Top 10 Games For Your Android Watch

Today is your lucky day if you have one of the Android wears and are in desperate need for some fun via an assortment of entertaining Android watch games. There are quite a number of them, all with amazing features, controls and levels of entertainment. Here we have concentrated on ten of the best of these games for Android watch but the list is longer.

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10. 2048

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2048 is not a new game; it is fairly known among Android smart watch games. It is also quite basic where all you have to do is create larger squares from small ones. That simple! The catch however is to use one number to do so and be fast about it because the rounds fly by so quickly. This is one among many games for Android watch perfect to play in queues such as banking halls, voting just to mention a few.

9. Galaxia

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If you love Space Invaders and Galaxian, then this is the best android wear game choice for you. Some say it is almost like a marriage union between the two which happens right on your wrist. The game gives you control of a space ship responsible for fighting off aliens and asteroids. It is one of the Android watch games with serious graphics as well as a retro mode.

8. Math It!

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This is proof that not all games for Android watch are of the puzzle or fighting type- some like Math It! have totally a different nature. As the name suggests, this one is all about mathematics; in detail solving mathematical questions. Good thing is that these mathematical equations have choice answers so all you need to do is point out the right one along the side of your Android wearable.

7. Emerald Chess

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If you had no idea chess can be played on the android wrist watch, you can change your mind now because as it turns out, playing chess on your watch is now a reality. The best part about Emerald Chess is that unlike other seemingly complex Android smart watch games, this one has easy controls and simple graphics too. The first time you play Emerald Chess, you might have a hard time because of the tiny screen but once you get the hang of it, you begin to enjoy yourself tremendously.

6. Bubble Bash 3

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Bubble Bash 3 is closely related to Galaxia in the sense that both involve shooting at enemy targets. Here, the main motive of the game is to earn points; which happens when you have busted enough like-colored bubbles. First you must shoot them, stack them then burst them to achieve your results. Bubble Bash 3 is definitely one of the favorite games for Android watch loved by many across the globe.

5. Castle Wear

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RPG Android watch games find a special place in the heart of many gamers which is why manufacturers of these android smart watch games had to create portable RPGs. Castle Wear is one example that has blown many minds away. It has great concept and gives room for lots of fun. You have the privilege of enjoying a wide range of characters and items to come up with your preferred players.

4. Fitcat

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Perhaps it is the evident love for cats as pets that drove Android watch games creators to think of coming up of Fitcat. It is nonetheless a sensation especially to female gamers. Apart from giving off tons of fun while playing (taking care of the virtual cat) the game also acts as an activity tracker.

3. Tilt

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Many of the aforementioned Android smart watch games can be played on the go but this one is an exception. It requires maximum attention and concentration. As you might have guessed, tilt involves, well, tilting your phone. Yes! Tilting it! The goal is to pick up boxes while being careful so as not to fall via the gaps in the platform.

2. Tetrocrate

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If you recall playing Tetris on your phone or computer, then you already know what TetroCrate is all about. The difference between the Tetris and TetroCrate is unlike the former where the colored bricks fall downwards, the latter features colorful bricks that pop up on your screen. You can spin them around so they fit where desired by swiping then tapping them into place. Do not imagine this to be among easy android watch games because as you progress, the speed increases and can be terribly overwhelming.

1. Castle Stormer

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Top on our list of the games for Android watch is Castle Stormer, the game that is most loved by Android users all over the world. When you tap, you leap from one wall to the next in a bid to avoid enemies and obstacles. You can also choose to regulate the time of your jump so that instead of the vertical stroller, you bump these enemies off.

These Android smart watch games are just a fraction of the available games that are totally worth a try. Let us know which ones you have played before and how your experience was. Thank you for your time here. More articles are available on this website so you can check those out as well.

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