Top 10 Ghost Stories That Were Made Into Movies

Ghost movies are quite common and many of them have made blockbuster hits over the years. While most of them have very good storylines it is generally believed that ghost stories are fictional and downright impossible, but that is not always the case, there are some ghost stories movies that were adapted from true-life stories. Many of these are actually horror movies stories that actually happened in real life but were rewritten into movie scripts and became hits. Below, is a list of 10 hit movies that were adapted from real-life ghost related stories:

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10. Audrey Rose

Ghost Stories

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This film is the oldest on the list of ghost stories movies we have compiled here. The movie plot is about a family who has a daughter they believe to be possessed by the ghost of someone named Audrey Rose. The movie was based on a book written by Frank De Felitta. De Felitta in turn based the book on his personal experience with his 6 year old son who could play the family piano perfectly despite never having learnt it previously. Upon consulting an occultist, De Felitta was informed that his son’s talent was as a result of something called an ‘incarnation leak’ where his son got the talent from one of his several lifetimes.

9. The Entity

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This is another one of the ghost stories movies based on a book written by author Frank De Felitta. This time the movie tells of a woman Carla Moran who claims to be repeatedly attacked by an invisible ‘entity’. At the start of the movie Carla is violently raped, and this sets the theme for much of the movie. Her friends and coworkers do not believe her, but she discovers from a para psychologist that she is indeed being attacked by something supernatural. The movie is inspired by the real-life story of a woman named Doris Bither who claimed she was a victim of spectral rape.

8. The Conjuring

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The movie is about a family who just moves into a haunted house and faces series of challenges with ghosts. The movie is based on a real-life ghost story of the Perron family who moved into their new home in Rhode Island not knowing that it was haunted by the ghost of a wicked witch named Bathsheba Sheran who had resided at the house in the 19th Century.

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

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This movie is one of the most watched horror movies stories of all time. When parents in a neighborhood capture and burn serial killer and pedophile Freddy Krueger, they thought they had seen the last of him. Freddy then comes back to haunt the neighborhood as a ghost who kills people in their sleep. Although the entire movie story is fictional, this is one of those ghost stories inspired by a real life event. The movie writer  and director, Wes Craven, goes on record to say that he got the idea for the story itself from a case of a group of Cambodian immigrants who were all killed in their sleep while having nightmares.

6. The Possession


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This movie is based on a real-life Jewish artifact called the Dibbuk box. The box is reportedly a haunted wine cabinet. The box was sold on eBay for $280. After buying the box, the buyer claims to have experienced episodes of breaking glass, shared nightmares by people in the same building as the box, and horrified employees. The movie is not exactly like the story, but is based on it as it follows a young girl who becomes possessed by the haunted Dibibuk box.

5. The Shining

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Author Stephen King and his wife visit the popular Stanley Hotel where local legend tells that the hotel is haunted by ghosts and other paranormal activities in the hotel ballroom. This is one of the ghost stories that became first a successful novel then one of the most successful horror movies stories.

4. Shadow People

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This movie isn’t one of your average ghost stories. The movie plot tells of people being attacked in their sleep by ‘Shadow People’ and never waking up. The entire movie is an adaptation from the case of the 1970s incidence where a considerable number of people died in their sleep from unexplained causes. The phenomenon was called Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome.

3. The Amityville Horror

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Listed amongst the top horror movies stories, the Amityville Horror tells of a set of newlyweds who move into a new home, where a mass murder had been previously committed. The house was haunted as a result of this. This is another one of the ghost stories movies actually based on a real life story inspired by one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s cases.

2. The Haunting in Connecticut

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This movie Inspired by the true story of Alan and Carmen Snedeker, who tell of moving into an old mortuary where they were allegedly tormented by ghosts.

1. An American Haunting

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This is perhaps one of the most publicized horror movies stories adapted from one of the popular ghost stories in America. The movie is based on the Bell Witch hauntings of the 1800s.

That exhausts our list ghost stories movies adapted from true life stories. We suggest you get these movies and enjoy them. They are all quite great!

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