Top 10 Games Played on the Atari Platform

Albeit the Atari console had a short shelf life, the platform received a great collection of games played by gamers worldwide. Many of us remember spending hours on end playing MS Pac-man on our 8-bit machines. Well, a lot has happened since then. The gaming world has evolved in size, speed, creativity and systems. In the spirit of appreciating the, unfortunately, bankrupt Atari system, we have compiled a list of our all-time favorite games played on the platform. The list begins here and now.

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10. Bubble Bobble

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Most popular Atari games used the 16 or 32-bit external buses and internals in reference to the Motorola 6800. Bubble Bobble, however, was only designed for the 8-bit hardware which did not do much justice to the Atari ST. Nevertheless, this game rocked the gaming world, especially in the 1980s. The plot of the game involves two dinosaurs who blow bubbles as a way to capture their enemies or make temporary platforms with them. When they defeat the enemies, these become food rewards and the most sought after items. With 200 games all confined to one screen, this game begins our list of best games played on Atari system.

9. Ms Pac-Man

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The earlier MS Pac-Man release which dates back to 1983 was definitely one of the greatest Atari games online. It had originality, feminism and fun making it very relatable. The new 2600 version is a re-invention of the original storyline which features Ms. Pac-Man and the relationship with her husband. The programmers stepped up the game by adding more levels and fun animations. Do not fret, both games offer the best in entertainment and fun.

8. Star Raiders

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If you are into space combat, Star raiders should be somewhere in your popular Atari games list. Talk about amazing gameplay and graphics. The game was so exciting and thrilling that fans purchased the Atari machines just so they could fully indulge either at home, school or the office. We have noticed that all games with space combats have a great number of features and influences of Star Raiders.

7. Space Invaders

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The 1980s saw the creation of the greatest Atari platform games. Space invaders Atari 2600 is among the number that blew people’s minds away. The game is about the thrill of speed; how fast you can shoot. You are in charge of a ground cannon which shoots at aliens moving across the screen in rows. At the beginning of the game, the cannons move slowly but gradually increase their speeds as the game develops. The sound tempo affects as well as your heartbeat increases until all the enemies are destroyed or you die in the process. It is no doubt one of the popular Atari games ever created by man.

6. Dungeon Master

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If you thought Atari games online are boring and a reserve for the old generation, think again. Played in real time, the Dungeon Master uses 3D graphics and utilizes the first-person narrative. Unlike most Atari platform games, Dungeon Master uses lighting and great sound effects to locate the enemy. Because of this and many other wonderful features, this game immersed gamers more than ever.

5. Millipede

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Millipede is yet another victim of the popular Atari games of the 1980s since it is a follow-up of the 1980’s hit, Centipede. Playing Centipede meant buying the 8-bit Atari computer or enduring the challenges of the 2600 port. For this reason, Millipede came into being in the year 2002 as a full reproduction of Centipede. Millipede’s Trak-Ball controller brings complete joy to the gamer, not mentioning its gameplay and graphics.

4. Asteroids

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Asteroids dates back to 1981 and is among the most played Atari games online. What makes gamers glued to the screen is the ability to move your spaceship across the entire screen rather than in one plane, usually featured in other games played on the Atari system. Basically, all you do is direct your ship towards asteroids breaking as many as you can. You do this while also dodging and killing flying saucers. Asteroids has had tremendous influence in the gaming world as seen in Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars.

3. Pitfall

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We say you are not a natural and true-to-your-heart gamer if you have not played Pitfall. It is one among the best ever Atari platform games. You had to control Pitfall Harry who was tasked with collecting treasures in a land full of all the dangers you can imagine. In order to complete the game and win, Pitfall Harry had to escape all the obstacles thrown at him and collect the treasures in a limited time frame.

2. Civilization

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Civilization is a true sensation when it comes to Atari games online. The gameplay involves building a civilization from scratch. You begin with nomadic tribes in the year 4,000 BC and how to get into the future. You are responsible for building cities, expanding your borders and ensuring the happiness of your citizens. With more than a dozen attractive features, Civilization is definitely the second on the list of popular Atari games.

1. Pong

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Pong is the first game to have been developed by Atari Inc. It is the most influential of all the Atari platform games. The plot features two players on 2D who control paddles and knock the ball towards the screen of the opponent. As simple as that! Pong is readily available in every gaming system. Its simplicity and availability make Pong our favorite in the top ten list of Atari’s popular games.

Have you ever played any of the Atari games online? Please tell us how the experience was. You can also help us add our list of favorite Atari platform games and we will be more than glad to. Thanks for the read. Be sure to catch some of our other best articles on this website.

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