Top 10 Funny Facts about the American History

America is one of the countries that has a rich history that can teach us quite a bit about economy, democracy, equality and many other important things. This notwithstanding, there are still some funny facts about the American history that will leave you smiling – or laughing. Let us look at the top 10 American history fun facts.

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10. Declaration of Independence

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Did you know the very first constitution for America was written on parchment? The document that is famously known as the declaration of independence was first of all drafted on hemp paper and then later on transferred to a parchment, which might look funny today but it was the defacto paper in 1776 when the document was prepared. This is probably the most important of the American history fun facts.

9. McDonalds

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Statistics prove that at least one in every eight Americans have at some point worked for McDonalds. This is not only one of American history fun facts but it also reveals just how much America loves fast foods. There are so many chains across the nation that they can employ all those Americans.

8. Party Symbols

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The origin of America’s party symbols is another of the American history fun facts. The democrats adopted the donkey in 1828 when their flag bearer was called a Jackass by his rival. The republicans adopted the elephant after cartoonist Nast drew an elephant to represent the republican vote. What began as a joke has now become USA’s political heritage.

7. Shaking Hands in Whitehouse

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Another of the funniest American history fun facts is the introduction of shaking hands to Whitehouse. Jefferson is thought to be the man to blame for the demystified presidency of the USA. When he was president, he used to come to meet his guests in his robe and slippers and he was the first president to insist on greeting people by hand unlike the custom that had been established by George Washington of bowing down, since he hated physical contact.

6. Booze

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We all know and respect George Washington but few know that one of the funny facts about American history is just how much Washington loved booze. Interestingly, he not only loved his booze but he was actually a business man with a distiller that produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey in 1797, which made him the largest distiller at the time. It is hard to picture George Washington as a distiller and this is the main reason why we think it is one of the funny facts about American history

5. Trial Against Tomatoes

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As absurd as it may sound, Salem held a trial against tomatoes in 1829, making it one of the funny facts about American history. Prior to this trial, the general population had believed that the fruit was poisonous. To convince them otherwise, Robert Johnson eat an entire basket of tomatoes and when he didn’t die, the trial was dismissed.

4. Texas was Part of Mexico

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Another interesting of the funny facts about American history is the fact that Texas was originally Mexican territory. However, when the two nations went to war, America conquered Texas and from then on, Texas became part of the United States. This is one of the little known political facts about American history

3. The Cow State

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This is probably the most hilarious of the funny facts about America history. Apparently, there are more cows in Montana than there are people. For every 1 person in Montana, there are at least 3 cows. American can thank Montana for the diary products and beef production but even more than that, Montana residents can thank God that the animals are good enough. If the satire in the novel the animal farm was to come true, Montana residents would be in big trouble.

2. Pop Musician for President

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The 30th president of America, Charles gates was not only a banker but a musician. He loved playing on his piano and his time in the oval office dint stop his music career. He continued writing music and even co wrote the melody in A major. This is without doubt one of the most fascinating facts about the American history. Some of the pieces he wrote while serving as president were played for the first time 7 years after he was already dead so he never really got to enjoy the fruit of his labor- at least as far as writing music was concerned.

1. USA Flag Designed by a School Kid

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Another interesting of the facts about American history is that the USA flag that has 50 stars was designed by a 17 year old Robert G as a high school project. His teacher originally gave him a B- grade and told him that if his flag design was adopted by congress, he would give him a higher grade. That is exactly what transpired and the teacher gave him an A for a design that had originally been labeled mediocre.

Thank you for reading our list of the facts about American history. Hope you found something worth laughing or at least smiling about? Why don’t you share with your social media connections and see if they think these facts about American history are as funny?

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