Top 10 Funny Moments of 2016

2016 is not yet over but even if it were to end today, we already have enough top gear funny moments to look back to and laugh our head off. From the Rio Olympics to the US presidential elections, we have had enough funny moments this year. The following are the top ten funny moments in 2016.

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10. Karate Girl

 Image source: Marie Claire

Celebrities, especially women, are usually very careful what they do, dress or say on the red carpet. But stuntwoman Jessie Graff doesn’t care what you think. After all, there is nothing wrong with a professional stuntwoman kicking high in the air at the Emmys right? Of course not! But it is no doubt one of the best funny moments we saw this year.

9. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Dance

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We all know him as one of the best footballers in the Euro but who would have thought of him as a dancer? Well, to be fairly honest, He wasn’t actually dancing. It was more something in between a jiggle and a twirl. Anyway, whatever you call it, this pose is one of the best funny moments in 2016.

8. Ryans Hair Turns Green

Image Source: Ryan Lochte

The Rio Olympics never had a dull moment. This time round, it was both uncomfortable and funny when Ryan took off his cap after helping USA to bag gold, only for his hair to turn green. It looks like the Chlorine didn’t agree very well with the dye he had used but at least he didn’t appear too pissed by the unfortunate incident.

7. Who Made Switzerland’s Shirts

Image source: Bleacher report

While we are still on the subject of football, Switzerland was in a rude shock during the Euro cup when their shirts ripped after a couple of encounters. Obviously, someone had some bone picking to do after the game but the comical effect was undeniable. Such funny moments makes even those who are not soccer fans want to watch more of it!

6. What’s Wrong With That Ball

Image source: SP

If you thought the four Switzerland shirts that ripped was the only bad thing that happened to them, well think again. When they were playing France, the ball literally exploded which brought the game to a temporary halt. Who would have thought that two of our top gear funny moments would come from soccer?

5. When the Force Awoke

Image source: Comicbook

The US presidential debates were equally controversial and funny. One of the top gear funny moments was when Hillary Clinton signed off by saying “may the force be with you.” It is not clear whether this cute reference to star wars was meant more to woo younger supporters or if it was meant to please J. Abrahams, one of her donors. But the humor of the moment last beyond the debate with tweets like, “@Politico That’s a wrap at the #DemDebate. Now go see Star Wars” trending for hours.

4. The baby that Preferred Trump to Parents

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3. Phelps Face

Image source: FTW

Okay, the Olympics is all about competition but we think Phelps took the whole thing too seriously. An NBC photojournalist caught him off guard doing one of the worst frowns you might ever see at the Olympics. What makes the picture even more memorable is how sweetly Cha le Chos was smiling in front of him. One of the best funny moments in 2016 that will remain etched in our memories.

2. Dive to Gold

Image source: USA Today

This is yet another of the best funny moments in 2016 from Rio. When Miller Shaune realized she was so exhausted and her competition was almost catching up on her, she literally dove across the finish line and bagged gold in the 400 M race. Maybe next time she will take gold in swimming too.

1. Jerry Seinfeld

Image source: Marie Claire

Sometimes, celebrities do the craziest of things on the red carpet. Like when Jerry Seinfeld tried a dance move then rapidly switched into… can we call it a howl for lack of a better word? Anyway, you would agree that this is one of the best of the top gear funny moments.

We hope our list of the top gear funny moments of 2016 made you laugh. Don’t be selfish with the laughter, share the article with your friends and let the joy spread!

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