Top 10 Funniest Photobombs Ever Captured

Photo bombing has over the years become a regular phenomenon. Everyone readily got on the photo bomb band wagon from celebrities, screechy schoolgirls, moms, and dads to even grannies. The Queen of England also caught onto the trend and several rules were even written on the “best ways” to photobomb a picture. We therefore decided to take on the liberty of compiling a list of the top 10 most magnificent photo bombs ever captured. A brief warning however, a few of these best captured funniest photobombs will squeeze the giggles out of you.

Image credit: Diyphotography

10. Creepy Grandpa

Image credit: Runt

These girls had no idea that grandpa had been patiently waiting in the background getting ready to ruin their treasured pictures. They had posed, repositioned and adjusted to several angles, trying to get the perfect picture only to notice the grotesque image. Definitely one of the funniest photobombs of all times.

9. Photo Bombed by the Joker

Image credit: Runt

It seems the joker took a break from terrorizing Gotham for a night to photo bomb this couple. Getting photo bombed at a costumed party is guaranteed to be one of the most captured funniest photobombs.

8. Naughty Doggie

Image credit: Runt

Ever imagined what it feels like to be photo bombed by a fury animal? These girls sure do. This doggie came prepared to give the most magnificent photo bombs ever captured.

7. Huggy Stingray

Image credit: Runt

Animals seem to enjoy photo bombing just as much as the next human. These girls were definitely not expecting to be photo bombed by a stingray. Hats off to whoever captured this funniest photo bomb.

6. Drunk Guy

Image credit: Funny Pictures

When you go clubbing be wary of the excited guy who has had one too many drinks. This drunken gentleman makes it to our number six spot because his enthusiasm to be in the photo can be categories as one of the most captured funniest photo bomb.

5. Sexy Proposal

Image credit: Buzzfeed

This dude must have either been extremely excited about witnessing his first public proposal or he was out to ruin the proposal photo of an ex-girlfriend. If the latter is the case, then the poor lady is far better off without him. Am pretty sure this amounts to indecent exposure. This is definitely one of the magnificent photo bombs ever captured.

4. Accidentally Groped

Image credit: Mashable

This is by far the best captured funniest photobombs of all time. This guy did not see that feel up coming. I would not want to be in the lady’s shoes when she realizes what she was grabbing onto for balance. Moral lesson, try not to lose your balance at a restaurant.

3. Daddy’s Home

Image credit: Today’s business

This is one of the most heartwarming photo bombs I have ever come across. The 8 year old boy is Joshua; he was taking this photo completely oblivious of the fact that his dad who was deployed to Kuwait had come home for a visit. When asked by the photographer to preview the pictures, he was surprised and confused to see his dad in the backdrop. He turned around and was thrilled that his dad was actually there in person. This beautiful photo bomb and the expression on his dad’s face makes this one of the funniest photobombs ever captured.

2. Class Act

Image credit: Brainjet

Such a normal looking picture with the President elect of the United States, oh no! He ruined it by feeling up his boobs. Besides the fact that this is probably one of the few normal looking pictures of Trump out there, lets address the fact that it’s probably super weird for a dude to caress his nipples. Poor dude, if only he knew Trump may someday become his President. This is definitely one of the best captured funniest photobombs of the century.

1. Royal Treat

royal-treatImage credit: Brainjet

At number one we have the Queen herself. It is not every day that one gets photo bombed by the Queen of England. The cheerful manner in which she smiles at the camera makes this photo one of the most magnificent photo bombs ever captured. This definitely trumps Trump.

This concludes our list of top 10 best captured funniest photobombs. If you enjoyed this, please like, share and don’t forget to comment.

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