is nicely crafted… why not?

So, did you catch some inspiration from our list? We hope so… BTW, if you have a problem with an inspiration for your kid´s birthday, try our list of Top 10 Gifts to Give on Kids Birthdays.

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