Top 10 Funny Stage Show Fails

Funny stage show fails happen all the time mostly unknowingly and sometimes deliberately. The camera is always ready to capture such actions and give us a reason to laugh long after the failed stage show has ended. On this note, take a look at the top ultimate funny stage fails and see if your day won’t get brighter.

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10. Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe ‘Accident’

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Our list of the funny stage show fails begins with Steve Harvey’s embarrassing moment at Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2015. Being the host of the show, one of his responsibilities was to announce the winner of the pageant which he did only he read out the wrong name as the winner. After a few minutes, he came back to announce the correct name, a gesture which wasn’t pretty at all. Thankfully, he apologized on social media to both contestants albeit he wrongly spelled the names of their countries.

9. Selena Gomez Curses on Stage

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This is one of those funny but really embarrassing ultimate stage fails. So in December 2013, the petite and talented Selena Gomez takes to the stage to perform her famous single “Come and Get It” and midway through the performance, her microphone and audio malfunction. She had no idea her mic had come back on when she shouted “what the f***?!”and stormed out of the stage. Ariana Grande made fun of the moment when she experienced a hitch in her own audio issues that same night.

8. Beyonce’s Epic Fail

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When your on-stage performances involve dancing vigorously and quickly, you are bound to enter the list of funny stage show fails. This particular one features Beyonce who came down tumbling on stage in Orlando 2007. As expected, the American diva stood up and kept doing her thing like it wasn’t a failed stage show.

7. Fergie Uses the Stage as her Restroom

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The Black Eyed Peas’ female member made headlines in 2005 when she peed on herself while singing her guts out on stage. Not a single soul missed the obvious and clear spot on her pants, a fact she accepted it was one of the ultimate stage fails in her career.

6. Nick Jonas Failed Creativity on Stage

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We love the Jonas brothers for a number of reasons one of which is their electric performances on stage. Sadly, once in a while a failed stage show occurs right before your very own eyes making you appreciate the fact that everyone has their moments. This embarrassing moment of the Jo brothers took place when they were performing “Burning Up” at the instance Nick Jonas attempted a front lip and landed on his feet falling backward. As if this wasn’t embarrassment enough, he jumped up but also fell down terribly. What a day Nick!

5. Method Man’s Hard Landing

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This is one of the funny stage show fails which will make you laugh so hard you might lose a rib. So while performing in London, Method Man decided to throw himself over a cheering crowd of fans. He climbed on top of a speaker and let himself loose only for the audience to split instead of catching him. Apart from multiple bruises, Method Man left that stage with a bruised ego and a lesson well learnt.

4. Britney’s Horrible Performance

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Perhaps it was because 2007 was a challenging year for Britney Spears so that when she made a comeback after releasing her single “Gimme More”, her highly expectant fans were greatly disappointed. At the VMA Awards opening, her failed stage show came off as rather unrehearsed, lacking energy and vigor and simply lifeless. This performance went down history lane as one of the ultimate stage fails.

3. Bass Guitar Flies Wild

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You know the way instrumentalists sometimes like to boast of being pros in throwing their portable instruments in the air and catching them before they reach the floor? Well, Krist Novoselich, Nirvana’s bassist, pulled this stunt in 1992 only this time, he fell on his forehead while trying to catch it forcing him to fall off the stage. Unaware that this was one of the failed stage show fails, Kurt Cobain, their front man, kicked Krist’s back as he was leaving stage, a deed he later took time to apologize for.

2. Ashlee’s SNL Debacle

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If you watched this rather “infamous” episode of Saturday Night Live featuring Ashlee Simpson as the invited artist, you wouldn’t have missed one of the sad and ultimate stage fails of all time. During her second performance, a wrong backing track began playing revealing Ashlee lip syncing all the way. Being nervous, she tried to dance around before leaving the stage and letting the viewers watch her band perform shortly before a clearly unplanned commercial took over. Some people believe that this performance is part of the reason her career never resurfaced after that.

1. Janet Jackson Revealed Privates

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It was definitely accidental but nonetheless fire for the media and the public at large. Janet and Justin Timberlake were both performing at the Super Bowl in 2004 with Janet dressed to impress (read to show off her assets) and not in a good way. During the performance, Justin accidentally revealed Jackson’s breast for the whole world to see. No one has been able to forget the funny stage show; for some people, whenever Janet’s name is mentioned, this occurrence always springs to mind.

Ultimate stage fails make us realize that celebrities get nervous and mess up on stage too! Perhaps more than we do. We appreciate an opportunity to laugh also therefore we love such moments in history, we hope you do too. Get in touch with us with your comments below and don’t forget to share this article within your social media circles.

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